43 inch AMOLED display with over 150 Sports activity types and in this video well go over some of the details of this watch and Ill. Tell you what I like, as well as what I dont like about the Amaze fit gtr4 an Amaze fit, did send me this product for the purpose of this review, but they arent paying me or anything to make this video and they dont get to see this Video before you guys get to see it right here on YouTube and the thoughts about this athletic watch are mine and mine alone, and often when I get an interesting product like this to review, I do try to pass it along to one of you guys in The form of a giveaway so stick around to the end of this video and well talk about how you can win this gently used, but still gorgeous gtr4 by a maze fit Music. Now, if you do pick up an Amaze fit gtr4 itll set you back about 200, which I think is a pretty impressive price for what you get here. But in the box youll see the smart watch itself, including the standard, strap itll. Have this magnetic charging cable – and this is the same charging cable thats on the T, Rex 2 watch that Ive reviewed in the past and also have a small instruction manual. Pretty simple here when you look at the gtr4 first thing: youre going to notice is that super large bright, 1.

43 inch, AMOLED touchscreen display with a very attractive aluminum, alloy middle and a glass back and as part of the back here, youll see the optical heart rate. Monitor and this Optical heart rate monitor, it also can detect blood oxygen saturation levels. Ive never really found these spo2 sensors to be all that accurate when compared with a medical grade finger unit. But you know you might find that information useful, especially if youre trying to acclimatize to altitude or something like that, and while this isnt, the most accurate Optical heart rate, monitor that Ive tested on this channel. You can now connect the gtr4 to an external heart rate sensor, something that you couldnt do with the T Rex 2, and I think you might want to consider doing that if you are doing any sort of heart rate, specific training, I really did find the heart Rate data on the gtr4 to be pretty rough, pretty abysmal here, not that I think that people are buying this watch specifically, for you know, heart rate or GPS accuracy. I think people are probably looking at this watch for more of its design and general functionality, but the gtr4 is about 46 millimeters wide and it feels fine on my very small 165 millimeter wrists. The watch itself only weighs about 59 grams, so I dont think its massively heavy by any means – and I know that this might sound odd. But I think this watch looks a little bit nice nicer than a lot of the other watches that Ive test on this particular Channel.

I think you could easily dress this watch up a little bit more, definitely more than you could with something like the Amaze fit T Rex II, and I know you guys, are going to ask uh yes, this is the Amaze fit Falcon watch on my other wrist Uh definitely subscribe if you guys are interested in seeing this review coming up here in the next couple weeks, but back to the gtr4. The watch band on this particular watch is easily changeable. Its got those kind of quick release pieces to it and its a 22 millimeter watch band, which I think is nice just because there are so many 22 millimeter watch bands that are out there on the market. That would work really well with this particular watch and if you do want to make it a little bit more personal, its got about 200 plus watch faces that you can choose from and its easy to switch between watch face options. Foreign has a 475 milliamp battery. They say itll go 14 days, but out of the box, I just kind of immediately turn on that always on display, and I do something like an hour of activity per day, often thats GPS battery intensive types of workouts, so Im seeing somewhere along the lines of Five to seven days of battery life, which I think is also still pretty decent – and I also have the blood oxygen saturation sensor – turned on thats, something I usually turn off for most watches that Im testing, but for the most part you know, I would say its A pretty impressive battery life for an AMOLED display in the gtr4.

It actually has over 150 different sports activity types so thats very similar to what the T Rex 2 has. But unfortunately, this watch is missing: Triathlon as an activity type. Now, when we compare GPS tracks, while running youll see that even though this watch does have dual band GPS, meaning that were connecting to multiple satellite systems at the same time, for better accuracy, it still isnt perfect, but it is plenty sufficient. For you know my particular running needs these days. Ill say: uh here is a 5K on the roads, where its you know not tracking, as well as some of the other watches we have here, the Apple watch Ultra or the 955, and then again here on some Trails. This should be a very kind of tight out and back Id say it does. Okay, but again you know not as well as something like the Apple watch Ultra here in the Amaze fit gtr4 will track your sleep and give you a sleep score, which I do really like a lot about this watch. You can see all of this data right on the watch by using the widgets and selecting the Sleep option here or you can use the smartphone app and in here there is a bit more detail on activities as well as kind of those General Health metrics and The app is just is called Zep and its actually, you know its actually pretty good. In my opinion, in here, weve got loads of information, like your steps taken average heart rate recent activities that you can also dive into more detail about.

I will say that exporting that activity data isnt ideal – I just see GPX data as an option here as far as file formats, I would definitely love to see a DOT fit option, but in the mobile app theres, also a section in here where you can add Accounts and you can add links to places where it could be uploaded, so thats like Strava or relive or apple health or WeChat. I tested it with Strava and you know I found it actually to be the best way to get data off of this device. Now the Amaze fit gtr4 does have speakers. I actually like the little audio prompt that you get when you start an activity or when you come up on some splits uh it can play music, but it can only play mp3s. As far as I can tell – and I didnt really test it that much because I I dont really use MP3s at this point but uh the gtr4 also has a cool kind of weird feature. It can actually Auto recognize the fact that youre doing a few different types of sports and its actually saved me a few times when Ive been out biking and Ive actually forgot to start my watch. The gtr4 will just figure it out and start it for you. In the gtr4, well also try to Auto recognize strength, training exercises. Now I really do like the way that the gtr4 looks and the more and more that I use this watch the more.

I feel like its a solid option for people to consider, but the gtr4. It only has these two buttons, which means that its heavily relying on the touch screen so sweating or swimming or rain. All of those things can make operating this device extremely difficult. My general rule of thumb is that you know manufacturers making these things should set it up to where anything that needs to be done should be able to be done with buttons. If, for some reason you want to lock the touchscreen or turn off the touchscreen completely, it should still be functional and then, lastly, just the fact that its missing that Triathlon activity type really means that this watch isnt perfect for me specifically, but it might be ideal For you so to be entered in to win my slightly used, Amaze fit gtr4. Of course you know Id love it if youre subscribed to the channel here, but Id also like to know what you guys think of this Amaze fit gtr4. Is it something that youd be interested in? Is it something that you would wear comment below, and I will give this video just a few weeks and then Ill use a random number generator to pick a comment and if you do end up winning Ill, just need to get your address via something like Instagram Private messaging – and I am restricting this giveaway to the United States just because you know this is my own money that Ill be using to ship out.

You know any of these devices that I ship out on this channel and sending all these devices out has just become you know ridiculously expensive, but there are more details about this giveaway in the description of this video. So for me personally, you know when Im picking between some of these Amaze fit options. I actually do prefer the Amaze fit T Rex Pro, which I am also seeing on mega sale right now, but I prefer it mostly because it does have a triathlon mode and because it has an extra two buttons, and I do have to admit it that, yes, I definitely prefer the look of this gtr4, its just a little bit nicer. Looking a little bit sharper looking so theres, definitely a little bit of a trade off there when youre choosing between those two devices, but this is an excellent option. It has that gorgeous AMOLED screen. It has a very nice solid battery life when comparing it to something like an Apple Watch and while you know I dont think that this watch is exactly right. For me, it really is an impressive option for the price.