Here are the top 5 among the more than 20 tested by me in the past 12 months. Can we find the perfect fit for you? Lets inspection, Music? Hey everybody really nice to meet! You Michael, is my name and its finally, this time of the year. Well, we should look back and figure out which are the best that weve tried in the past months. Yes were going to talk about the best five of 2022, and this is kind of the last version of how I try to store these wearables, because I do have space limitation and still want these devices to be quickly accessible. Now, looking back in the last 12 months, I have the chance to try out more than 40 Fitness tracking devices. More than half of them are smart watches and I decided to cherry pick those that I believe are the top five of 2022 well, jumping straight to the first Contender here it is, can you guess which is the Smartwatch? Then you can comment down below its aware OS based device and throughout this episode, Im going to share, which is my personal favorite. I think its too too early to disclose whether this is the one or not, but that comes from Samsung its called the Galaxy watch. 5 and probably its the only one compatible with Android smartphones that is close to the popularity of the Apple Watch series in its fifth generation. The Galaxy watch is more capable than ever, I cant say more powerful because it uses our most identical Hardware to last years.

Fourth generation, but there are a few extras included on top and also significantly improved software experience, which finally lets you use the watch for more than a full day on a charge, sleep tracking, stress, tracking, very detailed heart rate Information, spo2 Tracking making phone calls especially tempting When LTE is present and the so lovely build quality and design, which is even better with a more expensive pro version, Galaxy watch 5 truly deserves its spot among the 2022s best, and while it leads the game about features and functions, there are some serious concerns. We should address, as well as a starter, very fragmented and confusing smartphone app related ecosystem inability to measure ECG and blood pressure. If you dont have a Samsung phone and the fact that it barely is improving anything from the Galaxy watch, 4 being powered by wear OS. It is, unfortunately, not compatible with iPhones, but if you own a semi made mobile, this is by far the best thing for the buck. You can go for next, its the champion about being Enduro looking in rugged and its a smartwatch coming from Amaze fits as a company. They have been really active throughout the whole 2022 and they have released a number of great devices, including the GTS and the GTR 4 Series. Both of them were really worth showing in this episode, but I thought Im going to keep it short and I believe this its really the Masterpiece of 2022 in terms of endurance, because it is slightly different.

It is very sporty and almost indestructible very high, waterproof rating military grade toughness can withstand extremely low temperatures and also it looks cool based on its design. Amaze feed have also launched the Falcon, which is the more Premium Edition T, Rexs small casual, has high quality, polycarbonate body and ability to control most features via buttons only feels great around the wrist. The GPS Precision is one of its key strengths. Theres only one important piece missing, no smoke speaker, meaning that if you ride a bike and your phone is in the backpack, you wont be able to answer to the call without picking your phone up. The rest is, however, close to Perfection from the quickly responding menus through the more than 100 types of workouts to this super clean and Polished, Zep smartphone app. If you need a reliable watch with up to a month, long battery life per charge – and you like to do a lot of sports, this is the right fit at a budget for less than 200 dollars. While my first battery cycle with this body lasted around 18 days, the next Contender we are going to try out has battery life of up to 18 hours, and although we talk about much shorter lifespan per charge, Apple watch, SE generation 2 is about being smart and About being the best companion that you can get through your iPhone on a budget similar to the Galaxy watch, series Apple decided to keep most of the hardware of the previous generation.

They did upgrade the chipset, but they keep the same display similar connectivity options. The very same design, its quite hard to guess whether someone has Generation, 1 or generation 2. software has been improved, however, and this continues to be the best functional extension to your iPhone yeah. The perfect integration with your smartphone and being able to respond to texts and do a lot of tasks on the go without holding the phone thats. Quite an advantage. Highly customizable, extremely smart phone calls capable the Apple watch. Se generation 2 even has LTE variation, which has a surprisingly accessible price tons of beautiful watch faces and, of course, the ability to use most apps from the App Store HR and sleep tracking are quite precise. There are some remarks about certain software decisions that apple have taken, but overall it provides experience, no Wars than the Apple watch, 8 series presented together with it while compared to the Apple watch. Ultra it costs three times less. The difference in terms of usability is so much smaller that I expect Apple watch. Se generation 2 to become one of Apples, best sellers now making a? U turn leaving the iPhone and iOS things aside and focusing again on Android devices, because this is yet another Contender which can only work with Android smartphones but kind of the source, because thats good Google made and Im still not quite sure what took them so long To create the first generation of the Google pixel watch, which was surrounded by so much hype, so many broken promises and a bit of disappointments, but still the hardware and the promised updates make me, keep it inside this list, not sure what exactly to Google such a Long time to improve, where Os or to craft the hardware to Perfection or to integrate some of the know, how coming through the fitbits acquisition or to finally find a way to make the battery last a little longer than a day.

Maybe it is a little bit out of everything with the last Target kind of not achieved truth is that Ive enjoyed the pixel watch, experience a lot more than initially expected, and while the watch is not even close to being perfect, it is among the strongest deals For Android users, though, there is no superb Health tracking there arent too many unique software treatments and the price is rather steep, but you can be certain that this watch is gon na have priority software updates, its finally going to push Qualcomm and other electronic makers to Work harder about wearable, socs and maybe its going to disrupt Samsung and tickwatch is being the usual Community favorites. Finally, the one that I wear the most, which technically was introduced in late 2021, but the Pro Edition appeared in May so I think we can count the whole series as a 2022 thing, Huawei watch, GT3, superb and its true theres a lot in common with the Previous generation, however, the performance boost is significant. The rotating Crown is as functional as on Apple Watch series and health tracking features are probably the best in class out of all contenders. This is the only one which can get recharged on most. She compatible Chargers. Has the ability to transfer phone calls over Bluetooth and gives quick and easy access to its storage for saving some music files? But its strongest side continues to be the battery life. You got ta be amazed.

Two weeks are easily achievable and even with always on display Huawei watch GT3 rocks. While I strongly recommend checking the full review, let me mention that during the past few months, Huawei developers have been actively working on improving the software ecosystem and experience. So now, besides access to some basic apps, there, finally are some proper Integrations with services like Adidas running and more important with Strava, so, finally, its something thats going to be inside of some professional athletes, so thats it. I think these are the best five from everything that I tested in the last 12 months and I think each and every device out of these deserves its spot over here. Although you can trust me, its been very difficult choice to narrow down all the things that Ive tested down to five because think about the amazing GTS and GTR 4 series, The xiaomi Watch series S1, the fossil Generation, 6 tick watch they unfortunately didnt release. Anything really good about hueros this year, so maybe next one in 2023. So now I really look forward to hearing from you, which is your favorite Smartwatch of the Year, could be one of those five or could be. Something else comment down below its usual more information about each and every Contender and the dedicated review youre going to find in the description area some more information about how to support the channel and, of course, links to the best news about each and every Contender.

Thats been every everything I hope you learned something new. I hope you have had a lot of fun Im Michael.