They work with android, 7.0 and above as well as ios 12 and, above so heres. My review of the amirs fit gtr3 and the gts3 and a side by side comparisons you see which one might be best for you and for more on the latest and greatest tech. Please do poke subscribe, ending that notifications bell cheers now. First up the main difference between the gts3 and gtr3 is the fact that the s is square and the r is unsurprisingly round as far as the design goes. That is actually the main difference between these two, because both the gts3 and the g2 r3 uh sport, a aluminium alloy casing, which is nice and light its actually just under 30 grams here on the gts3 just over on the gtr3, were talking aircraft grid stuff. Here, though, so these smart watches are proper tough after a couple of weeks being banged about absolutely no wear and tear whatsoever to speak of on the casing itself or on the displays, either, which is still completely scratch, free and, of course, as well as being round As opposed to square, the gtr 3 also has two shortcut buttons there on the right edge, whereas the gts3 trims that down to just the one now these are both the black models, but the amaze fit gtr3 also comes in gray, if you like, whereas the gts3 Also has white and terra rosa colors uh, both with 22 mil silicone straps, not the best silicone straps in the world has to be said.

Doesnt really allow your skin to breathe, especially if you are exercising in these bad boys that have a little minor reaction here. On my left wrist, you can quickly and easily pluck the straps from the casing like so and attach any standard 22mm straps of your choosing, and you keep both these watches strapped to your arm. When you hit the swimming pool, theyve got full swim track and they are water resistant to depths of five atmospheres. Now both of these amaze fit watches sport and amoled display. In the case of the gtr 3, its a 1.’ incher with 326 pixels per inch gets the gts3, its 1.75 amoled screen with 341 pixels per inch, because that makes it sound like the gts3 has a much bigger screen thats only because its measured corner to corner In actual fact, text and everything is about the same size. Clarity remains pretty much the same because theyre all ed screens youve got nice deep, blacks, nice, sharp contrast, even small text. I found perfectly clear, nice and crisp as well thanks to the strong resolution reasonably punchy. Colors as well, which is good because a lot of the ui is quite colorful, and both these watch displays can hit a thousand nits as well. So i had no problem with clarity when outdoors, even on a sunny day, could clearly see what was going on. I thought the auto brightness worked pretty damn well, you can manually tinker with it if you need to, but i never really needed to bother with that and its pleasing to see that both the amaze fit gtr 3 and the gts3 support a rotating crown as well, Which you can use to flick through all the various menus and apps as well as, of course, just the plain old box standard, touchscreen thats, the actual software well amirs fit likes to do things on its own terms.

You dont get a bit of google wear os or anything like that, its actually, the very funky titled zep os its, not my favorite of the smartwatch uis, but you know it does the job it gives you fast access to all of your main information right here With just a quick flick, its got various tiles that you can fast access in order to check exactly how youre doing, for instance, on your step goals and all your various other goals and quickly test uh. Your heart rate, your spo2 levels, all that good stuff from the main watch face with a quick flick up. You can also access all of your recent notifications as well, so you can flick through and see exactly what people have been sending you. Unfortunately, then, cant really do much with these notifications other than delete them. You cant quick, respond or anything like that from the watch. If you flick down instead youve got fast access to all of your major settings and toggles. So, for instance, you can see exactly how much battery life youve got remaining. You can access the brightness toggles do not disturb mode theater modes, the torch, all that good stuff, although again, not quite as good as the competition, so, for instance, whereas the galaxy watches allow you to quickly uh boost the brightness or dim the brightness of that torch. Uh using the crown i just cant do that here on the amaze fit, but there is a lot of customization packed into zep os, so thats, definitely a good thing.

You can tweak the gts3 and the g2r3, so the setup is basically how you want it to be. You can fully configure the likes of the control center, so only the bits that you actually uh use are in there. Instead of a pin for extra security, you can also see what those top and bottom shortcut buttons do as well, when you give them a quick push by default, a quick push of that top button will bring up the list of all of your available apps. You can quick access any of that. Most of them are fitness related, as you can see there a few obvious bits as well like alarms, calendars and meanwhile, with the top of that bottom button, you can jump straight into a bit of exercise action if youre so inclined. Now, the time i shot this video, the gtr 3 and the gts3 both have over 100 watch faces that you can choose from with matching always on displays as well and youve got a selection of editable faces as well as you can change up the information that Appears on them, you can actually download more via the zep app on your smartphone as well. Either an android phone or an iphone just basically tap on the watch, go to store up at the top here and youll see theres a wide variety on there that you can play around with some of which are absolutely batch, bonkers and quite a lot of which Are actually pretty good good mix of analog and digital stuff? The zip app is also where youll be able to download fresh apps for the small which, as well as you, see, not exactly a massive selection available.

Nothing compared with what you get on the likes of wear os, of course, put some good stuff in there, including the pregnancy assistant, a good bit of bmi action guide on how to brush your teeth. So youve got proper, clean, toothy pegs, so it gives room for expansion. Although i wouldnt hold your breath on many great new apps appearing on there anytime soon through the app is where you also set up all the notifications and reminders uh, you can basically change around all of the settings on the smartwatch as well, perhaps slightly quicker than Actually doing it via the watch itself, so its definitely uh worth doing, and when the phone and the watch was synced up. You can also check out all of your vital stats right here on the display uh, including how well youve slept, in my case its uh. Its a big old frowny face right there, not great, but my stress level, surprisingly aint too bad, considering all of the tech in the world has launched in the last couple of weeks its pretty comprehensive steps. Calories burned, yadda yadda, see on that side of things. Definitely allocating on the permissions and all that kind of shenanigans. Definitely the uh, the zip app, not the most user friendly, but you sort of get there in the end. Now both of these amaze fit watchers actually have the amazon alexa assistant built in you can access it with just a quick swipe like so otherwise using one of the buttons as a shortcut lets, give it a little tappy tap and ask for some vital information like How many police academy films do they actually make and then, as usual, is kind of a roulette as to whether you actually get a response, thats useful or not, but here unfortunately there is this annoying connection lag every time you want to use alexa whats the weather, Like today, but once you do actually ask a question uh, the response is usually delivered pretty swiftly, its just a shim, obviously theres no built in speakers, so you cant get any voice response as well.

If you want a built in speaker, youll have to upgrade to the gtr 3 pro, so yeah, no vocal assistant feedback here and you cant answer any calls on your smartwatch either and sadly, while gtr3 pro model can also store music locally. So you can stream it via bluetooth. You can leave your phone at home if youre going to be hitting the gym or you know doing a bit of jogging or anything like that. You dont have that functionality here on the gtr 3 or on the gts3. Now you do have a music app, but unfortunately that just allows you to control music thats, actually playing on your smartphone. Unless you do have a comprehensive controls, though you can skip tracks, you can change the volume, although once again you cant use that rotating crown, which is just a missed opportunity. Now this third generation of maze fit small watches, uses an updated chipset compared with the previous generation and for the most part the performance is decent. You know pulling down that settings menu, dragging up the notifications flipping through all of your various tiles and everything reasonably nippy and no problem running the various apps either just a quick, tap and youre. Basically straight in. However, i have not some serious lag when using that top button here on the gtr3. In order to actually uh go back to the main watch face. As you can see a tap there, you can be waiting a good second or two before it.

Finally, pops up, usually the apps menu loads up, nice and swift, but again getting back to that main watch face just takes a bit of time. As for your fitness tracking, well, both the amaze fit gtr3 and the gts3 use the same 6pd biotracker 3.0 biometric sensor and, as you would expect, this serves up 24 hour heart rate measurements as well as sp02 measurements as well. Youve also got your bit of daily pie tracking as well, which just makes me feel hungry, but its essentially just a way of seeing how much decent exercise you do and theres. Also a good bit of stress monitoring as well, which could tell you when youre freaking. The out you basically just need to sit on the floor with your head between your knees and breathe the sleep tracking have already covered. It does seem to take a little while to kick in because i was in bed by about midnight uh this day and it ranks. I didnt get to sleep till about half past im, pretty sure i just passed out straight away, but it was a crap nights. Sleep so a fair chunk of these uh stats are probably pretty much on the money and then the app can basically tell you off for going to bed too late and stuff, just like your mum, its good to see theres a cycle tracker on there as well And uh some features that you dont typically find on these more budget friendly, small watches like a compass and a barometer, and i also like the one tap measuring feature as well, which basically does exactly what it says on the tin.

It measures all of your health indicators with one tap, so you dont have to bother accessing all of them individually. So just a single pork and then 45 seconds later, you can check out your heart rate. Your stress levels, your blood oxygen levels and your breath rate, and certainly any casual fitness enthusiasts, will be happy enough for the amaze fit just for tracking your general outdoor shenanigans and indoor shenanigans as well. All kinds of different exercises are covered here: uh cycling, swimming climbing, hiking, most of the shoes youll find down the gym. I would imagine skiing, etc, and those are just the main ones. There are plenty others to choose from as well, including slightly taking the pace board and card games now. Certainly, chess is a pretty good workout for the old heart in my case, because i just get really pissed off with it. But apart from that, anyway, weve got over 150 different sports modes covered and it can auto start tracking of uh walking, running cycling, etc. If it does detect that youre doing any of that stuff and that seemed to work all right for the walking certainly and when you actually come to start a workout first of all, you dont have built in gps here on the gtr 3 or the gts3. Only the gtr3 pro model has that so youll have to upgrade. If you fancy it and then once you get going, youll have access to some of your vital stats as youre doing your thing.

Uh of course, thatll depend on what your actual exercise session is. So here on the running session, youve got your distance. Youve got your current heart rate and your pace if you swipe down youll, also access even further information, including your cadence, etc, and i do like how a quick swipe this way uh gives you fast access to those media settings again, so you can get your workout Tunes blasting and then, when youre all done just finish up and your stats will be recorded and saved with the zep app. As you can see, thats the longest run that ive got on since ive been wearing the amirs fit watches and that fitness data can also be shared with apple health or google. Fit lets finish with battery life and amaze fit reckons youll get a full on 12 days of use at the gts3 on a single charge and three full weeks 21 days at the gtr 3.. However, i havent dealt with the mirrors fit in the past ive deduced that their estimates tend to be a little bit on the optimistic side. So what youll actually find is, if youre, using all of the features, including the actually always on display youll, actually get around a third of that time. So around four to five days of use at the gts3 and around a week, seven days out of the gtr three now, of course, that is still very, very good compared with a lot of other smartwatches out there, something like the wear os watches like fossil watch And samsungs fresh new galaxy watch, for they tend to get one day of use between charges, maybe two if you can really stretch it and not actually bother to use them for anything other than telling the time.

So, certainly if you are looking for a watch that can keep you going for, you know a long weekend or even a full on week between charges, then job done and that right theres what i think of amirs fits first, you gts3 and gtr iii of some Of them slapped on my arm for a good couple of weeks, and certainly if you want a you, know, basic fitness tracker, something that can give your arm a little buzz when a notification pops through on your smartphones, got our usual alarms your timers and even a Good bit of alexa support as well. These are two pretty affordable, smartwatch options and yeah. You are missing. Some key features: youll find on more premium devices like, for instance, building speakers. You can actually hear the assistant talk to you. You cant actually take calls on this thing. Uh, local, music storage, is why you cant do that built in gps, but if those are going to be crucial features that you are going to miss, you can always upgrade to the gtr3 pro or otherwise. There are loads of great alternatives such as that samsung galaxy watch for the fossil watch, gen 6, which i have reviewed right here on good old expert. So, if youve been using either these miz fit uh watches. Otherwise the gtl3 pro be great to your own review.