But if you take a look at the western coverage – oh my god, it’s savage oneplus watch has been compared to paperweight cyberpunk 2077 and bringing knife to gunfire. So how come this is such a stark difference between the review of a same watch in india it’s a decent watch, but in us it’s the worst watch ever made. Well, this is pranal. You are already watching techwizer and i have used the oneplus watch for about a month now, alongside the apple watch. So in this video i will be talking about the good, the okay and the bad part of the oneplus watch. Before we begin a quick shout out to quan dcx go for making this video possible. As you know, the crypto prices are quite low, which makes it a perfect time to invest in cryptocurrencies. However, do keep in mind. Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile and you should do your proper research before investing in them. Now, one way to buy cryptocurrencies in india is coin dc. Exco wait. I will show you how to buy cryptos in less than one minute simply download the app it’s on play store as well as app store and create a free account. Now, before you buy some cryptos first, you need to verify the kyc document and your bank account. This will only take five minutes and coin dc. Exco is also iso certified, so you can be assured with all your details now to invest. You simply add funds using the bank transfer or upi.

You can add as little as 100 rupees in your wallet and search for the coin, that you want let’s, say bitcoin and then you can buy all the popular coins, such as bitcoin, ethereum, dogecoin, etc. Simply slide. The slider and that’s it super easy isn’t it and the cool thing is all your investments are bitcoin insured as well, so yeah go check out. Coin dc, exco first link in the description and if you use the coupon code techwiser100, you get bitcoins worth rupees. 100.. Now, back to the video now before we begin, let me quickly give you an overview of the oneplus watch, so the oneplus watch looks premium with 1.’ inch of amoled display and thin bezels. It runs on proprietary os and swiping. Up from the watch face will give you access to pending notification and swiping down lets you quickly access the toggles. You can also tap and hold on the watch face to change it. There are also two buttons on the right side. The button on the top brings up the menu of the watch like workout heart rate, sleep watch, settings etc, and the second lower button brings the different workout modes like running swimming badminton, etc, etc. Overall, if you have used a non android smart watch, you will find the ui similar now moving forward. I will only be talking about my experience. That is what i like about the watch and what i didn’t like about the watch.

So let’s start with the good part first, okay, so one of my favorite part about the oneplus watch is the touchscreen 1.’ inch of oled display and since it’s, an oled display, it’s, sharp, it’s, bright and it’s easy to see both indoors and outdoors. In the recent update, they have also added the always on display, and the screen is quite smooth and has a high refresh rate kind of like you see in the apple watch. I like that. The second thing that i like about the oneplus watch has to be the battery life, so usually smart, watches such as galaxy apple or oppo watch last one or two day, whereas the fitness band, like me, band or even amazefit whip, usually last up to 14 days Now, since oneplus watch is not using wear os, it can easily last 10 to 14 days and if you’re, using always on display it can easily last seven days. Also, apple watch and galaxy watch takes anywhere between one and a half to two hours to fully recharge a watch, whereas the oneplus watch can easily charge within 20 minutes. And finally, the third thing that i like about the oneplus watch is taking calls over bluetooth. Now, generally, i don’t take a lot of calls on watch and rather prefer my phone, but sometimes when koshik is using my oneplus 9r for taking montages. I use this feature and i find it super handy. The caller has never complained about my voice, but, as you can hear the speaker on this one isn’t as good.

Oh yes, i’m, the speaker of the upper house – and i request you to maintain silence so the display the battery and the calling feature. These are the three things that i like about. The oneplus watch now let’s talk about the things that i didn’t like neither did i hate about it and it has to be the fitness tracking. Now talking about the fitness tracking, i use the oneplus watch. Alongside with my apple watch for two to three weeks on and off – and i would say, the fitness tracking in this one is okay, not too good, not too bad. For example, yesterday i went to bed at 12 am and listened to few audio books and i finally fell asleep. At 2 am now oneplus watch started, counting the sleep from 12 am, whereas the apple watch was smart enough to detect my movement and only start. The sleep timer from 2 am similarly the apple watch measured 2000 steps, while the oneplus watch measure only 1500 steps on the same day, but that is understandable because we have tested so many smart watches and fitness band and the data is never 100 same. Overall. The fitness features are not the best in this watch, but it’s not something to complain about for the price, but do you know what’s there to complain for the price? Well, there are a lot of things and i will be picking up my top four things that bug me the most and, i think, will bug most of the indians as well.

So the first thing that i didn’t like about the oneplus watch has to be the no third party app support, so oneplus watch runs on its own proprietary software called the real time operating system. The software is quite sleek, but it lacks the support for third party application and watch basis, and not just that. Even the software lacks important applications such as calculator or calendar app, which is quite useful when you don’t have your phone with you. Overall, the software is comparable to what you see in the noise fit and amazefit watches, which runs in a proprietary and limited os. The second thing that i didn’t like about the oneplus watch is no reply to notification. I mean on paper. There is some sort of reply to notification, but it’s impractical in day to day use, for example, you can send, can message replies in just few applications such as whatsapp telegram, facebook, messenger etc, and you can only choose from okay b right there in the meeting contact. You etc, etc. Even the me band 6 has the option to change canned messages from the app, but currently this feature is not available in the oneplus watch. App it’s really a shame, because one of the biggest use of smartwatch for me is reply to notification such as on whatsapp or email. That way, i don’t have to break my productivity to pick up a phone and unfortunately you cannot do that on this oneplus watch.

Another big con of oneplus watch is the lack of voice assistant, which i use a lot on my apple and oppo watch all the time, for example, if i’m in the kitchen and my hands are dirty, and i want to set a timer to boil eggs. I can use the voice assistant like siri or google assistant, but there is no voice assistant on this oneplus watch and, finally, the biggest reason not to buy this oneplus watch is the 46mm size. So this alone is the reason for most people to never buy. This watch me included, so oneplus watch is only available in 46 mm, which is a huge size, as you can see, for most men forget the vermin and to give you a perspective, the apple watch starts at 38 mm, which is a popular size for girls, and I usually use the 40 mm for both the apple watch and the oppo watch and both of them looks proportionate on my wrist, but this 46 mm it’s a huge deal breaker for many people. So final thoughts – and i agree with the global coverage here – oneplus watch – is not worth recommending to many people, because it’s big in size lack reply to notification, there’s no third party app support and it comes with unpolished software. I just hope in future our indian media also have some audacity to not sugarcoat stuff. If you like, that thought do subscribe to techvizor and let’s begin something good, like always it’s milan signing off and if you’re wondering with smartwatch to buy well, you can get the oppo watch, it’s, really good watch and we have recently reviewed it.

The only issue with that is battery life and if you can spend a little bit extra get the galaxy watch active too. Yes, samsung is coming with the weir os in their galaxy watch 4, but even they have confirmed that the old galaxy watch will be getting all the necessary updates or even better. You can get the newly launched mi band 6, which will be launching soon in india. Surprisingly, even the mi band 6 has more features than the oneplus watch either way. We are running a giveaway of mi band 6, which you can check out in the description below. As always, it’s mina signing off stay wiser.