This is anuj from Gadget Gig.. Today we have with us a premium smartwatch from Amazfit and its the Amazfit GTR 4, which is the latest in the GTR series., And in this video we will do the unboxing and show you the features of this smartwatch.. So here we have the box. And in the front we have the amazfit branding, and here we have the picture of the smartwatch. And the model name GTR 4 written here and its a business Sports Flagship Smartwatch.. At this side we can see it comes with a built in alexa., And here we can see the key features such as Large 1.43 inch, AMoled Display Dual band 5 Satellite positioning system, Easy 24 hour Health Management, and you get ultra long battery life. At the back. We can see the app Zepp, which is available for both android and ios platform, and this watch is powered by the Zepp OS.. Now lets open the box and show you the content.. So here we have another box and inside it we have the Watch itself. And you can see the tagline of your game. And guys. My first impression about this watch is that it feels really well built and does look and feel premium., And also we have the black silicon strap model. And apart from that, its available in a few different options., We will look at it in a moment. Lets, see what else we have in the box.. So we get the User manual which has the info about the watch, features in different languages.

And then here we have the Charging dock and guys its magnetic, and here is how it connects at the back of the watch. So thats all we have in the box. Now lets look at the smartwatch closely. Amazfit GTR 4 is the latest in the GTR series., And apart from the GTR, 4 company also launched the GTS 4, which has the square form factor.. Now looking at the design and build quality.. No doubt this watch feels premium with this aluminium body, and we have this brushed finish at the edges, which gives a nice look and feel.. We also have these small lines all around the watch, which looks pretty good.. The straps are also of good quality, and here we have a very comfortable silicon strap which comes with the Amazfit Branding.. Apart from the silicon strap, you also get the leather straps option.. In terms of the overview we have a 1.43 inch AMOLED HD DIsplayin. This watch, which has the resolution of 466 by 466 pixels., You get Tempered glass in it, along with the anti fingerprint coating and anti glare bezels.. At the side, we have two buttons and, yes, we have a crown on the top, with a red accent. Along with this push button at the bottom. At the back, we have the Sensors and we get the Bio Tracker 4.0 PPG biometric sensor in this watch and you also get all other sensors, such as Acceleration, gyro, geomagnetic, barometric, and also the ambient light sensor for auto Brightness.

And then at the back we have the speaker and mic for calling.. In terms of the battery. We get the 475 mAH battery, which the company claims can easily last upto, 14 days.. So overall, the Amazfit GTR 4 is a good looking premium, smartwatch and design and build quality wise. We are really happy with this product. Now lets turn it on and pair it with our phone.. So Here the watch is ON and for pairing we need the app Zepp. And to pair just go to the add device section and then select the watch from the list and then scan the QR, Code. And thats. Now your watch is paired with your phone. And guys when we paired the Watch with the phone immediately. We got an update with these changes., So the update is finished.. Now lets go through the watch features first. So guys. The first thing we noticed is this beautiful. Looking display., The colours are vibrant and the display is very sharp. And now about the features. So here we are on the watch face and you can switch between different watch faces by long pressing on the screen. And also you can add more from the companion app. And here in this watch. You get animated watch face. Support. Swiping, down from the top, will show you the quick settings., And here we have the Battery DND Theatre mode, brightness and the settings of the watch.. There is also one more page here and here you can see the torch, bluetooth and wifi settings, and also you get this water ejection mode which allows you to eject water from the speaker.

Swiping up from the bottom will show you the notifications., And then we have The shortcut cards which you can access by swiping left or right on the watch face.. You also have this widget screen. And guys. I must tell you here that the touch response is very good and there is no lag in the menu. And I didnt see even a minor stutter or lag while going through the pages. To access the main menu. You would need to press the crown button. Once.. The bottom button is for the shortcut app, which is by default, set to Workout.. So here we have the menu and you can go through this list by using the crown or using the touch screen. With the crown you get. The haptic feedback, which feels very good., And here also the menu is lag free, which we expect from a premium smartwatch.. So in the menu first, we have the PAI, which shows you a score based on your fitness activities., And then we have the Heart rate and guys you get the all day. Heart rate monitoring in this watch and the data is very accurate and also the detection is fast. And one more thing you have the wear detection, so the watch will not show you false data when you are not wearing the watch or when its on the table.. Similarly, we have seen with the Spo2 and here as well, its quite fast.. There is also a one tap measurement option which we have seen in the GTS 3 and in this the watch measures, the Heart rate, spo2 Stress and the breaths per minute, at one go.

And guys. This is still my favourite feature in the GTS 3 and i am happy to see this in the GTR 4.. Then, in the menu we have the workout, and here we have different workout modes and again you get plenty of options in this watch. And in total you get 150 sports modes which are neatly categorised., And this is the interface you get while working out. And guys You can also customise this interface as per your choice.. Next we have the Workout history, and here you can see the workout details as well as your personal best in different workout modes.. After that, we have the Workout status, and here you can see the things like training load and vo2 max. And then in the menu. We have the Stress, and here you can see a score letting you know how stressed you are. After that in the menu we have the Activity, and here you can see the current days step count and also the calories burned. Distance walked and the standing and sitting time. Then in the menu we have the sleep, and here you can see the last nights, sleep details And guys. This watch also supports NAP monitoring., And then we have the phone option, and here we have the calling function, such as recent calls contacts which you can sync through the app and the dialpad to make a new phone call., And for calling you would need to enable It through the app for the first time.

And about the performance we will talk in a moment. And then we have the membership cards. And here you can add your loyalty cards, but I am not sure how useful its going to be in India.. After that. We have the Weather, and here you can see the current weather conditions along with some additional activity. Details., And here we have the weather, forecast. And then in the menu we have the music and guys in this smartwatch. You can control the music playing on your phone and also listen to the song from the watch. Speaker itself. And you can also add more songs from the companion app.. And there is one more option here by which you can connect bluetooth earphones with the watch. And this way you can listen to the songs stored on the watch using tws earphones without carrying your phone with you., Then in the main menu we have the alarm Calendar, which you can also sync with your phone., And then we have the settings.. We will check the settings in a moment. Lets, see the other options first.. So we get the Sun Moon, and here you can see the sunset and sunrise timings as well as the moon set and moonrise timings.. After that, we have the compass, and here we have the pressure and the Altitude information in the compass. After that, in the menu we have the Barometer, and here you can see the Air pressure and also you get the storm alert option and in this the watch Will notify you in case if there is a sudden drop in the air pressure.

, And then we have the cycle tracking for females, and then we have the breathe menu by which you can do some breathing exercises to calm yourself, down., And then we have the usual Stopwatch countdown with some preset timers and The find phone option. After that, we have the World clock TO Do list, Voice, memos and also the Pomodoro timer for better focus. And then. Lastly, we have the camera remote, which you need to enable from the app, and this way you can control the camera of your phone.. Now let me show you the settings of this watch.. So in this you get the watch face and time and here you can select different watch faces and also adjust the time and date format.. After that, we have the Wifi settings and once connected, you will have better speed for installing the watchfaces and also for alexa. And then in the settings. We have the bluetooth settings.. And after that we have the Display settings, and here we have the brightness and as mentioned earlier, that we get the ambient light sensor in this watch and due to that we have the auto brightness.. Then in the settings we have the screen on duration and then we have the always on display settings., And here you can select the timings for the AOD and also the AOD Style., Which you can set as to follow the watch, face or use the pre installed. Styles. And I must say that the AOD Style options we have in this watch Looks very good.

And then in the settings we have the wake on wrist raise, which is the raise to wake feature, and it works quite well.. You also get the double tap to wake up the screen and also you can turn off the display by covering it with your palm.. After that, we have the screen colour style, and here you can choose between natural and vivid, and I personally find the vivid colour style very good., And then we have the theme style, and here you get three icon style. Options. Now coming back to the settings, then we have the sound and vibration settings and here you can select the ring for alert and other vibration settings.. Then we get some workout settings, and here we have the auto workout detection and guys this time you get plenty of options for the auto workout detection, which is again very good.. After that, we have the GPS settings and, as mentioned earlier, you get the dual band GPS and also the 5 satellite option in this watch.. And here you have the settings and you can choose between the Accuracy which uses the Dual band GPS and also all the satellites for better accuracy. And then we have the Balanced which use the single band, GPS and satellites such as GPS and Glonass.. After that, we have the battery saving mode, which uses the single band and also the low power GPS to save battery.. You also get the Custom feature, and here you can select the GPS Satellites as per your requirements.

. After that, we have the preferences, and here you can set the upper and the lower button. Quick start apps., And then you get some customisation options, such as List style for the menu. And then we have the offline voice control feature, and here you can see the offline voice commands. In the settings. We have this time the Battery management option, which shows you the features which consume more battery, and you can turn them off directly from here. And also you can see the most used features here which consumed more battery.. After that, we have the usual power off reset and the restart option., So guys, as you can see, that this watch is filled with a lot of options and features, and you are getting everything you can think of in a smartwatch.. Apart from these features, you also get the mini app support, which you can access through the companion app, and here you can select the mini apps. You want to install on the watch, and here is the list. And now about the App the companion app Zepp is my favourite app for any smartwatch., And here you have neatly categorised health data on the home page. On the settings page. We have the connected device on the top, along with the battery., And here we have the health monitoring features such as auto heart rate frequency and then sleep and stress, monitoring, settings.. You also get auto spo2 monitoring in this watch.

And then in the app setting. We have the Notifications and reminders, and here you can select the apps for which you want the alert for the notifications. And talking about it. Here is how you get the Text alert and guys you get the Reply feature here, which works without any problem. And also you get the EMOJI support in this watch. And now let me show you the call alert. And, as you know, its a calling smartwatch, you Can accept or reject the call from the watch itself. And also you switch between the phone and the watch from here. And about the performance. The mic. Clarity is good and you can take calls with this watch without any problem. And then in the settings. We have the watch face store, and here you have the available watch faces for this smartwatch and I am really happy to see a lot of animated watch faces this time.. Also one more thing. I have noticed that the sync time is now less for loading. A new watch face. And then in the settings we have the app store by which you can install the mini apps onto your watch., And then we have the watch settings, which is basically the same. You get on the watch.. After that, we have few customization options for app list and the shortcut cards which you do as per your choice., And then we have the alexa settings and guys about the alexa.

The performance is very good and the response time is also less. And you get the response through the inbuilt speaker.. So overall, the amazfit GTR 4 is a feature rich premium smartwatch. Feature wise. You are getting a lot of things in this watch. Design build quality, and the display of this watch is one of the best I have seen in a smartwatch which is priced around 15000 Rupees.. I personally, like the crown button, haptic feedback and the touch is also quite responsive.. The fitness data is accurate and this watch is really comfortable on the hand, though it looks big, but I didnt face any problem using this watch for sleep tracking.. So, to sum it up, if you are looking for a sophisticated and elegant looking smartwatch with all the latest features and sensors, Then we highly recommend you to checkout this newly launched smartwatch from Amazfit., And I can say that its the best premium smartwatch you can buy Right now for around 15, 16 thousand rupees. And as usual, if you like this watch and want to buy one then do check the buy link in the description below., So thats it guys. This was the unboxing and Review of the Amazfit GTR 4 Smartwatch.. Let us know if you like it and also do tell us if you have any queries or questions about this Smartwatch in the comments section below. So thats all for now. If you like this video, then please press the like button and subscribe to our channel gadget.

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