There has been lot of comments on my videos like regarding uh. If we can replace this trap, which comes within the box with the watch – and the answer is yes, you can replace this strap. As you can see over here, we have the quick release mechanism, so this is the default strap that comes within the watch, but i have also ordered a couple of straps from amazon and basically this is a combo of three straps. So three different colors of strap and with the same quick release mechanism, so let’s quickly open these straps and try it out on our watch and the link for this product will be in the description. So you can go and check it out from there as well. So let’s quickly open this packaging uh. Basically i bought this for the white color one because uh this combo has three different straps. I guess red white and blue or black. I am not really sure about the third one, but i specifically bought this for the white color. It looks a bit more like sophisticated okay, so that’s the black one and uh okay. So i have two black ones over here. So this is how the packaging comes over here, and the price mentioned here is one four double line, but that’s not the true case. So these are the three straps. So let’s quickly open it, as this is the sealed one, so that’s pretty nice thing so i’ll just quickly open it and we have our packet open.

So these are the three straps uh here. Okay, so initially the quality of the straps is really very good. Nothing else inside the packaging, and i was interested in this white one because uh only the white one was not available anywhere on online market. So i need to get this combo, although we can use this red one as well, but it looks like a bit funky and although you can use it, it will look nice. The red color is looking very nice, so yeah, so let’s quickly. Try out this white one uh, so first of all, i’ll tell you how you can remove the straps. So basically, at the back side we have these two clips. So basically we call it them as quick release clips, so we have to just uh. It has a spring mechanism, so we have to just push that push it and it will come out off very easily so i’ll just push it off and yeah that’s how it comes off. So this one is, the original strap will also compare the straps, the original and a new one. So this is the actual watch module so yeah at the top part. We have uh this one, so i’ll quickly like try to attach it. Okay, so both of both the straps are attached, as you can see, and this is how it looks so this one is the default one, and this one is the white one. I guess i attached it upside down.

Okay, so i quickly swapped swiped out the straps and it it is looking very nice. As you can see, the white color with the black watch is looking very nice let’s. Let me wear it once, and the strap quality is also very good. The rubber is quite comfortable as of now so i’ll just quickly and it’s all exactly the same as you can see, it does have the rubber stopper, and this one is also having the rubber stopper over here. So again, that’s pretty nice thing so i’ll just quickly attach it and there are different variable uh slots over here. So we can use uh as per our requirement and yeah. The watch does look quite nice. Let me just adjust it yeah. So this is how it looks with the white one and trust me guys. It is looking very nice, the black dial with the white strap. It is looking very nice, so yeah, the quality of the strap is really very good, and black buckle is also giving a very nice look to the watch and overall it like it gives a very good aesthetics to the watch so definitely have must have accessory for The gts2 mini, and the best thing about these straps is that these are 20 millimeters generic straps, so it’s not limited to only this watch. So if you watch support 20 millimeter straps, you can definitely go with this one uh, so let’s try it out. Uh, the red one uh, we have already seen the black as it was default, so i’ll quickly release the white one as well.

Okay, so i attached the red one as well, and and even the red one is looking very nice. Uh it’s built on a funkier side, but it’s, okay, let me just wear it and yes, so if you are like on a some party or some beach party, definitely this red one is also looking quite nice. You have to like. You only set up a good watch face and boom. You have a very good looking watch over here, so guys let’s quickly talk about the quality of the straps. So initially, if you take a look at the straps, the quality is really very good, and if you even compare with the original straps, i feel these one are a bit more softer. So you can say, like comfortable is exactly the same. I am feeling exactly the same: only the color is changed. Uh rest, the feel is exactly the same i’m getting uh. I was getting on the original one uh. So definitely if you want to purchase these straps, these are really very good, and these are 20 millimeter. Strap so if your watch supports 20 millimeter strap, you can definitely go with this one, and these are available with different uh sizes as well. So just uh check once according to your watch and order it accordingly. So yeah guys this is pretty much it for this video guys. If you found this, video really helpful, then do that like button and subscribe button and stay tuned for more such videos.

So thank you guys.