Today the video will be different. I am going to unbox the ms fit gts2 mini and also gon na show you what is similar and what is not look guys. I know lots of you may have used this watch or using now, but lots of you are also confused about these particular two watches. So here i am to take your doubt out and let you decide which one will be the best for you, but at first let’s, just unbox the watch let’s just open the box, as you can see nothing new inside the box. As usual, a manual guide. The watch and the charging dock – it is the same as the bpu pro charging dock. Here are two more boxes. As you can see, one is a screen protector. I like to put screen protector on a watches or phones, so i bought it personally and also a spare strap so that i can change it occasionally. When i want to nothing is more about this, i can show you, as you can see the strap. It is a silicon strap, it has got design on the body and two color mix. Color one is black and white, and also a hook button system, yeah that’s it now let’s just start the comparison between these two watches. They both almost look similar to each other, build quality. The bpu pro has made plastic body with the interchangeable silicon strap and the gts2 mini has aluminum body with the interchangeable silicon strap.

Although, if you look closer, the aluminum is only the upper part of the watch body, but down is a glossy plastic finish which makes the gts mini a bit. Premium looks than the bpu pro they both comes with three different colors green black and pink. The bpu pro is lighter than the gts2 mini thanks to its plastic body. They both have same functionality both have built in alexa and gps. Although the gtx mini 2 has 70 workout modes, but the bpu pro has only 60., but i am pretty sure we don’t use. All gts mini has screen material amyloid with the size of 1.5 inches and resolution of 354×306, but on the other side, bpu pro has 1.43 inch, tft lcd screen and resolution with 320×302, so gts mini 2 have more advantage over the bpu pro, because the screen is Much bigger than the bpu pro, and it also is a amoled screen than the lcd screen. Although the bpu pro screen is made with lcd screen, the brightness is crispy as a gts mini too now let’s test the oxygen level, so2 level of both watches and see, which one is almost accurate, and here you can see it is showing 96 percent now let’s Test the bpu pro you can see it’s showing 92 percent, so they are almost close to each other, no problem at all: okay, i’m, not showing all the tests of each feature, because they all will give the same results.

So let’s just skip that part and come to the watch faces. I am kinda bit disappointed with the watch faces given for the gts mini 2.. As you can see, i don’t have a lot to choose, but on the other hand, bpu pro has more options to choose now. Most of you will not need that much watch faces so it’s always up to you. The most interesting feature that gts mini 2 comes is the always on display feature which bpu pro is lacking. If it comes to battery life, the gtx mini 2, even with the amoled screen, lasts longer than the bpu pro i didn’t test. But it says seven days with one charge: the most important thing we were all waiting for is the price. Look. If you pay more, you will get more, so obviously gts2 is costly than the bpu pro. The gtx2 mini cost around 80 bucks and the bpu pro around 60 bucks, so it’s again up to you, which one you want to get they both are same. Very small differences. Are there if paying 20 bucks more doesn’t bother? You then absolutely go with the gts mini too, but if the money bother, you will be absolutely fine with the bpu pro. They both are amazing, watches and works. Absolutely fine. One thing i didn’t like is: while you are switching to another one, it takes a long time to switch so may a misfit with their next updates fix this issue, so that is all for today.