So today we are checking out the brand new series. Eight got a couple of new watch bands to go with it and were going to talk about all the new features and everything that you get inside of the box, so lets jump in all right so lets. I thought this box trips me up every time. I dont know whats, which part to get maybe its. Ah there we go nice and clean. I got it. Oh wait. A minute is this: oh, this is the midnight oh thats, exciting. Actually so weve got it in the midnight aluminum case and we of course have uh some bands. Okay, so we got the watch here. Oh man, midnight is dope. Now, if you guys remember the MacBook Air with the new M2 Chip with the midnight color, it looks really cool because it looked black. But if you look close enough, its kind of blue as well. So in the right lighting. You can see that its blue, but from afar it looks black, so you can kind of make it match anything. I love this now the midnight is dope, but there are some other colors as well. So for the aluminum cases we do have the midnight theres. Also going to be Starlight as well as silver and for stainless steel, youve got gold, graphite and silver. Of course, the starting price of the watch is 3.99 and it goes up depending on the size, color band, all that good stuff and in the Box.

You also get some paperwork, quick, start guide things, warranty information safety, all that stuff – and you also get this guy right here. So this is your Apple watch charger now this is what allows it to do the fast charging, because its also got USB C all right. So thats the Box lets throw a band on here. What do we? What are we going for fellas? We got the standard, silicone band weve got some sport Loops over here, and we also have a Nike sport, Loop kind of like in the middle one night. I was leaning towards this, but the midnight youre right lets. Just you know what lets just take a closer look at all of them. This is the midnight sport band. So I wonder if theres going to be a hint of blue with this as well. Oh, there is a hint of the blue. This is kind of nice thats, so crazy. They really nail down the black look but like Im, really blue its nuts dang. My foot is kind of this now, okay, so this is the sport Loop. This ones got some like green in it Dom do you like it thats, okay. I was expecting more from that one. This is the blue game Royal slash midnight, navy, Nike sport Loop. I like the look of this and its got the just do it for all. You doers out there go on. Do it all right guys, so weve got our series.

Eight all set up over here so were gon na talk about all the new things, one of the newest things. You probably can see it right now, uh. You can actually change some watch faces now. You can customize a little bit more. My personal favorite watch face. Is this one right here its the modular watch face whats. Nice is now you can add a background color to it. You have all these other options so, depending on the look that youre going for you can match even more, which Im stoked about uh this green one right here, you know, come on guys. You know me. I love this. Interestingly enough, I had the background on my uh phone, its like its like meant to be so from a physical standpoint. This looks very much like the series. Seven theres been no changes to the hardware whatsoever, except for this new temperature sensor. So now theres a temperature sensor inside of here that can take the wrist temperature of your body, and this is a feature thats going to be more geared towards women, or at least as of right. Now it has more benefits for women. Itll be able to be used in a couple of cool ways, so its got two temperature sensors one on the inside one on the outside. I believe, and its going to be great for those who are family planning. So if youre family planning uh its going to be able to help, detect or track your ovulation, which is actually critical to know when it comes to planning for a baby, it can do it automatically jump into the health app, and you can see all that information To help you plan accordingly and Im, pretty sure thats going to be a game changer for a lot of the folks who plan to use this Its Gon na Save a lot of time.

I just love that Apples adding all of these, like health related features. A lot of these things, you dont know you needed until its there and its kind of like whoa thats, actually really useful theres. All these different things that Apples like making fall detection all this stuff its all encrypted, even though its health related itll all be just stored right on your device, completely secure and can choose if you want to share it with your physician or your doctors. I think that stuff is awesome and speaking of fall, detection Apple actually added another feature in case of some kind of accident, and that is Crash detection, so Apple actually added this to the entire Apple watch, lineup, even the new phones. They all have crash detection built into them now and what happens with that is if youre wearing your Apple watch, and you happen to get into a severe crash in your car, itll use the accelerometer the gyroscope. I think the microphones, all that stuff and machine learning to kind of understand that everything thats happening at this one point sounds like a cry, sounds like you could be in danger and the watch will contact emergency services as well as your emergency contacts to let them Know you were in an accident and because this thing also has GPS built into it, itll be able to give the emergency responders your exact location, so they know exactly whats going on. I think thats I mean who was asking for that me.

Neither and they just made it and its like – oh thats, actually extremely useful. Now, if you are used to using the app watch, maybe for workouts uh, if youre really serious about your workouts, they actually added a few changes to the workout app. I think theres more advanced workouts that you can now track. I mean I go to the gym every now and then but Im not Im, not there. Yet, where Im like tracking everything I do so like. Maybe I got ta get better, maybe maybe thats why the gains as they should be right. Carl nice, there bro. I appreciate you cousin. Now we are seeing a lot of software tweaks so another one of those is actually the redesigned Compass. So this is completely redesigned with a couple of cool new features. One is the Waypoint, you can add a waypoint for your current location. Dont show my location Dom you cant have nobody up in here man, so maybe theres a body of water and you need to refill your canteen or something you can mark that location as a waypoint and as you move away from it, you still have it in Your compass app, so you can track exactly where that location is, should make it really easy to find certain spots. I think thats, pretty cool theres, actually another feature called backtrack, that you can just tap. You can start your backtrack and what this will do is itll.

Basically, keep track of your steps as you go places. So if youre outdoors and you start this and you go on your path – and you forget how you got there, you can just use backtrack to find your way back. You can retrace your steps if you, if youre somebody who really forgets where they parked their car all the time you can just use the backtrack feature, and then you can find your way. You know thats a a way Id use it, because Lord knows I aint hiking, I aint gon na happen and if youre a traveler international roaming is now available on the Apple watch uh, I dont know if you can forget your phone or something or whatever the Situation may be, you got that feature too now something thats, pretty cool is theres, going to be a low power mode now on the Apple watch, which extends the battery life to basically double so you go from 18 hours of standard use to now 36 hours, which Is wild now you do sacrifice a couple of features: uh like the always on display, but you still get the important stuff like activity, tracking and even fall detection, but yeah guys thats, pretty much. All of the new things with the new Apple watch series: hey. What do you guys think, let me know with the comment down below is this something you guys are going to pick up or youre looking at the ultra now also the its a different Beast? So let me know what your thoughts are.

Are you like all in with the series eight or do you have your eye on that Ultra? Let me know with a comment down below. Of course, you guys know Im going to be covering all the things so make sure youre subscribed and Ill catch. You guys in the next one till then its your average consumer peace. You know the answer to that all right. You guys do it. We should all do it, like.