The samsung galaxy watch. Four series are the first products to come out of the google samsung partnership. Now these run where os and prices start at 23, 999 rupees in india. So do the galaxy watch 4 series offer the best of google and samsung, or will you still have to wait for an apple watch equivalent in the android world? Well, thats? What we are here to find out hello, everyone, im aditya youre, watching guys 360, and this is the full review of the samsung galaxy watch 4. Classic lets begin. Music lets talk about the design. First, the galaxy watch for classic looks premium. It has a stainless steel case and rotating bezel that you can use to navigate around the watch. It features a 1.4 inch amoled display that has corning gorilla glass dx for protection, so you wont need to worry about the display getting scratched. The weight of the galaxy watch for classic is noticeable, especially when wearing the watch to bed. It gets two buttons on the right. The upper one has a red highlight on it and acts as a home button. While the other is the back button, you can long press the home button to also call bixby the watch. 4, classic can compute body composition, measure your heart rate and spo2. Additionally, it has the ability to track blood pressure and take ecg readings, but these features are not available yet in india. Further, the galaxy watch for classic has a mic at the top and a speaker on the left side.

It packs a big 361 milliamp hour battery and supports wireless charging coming to its software. Now this is where the samsung google partnership comes in. Samsung has merged its homegrown tyzon os into wear os and thats. What you get running on these new wearables with one ui customizations as well. The galaxy watch 4 series can only pair with android smartphones, running android, 6 or higher. The galaxy watch for classic can only pair using the galaxy wearable app, and you can check all the health metrics on the samsung health app. Its ui is also slightly different when compared to a typical werewolf smartwatch. You need to swipe down from the top of the screen to access, quick, toggle and swipe up to see your installed. Apps swiping, right from the lock screen, shows you notifications, while swiping left brings up tiles which are widgets for most of the features on the galaxy watch for classic you get stock. Google apps, such as contacts, calendars and messages Music, google maps is available on the watch and it also has the play store, so you can download android apps that support wear os. Now, before i tell you how the galaxy watch for classic performed, i would like to add that it has been one of the best wear os smart watches that ive used so far. I used it for tracking my workouts and i liked that it can track a bunch of exercises. Its sleep, tracking and heart rate tracking features are fairly accurate, but i did find the galaxy was for classic, occasionally failing to register a heart rate while tracking a workout.

The watch could record the time i went to bed and the time i woke up correctly in the samsung health app. You get a complete breakdown of the different stages of your sleep. It also has the ability to track blood oxygen levels while sleeping a setting that needs to be enabled in the samsung health. App samsung has introduced a snoring detection feature as well, which uses your smartphones microphones to record you as you sleep. I did enable it, but the watch failed to detect any snoring during the review period as much as that detail brings me some relief. This seems more of a gimmick than something that adds value. Besides this, the galaxy watch for classic can also display a reading of your stress level. It has speakers too, so you can take calls on the watch itself. Callers did not have issues when i received their calls on the watch and the speaker volume was adequate when i raised it to my face. You can also play music using the speaker, but it definitely isnt loud or good for battery life coming to its battery life. The galaxy watch for classic lasted for about a day and a half with my usage, this involved tracking workouts every morning and then receiving whatsapp notifications. Through the day. I also didnt measure spo2 and body composition on the watch very often now, spo2 tracking and snoring detection features are disabled by default. If you enable those, as well as the always on display, expect lower battery life from this watch, charging the galaxy watch for classic was a slow process.

It only got to 23 in 30 minutes and to 43. In an hour charging. The watch completely took more than two hours. The galaxy was for classic is easily one of the best android variables i have used, but it does have shortcomings that you need to be aware of before taking the plunge. First, the ui feels a lot more samsung than google and you will have a better experience if you pair it with a samsung smartphone. The use of bixby feels odd and google assistant would have been better. Finally, charging is slow and faster charging would have definitely helped. If you are looking for a premium feature, rich android smartwatch, then the galaxy watch 4 series is your best bet. Yes, its more expensive than the competition, but the feature set that it offers is pretty much unrivaled for active individuals. I would recommend the samsung galaxy watch. 4 over the slightly bigger samsung galaxy watch for classic, so that was my review of the galaxy was 4 classic. What do you think about this smart watch? Do let me know that in the comment section down below and as always for all things, tech stay tuned to gadgets360.