This is a misfit gts2 mini smartwatch. So watch this video completely. Why? Because i’m, going to unbox this watch and i’m going to tell my review this video so watch this video completely till the end and don’t forget to like share and subscribe my youtube channel so let’s quickly, unbox! This and i’ll show you this watch and the box contains inside. As you can see, the packing is so good. This is the smart watch. I mentioned tjs two million so let’s see the box interface. Here you can see all the details available here now. Let’S quickly open the scene from my misfit, as you can see, the pattern is good. You can see the box contents here. I think this is the warranty getting big start information, so you can see a very big book if you want you can read – and this is the smartwatch, as you can see here, we can get the charging cable. This is the charging cable. As you can see, this is the magnetic charging cable and the charging dock, and these are the box contents, which you will get in manual watch and a charging cable that’s it. These are the box contents from nsu. Mini this honest with gts to me, i have brought this watch from amazon for 7000 rupees, and this watch straps are easily changeable. I have brought these straps also. If you want you can buy from amazon or flipkart. These are the three wash tabs which i have brought from amazon.

Only here you can see black, blue and white, and this is the green. According to english, you can change the watchtops i have given these links in the description from there. Also, i can go and check now let’s quickly open this watch. As you can see, the cover is provided for this watch here you can see the smartwatch, it looks so good and premium here you can see the heart rate sensor and the charging dot. The watch looks so premium as you can see. As you can see, we have to scan this code from zeb app and you have to install that app and i’ll show you again, as you can see the companion app for this amazfit gtx, 2 mini and all my sweet watches. You have to download zap application, which is available in ios and play store from android and apple. Also, you can use this app here. You can see. I have installed this application here. You can see the preface looks like this. You have to log in with your credentials. First of all, then you have to click on your add devices. Here you can see many devices are there. You have to select watch and here you can see it should be paid. So you have to allow all the permissions to run this app. You have to scan the qr code. Here we can see you have to scan the skewer here you can see. The watch is now paired successfully with this application.

Now the pairing work starts. The app looks very neat and clean with all the features we need. This is basically a fitness band, plus smartwatch, with all smart features. Here you can see a software update is available for this watch. It is automatically being downloaded. It will take few minutes to download and install these updates. The app preface looks like this. All our data will be synced here here. You can see the heart rate by sleep, score cycles and goal tracker everything you see here, how many steps you have done and everything the calorie burnt and here in profile here you can see you can see many tons of settings here here. You can see the data has been syncing and from here you you can change the watch face settings. Also here you can see, there are many watch faces which we can simply sync to our smartwatch, and here from here you can from here we can see all the incoming alerts. You can set these settings on or off, and here you can see the vibration for every these things help monitoring. You can manually activate all these settings from this application. Zip here we have amazon alexa. Also i will show setting in the smartwatch here. You can see system update, yeah. The sink of this watch is very good and the data will be seen accurately from the home page. Here you can see, you can see the calories and the sleep data.

I will use this watch seven days and i will give the full review of this watch after seven days. That will be the full video with all those features. I will go to i’m going to explain and i will quickly show the watch also. Finally, this is the mess with djs2 mini let’s, see this watch as you can see, the display is so good all this watch. This is the notification panel here you can see the maximum brightness of the source. Here we have the physical button over here, and this is the complete audio of the watch. As you can see, this is the always on display. This watch is having always on display, also, which is very music settings also, and this watch is having an additional feature. Also i’m going to show you that is alexa. How are you, how are you, as you can see it, doesn’t like via sound, but it requires a text only convert one dollar into indian rupees Music. There are on this watch Music systems. As you can see, the size response is also so good. If you convert, you can access the weather, alexa music ground on stopwatch power of the tracker and the there is. As you can see, i test all these features manually. I hope you like this video, if you like this video share this video with your friends and like this video and comment whatever it is. Watch and i have given this watch link in the description and this watch can watch that’s.