You, michael, is my name on the channel. We inspect a lot of cool and fresh tech, and this is the amazefit gtr. 4. yeah. You know what i appreciate the most about such tech companies when, when they actually listen to the feedback of their customers, could be a coincidence or not. But it looks like amazements are now adding with the fourth generation a lot of the features that gtr3 was missing. So this is a good, not so expensive, smartwatch well, obviously not as smart as apple watch series or wear os based devices, but now we finally have good opportunity to add even more third party apps and we have some significant hardware improvements. So the point of this episode is to find out how far am i speed have gone with their gtr4 in terms of hardware, development and software development and figure out whether thats a good buy for the price asked. If i have to point to one of the top strengths, this would be the great value that the macv gtr4 provides because it costs less than 200 dollars, but at the first sight, doesnt seem to have any corners cut. Unlike the third generation, this puts it into much better competitive position when compared to the already more expensive, renewed galaxy series by samsung or the huawei watch gt series or the xiaomi watch s series which are traditionally the closest to amaze fits in terms of features provided The unboxing is, as usual, giving us the pleasant amazefit style and the joy of taking out a nicely packed piece of tech.

Its been many years since i unboxed my first amazfit device and its nice to see that the attention is still being paid to the package. Gtr4 looks gorgeous ill come back to the design in just a moment. There are some warranty terms included, of course, the charging plate. It is compatible with the rest of amazefits, 2022 portfolio and partially the 2021 portfolio aluminium case metal, lux quite decent grouping of the health tracking sensors on the back. Even the strap, is now customized and looks so nice before you think im too biased. Let me underline that this is not a sponsored video and, in fact, my own purchase. So what you hear and see are my own genuine thoughts and opinions and before we discuss whats up with the hardware lets, take a quick look at the list, with the most important highlights. 143 inch display, with always on function, 475 milliamp hour battery providing up to 14 days battery life in normal conditions, the new biotracker 4.0 biometric sensors covering hr tracking spo2 tracking sleep stress and many others; a dual band and six satellite positioning systems; implementation, five atm water Resistance weight with the strap is just 34 grams and it is all managed through the zepp smartphone app well, the specs are awesome and i probably should start with the hardware which looks fantastic, a new design of the rotating crown, which is very convenient, very responsive. The rest is also quite interesting. Well, this year at least so far.

There is no pro edition of the watch because, with the gtr3 there used to be the regular version and the pro with pro getting all the nice features, and now weve got everything inside except for wireless charging. We have a speaker. We have a microphone so that we can make phone calls. We can even store some music files in the watch and then listen to these music files, even with an attached bluetooth headset. So that makes the phone quite smart, as it is obviously lacking access to certain apps, like google maps and similar, but i really hope to see some decent navigation capable apps very very soon. I guess the only thing we could hope for now is maybe to figure out a way to integrate an e sim or probably a nano sim slot, so that the watch can consume data without being dependent on the smartphone, because the software ecosystem is getting already quite Capable, let me show you, starting with generation 3 the trying to go in direction multitasking with so far quite good success rate. First of all, navigation, which is highly customizable. The button defaults with the crown button being used for the home screen and also launching the app list it can scroll through the app list as well. The bottom side button triggers the workouts, but its function is also configurable, then swiping left or right navigates through the main cards you can choose which cards to show theres a configuration section about it in the settings area or via the smartphone app each one of these Cards acts as a shortcut to the corresponding app, so theyre not static.

Quite the opposite, if you swipe down the quick tools, show up again its yet another menu that you can control and find you swiping up shows all the notifications and yeah you can reply to most types of notifications with a predefined answer. This quick replies you can set via the zap app since the watch. Doesnt support a keyboard currently typing messages is not possible, but that doesnt seem to be a huge miss. Many people can take advantage of the typing capabilities with apple watch series or the galaxy watch series, but rarely take advantage of this option. The available in the smartwatch apps are quite many and the good news you can install some additional because amazfit provides an app store area inside the zap app dont get this wrong. This totally is not the same as google play store or app store, but its a stat. We know that amazing gtr4 computing hardware is not that powerful, thus the outstanding battery life, but the obvious drawback is the lack of possibility to run more complex applications like a navigation, app, still theres a chance to use a google maps notificator, which helps you with the Navigation, however, you need to run it from the smartphone first, while reviewing the t rex 2, a few months ago, ive noticed the gopro remote app something that easily replaces the 90 dollar remote accessory investment. That gopro asks you to do and is compatible with the latest generations. If you wonder whether its going to work with hero 11, see for yourself overall im impressed with the multiple minor upgrades that amazefit have implemented in this generation, like the possibility to shut off bluetooth or the wi fi implementation, which makes a huge difference, especially if you Upload music files to the watch its the first time that we see a dual band: gps, in fact, not just gps, but also the possibility to use glonass galileo and all the available positioning systems worldwide.

Despite this advanced ability, weve noticed certain issues with the accuracy. Sometimes more than 5 meters signal gets locked fairly quickly, though the best news with battery saving mode and gps tracking on the battery can last for more than two days, which is remarkable. There also is a very nicely developed sports ecosystem. We somehow take it for granted that such wearables can track a huge amount of workout types close to 150 effects, with the very advanced sensors inside gtr4. Who knows, maybe in a few months from now theyre gon na be even more during workouts, you can count on a training assistant and in the end of each session, theres a bunch of analytical data to display you can see, for instance, details about your heart rate. During the different sections or laps, while exercising, you can still receive notifications and calls and theres quick access to the music controls. The implementation of everything related to the workouts is close to perfection. Part of the top features are also the phone calls which work like charm. No remarks about the smartphone app either zepp continues to be one of the most powerful solutions which guarantees easy control of the watch. A wide variety of watch faces a lot of details about sleep cycles, spo2 tracking, basically, everything that the watch can measure and unlike huawei health, it has integration with a lot of services like google feed, strava, even alexa in some regions. Oh and amazfit continues to develop their inbuilt assistant, which can launch some things entirely hands free.

So after all of this praising lets switch to the other modes, where we look at the weaknesses as a starter, no wireless charging. There is no blood pressure measuring something that the 50 more expensive galaxy watch 4 can do with certain remarks: theres no lte edition of the gtr series yet and the lack of standalone map navigation ill. Summarize it like that personally to me this is my new favorite. 2022 smartwatch, i even think its better than the huawei watch gt3, those of you who follow the channel regularly. You know that i usually wear the gt3 when i dont test any other wearable devices. Countless watch faces a lot of improvements on the gps side and even better battery endurance. The only thing im really gon na miss is the lack of wireless charging, but hopefully theres gon na be a pro edition, or maybe for the next generation. Who knows if you already have an amazing gtr from the previous generations and if you wonder whether you should upgrade, i think from generations one and two thats definitely going to feel like a great deal. If you own the gtr3 or the gtr3 pro, i believe they still are very relevant. So unless you like very much some of the new features, maybe you can you can stay the older generation. So thats been everything about this episode. I hope it was useful and in case you have any other, follow up questions be invited.

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