Im gon na give you 13 brand new things to know about itll be a full in depth. Review will come a little bit later on. So definitely hit the Subscribe button for that. So the very first item is simply the price uh. It is 349 or ‘9 dollars for the cellular. The LTE model theres only one size of the pixel watch its about a 41 millimeter watch or 40.8 millimeters to be very precise. On the right hand, side there is a digital crown and then just above that theres a secondary button that secondary button gets you the most recently accessed apps uh. Well, the digital Crown allows you to scroll through the menu is kind of up and down. You can, of course, also use that touch screen thats in the front there, of course, to access any apps. You can swipe down from the top to access settings and then swipe up to get into your other apps. Now, while theres only one size, itll probably feel like a lot more watches because theyre different band flavors, if you will different demand types, including leather ones, and metal ones, and active sport ones, and then within that theres, all the different colors of the band. So Im going to talk in like dozens of different band varieties, you can choose from do note that metal bands, though, will not be available until next year, but everything else is available at launch and you just press this side right over to put it back on Snaps right back in place, we gave up this one now from a display standpoint.

The AMOLED display is an always on display uh, its still claimed about 24 hours of battery life now put the charging times on the bottom down there, as well as the GPS time. Also listed down below there Im still trying to get the clarification on exactly what that is now as to be expected, with the watch from Google, its running Wireless being the wearable platform that Googles had for many many years, thats the same version that you would see On the Samsung Galaxy watch, four and five for example, and here at its core its basically the same as well, now note that, with wireless 3, there is no more iPhone compatibility. You will have to have some sort of Android device with the pixel watch, thats, something that Google says they made because they didnt see the integration primarily on the messaging side and the number of sharing side. The phone number sharing side, if youre on the LTE edition, is being all that great on iPhone due to some of the limitations in place by Apple thats, because Apple doesnt allow third party Hardware devices to send text messages on behalf of a watch. So that also impact companies like Garmin and Suunto, and everyone else out there now, if youre, finding this feel interestingly useful nows a great time to whack that, like button at the bottom there, it really does help with this video and the channel quite a bit. Now, as you would expect from any watch released this year or anytime recently for that matter, it does have built in GPS, so itll track your runs and your workouts and anything youre doing outside for that matter, using the GPS inside of this, and that can be Used within both the Fitbit app or basically, the Fitbit Exercise app as well as third party apps like Strava and Adidas, because thats part of that entire wearwest platform, and in addition to that, GPS is also heart rate.

This is actually a different Optical heart rate sensor. On this than you would find on, the Fitbit sense sense, 2, that I have right here and in fact it both Google and Fitbit together are pulling this their most accurate heart rate sensor suite and thats both the hardware as well as the software. It talks a lot about machine learning, theyre doing thats real time, machine learning, thats done while youre working out or while youre doing whatever youre doing so that its actually processing that then versus post processing. Later on that, some companies do still thats something Im. Looking forward to testing in depth as part of my Poland, death review and back on the GPS, this is not a multi band, GPS Swatch, but I wouldnt really expect that for this particular price point I would expect next year, though, and the next verse of this – That would probably definitely be multi band for this price point now, a cookie. The watch is waterproof 250 meters and also has a gorilla glass display in it, which should give it some pretty good durability for any sort of sporting activity. And before we talk about the sports activities because of the wearwest side, you got the full wear, OS apps kind of sweet. If you will so theres Google Wallet on here, theres Google Maps even turn by turn directions on this within Google Maps. Not so much like from a routing standpoint like if you were to make a route for a trail but more within the city, to be able to navigate from point A to point B.

Youve also got Google home integration still ability to adjust thermostats and whatever else you want within the Google home ecosystem and then, of course, Google Assistant, which you can access by long pressing the upper right hand button that cracks that open. You can talk to it. Just so, you would expect from Google Assistant for any number of years now, of course, because its running Wireless youve got access. The full wear OS app store and weve seen that really kind of Blossom a bit over the last year since Samsung jumped on board where OS and, I think, were gon na see that kind of kind of grow even more exponentially over the next year. Now that Googles on board as well. Of course, there is the big name apps on there, especially like in the fitness world like strong of another, but I think having Google making their own watches will help that kind of move a little faster and, of course, the big ticket item on this watch is The native integration of the Fitbit product kind of sweet, if you will and its no surprise that this watch was introduced on stage by fitbits founder and you know, former CEO James Park and thats that you see Fitbit throughout the watch on the default watch faces. For example, youve got all your Fitbit driven stats, its built in so you basically sign into this watch with your Fitbit account and youre, going to see pretty much the exact same layout that you would see on the Fitbit sense and particularly the sense 2 Series kind Of a lot of those stylistic elements are very, very similar, so you see steps you see heart rate, you see your active Zone, minutes uh.

If you have Fitbit premium, youve got access to all those Suite of data like, for example, the daily Readiness pieces and all the historical bits, but to be clear, you dont need Fitbit premium. You can use this watch without that youll get all the data you would expect from a core Fitbit product. In fact, one of those pieces of data is the ECG functionality, as well as afib alerts, thats something thats built on here today and then coming down. The road in 2023 is fall detection. So if you do fall and cant respond or arent responding to your watch, that will go ahead and notify First Responders automatically. Now its worthwhile, noting this watch, does come with six months of Fitbit premium, so thats the premium Subscription Service offers a bunch of exercises workouts and more access to your data, more data, metrics, Etc. Again, that free trial is built into this after thatll cost. You money, it also comes with three months of YouTube music built into this as well and again after that it cost you money. Also. Finally, in terms of when you can get this, you can pre order today and theyll start shipping on October 13th and then, of course, stay tuned for my full in its review down the road well test, all these things and see how what actually works in real Life Im really Keen to see side by side, Ive been wearing the Fitbit sense too, for last little while uh.

Is this a better watch for the money than the Fitbit sense, too? Things like accuracy, usability, Etc were gon na find out with that? Thanks for watching, consider whacking that, like button there or subscribing or even joining the channel, become a member to access to all sorts of good behind the scenes. Stuff have a good one.