Now we have already talked about the gts3 about the gtr3 pro, and now we will talk about a third smartwatch and lets not waste any more time and start right with the specs. Now this watch has a big 1.’ inch. Ammo touch display with a resolution of 454 by 454 pixel now. One thing that i can say for sure about this display is that you can read it fairly. Well, even if its bright outside with this watch, you can also jump into the water, since this watch is water resistant up to 50 meters, and it also has quite a few swimming modes as well. Now, if you was wondering if this watch is compatible with ios and android devices, yes, it is by the way, im testing it with my samsung galaxy s20. Just in case, you want to know that the gtr 3 has a whopping 4 gigs of ram and through that everything on this watch runs super smoothly. If its opening up apps swiping to the next tile or looking at the animated watch faces. As you can see, we have two physical buttons on the side of the watch. The upper one takes us to the app menu and back and the lower one is customizable and can be connected to any of your apps. Also, by long pressing, the top button you get to the alexa voice assistant, but that can be changed as well in the settings anytime. You want to now one more thing about the tab button, which is that it is rotatable, so you can scroll through your messages and apps and dont have to swipe theres.

Just one thing that you should know about this button, which is that its working a little bit too good? What i mean by that is that its kind of like a little bit loose. So if youre wearing long clothes it rubs against it, and sometimes it ends. One of my workouts, or it taps out of it and thats a little bit annoying next up. This watch has built in gps and over 150 different sport modes to choose from you can either select them in the list or, if you scroll, all the way down and click on more workouts. You have your workouts separated in categories, so you got basically every sport. More covered like running walking and hiking, but you also got stuff like esports swimming strength, training, winter sports and even board games. Like chess, i mean you got to use the brain muscle for that one now, regarding the built in gps, i would say it works. Okay, ish, it definitely cannot keep track. If you go around corners, it either cuts it short or wide, but never very accurate. But at least you get to see the route and you know roughly, where youve been as well as before, starting one of your workouts, you can set some personal goals alerts, you have an auto pause function or you can run with a virtual pacer or cadence assistant. Okay lets talk right, quick about the accuracy of the heart rate reading. So during my strength, workout, i was comparing the amaze with gtr 3 to my garmin venue 2.

, and it kind of surprised me on the average heart rate. The macevid was only off by like two beats and only the maximum heart rate was off by a bit more but heartbeat spikes happen every now and then and if you leave out the 144 maximum of the garmin menu 2 things look a lot better for the Gtr 3. lets finally get to some features of the amazing gtr3 and like the gts3 and the gtr3 pro, we have the one tab measuring with this feature. You can track your heart rate, stress level, blood, oxygen, saturation and respiration rate at the same time, and you dont even have to do them one by one. You have your daily activity tracker that tracks your total steps, burn, calories, mileage and a few more stats. You also have a sleep tracker as well that tracks the sleep duration test, how long youve been in the light or deep sleep phase remember wake time you also get a score based on how good your sleep was, and if you want to, you can even rate Your sleep by tapping on one of the smileys, by the way you can check out how your sleep was last week month and year, and that also applies for the heart rate, spo2 and stress tracking. Next up we have the music player with which we can control our music on our smartphone. But since we have no internal storage, we cannot download any music files for offline listening.

We have the standard stuff like an alarm, timer calendar and a stopwatch, but also breathing exercises. We get to find my phone feature, so we cannot lose our smartwatch anymore or misplace it, and we have a camera control feature with this one. We can control our smartphones camera and take pictures using our smartwatch. Now, like i said in the beginning of the video we have quite a few watch faces to choose from so by long pressing, the home screen. We get to choose a new watch face, so we have a digital one, analog, looking ones minimalistic ones and animated ones. These always start to move. Once you get back to the home screen, you also have customizable watch faces on which you can set, which metrics should be displayed on your home screen like your battery life, heart rate, weather and stuff, like that, as less we can download some more watch faces from The store just go to the zap, app and click on store, and over here you can download. Many new watch faces. One thing that we have not talked about yet is the battery life, so it makes it says that you get 21 days on normal usage 9 days on heavy usage and about 38 hours. If you have the gps turned on all the time, but theres a little difference between what you actually get and what amaze it says. So, during my testing i had my brightest settings on high.

I had the awesome display mode on. I got quite a few notifications and i have basically all the features. Turning on like the heart rate reading and i got about one week of battery life still very good, but not as good as the promised 21 days also charging. This watch takes about two hours, which is not very fast, but you only have to do it once a week so whatever, as for less, we can receive all kinds of notifications on this watch, but we cannot reply to any of them, but you can read your Whatsapp messages, your social media, you get youtube messages, emails, cars, sms and all of that stuff, swiping left and right takes you through your different tiles and swiping down. Takes you to your quick panel, okay. Before we end this video, there are a few cool tricks that i want to show you. So you can change the theme style of your icon, so they look a little different. Just go to your settings then to display and then scroll down until you find theme style and right here you can change between three different styles. This watch can also detect some of your workouts. So if you go for a run, if youre walking, if you go swim or cycling and all that stuff, it tracks it automatically in preference on the widget, you can rearrange your tiles or kick them out of the rotation, and you can even add some more and As well as we have the elective voice assistant and the offline assistant with alexa, you can set timers, do some translations or ask her any questions.

You, like the offline assistant, comes to use whenever youre not connected to the internet in this mode. You can still talk to the watch and start workouts open up apps on your watch and do some simple tasks like that and folks thats already it for the video. Now, if youre interested in more videos, i have also covered the gtr3 promo channel, as well as the gts3 just click one of these videos and all that left to say is smash the like button click.