Lot of you guys asked me, which smartwatch I use as my daily driver. So today I am going to show you the Amazfit GTS 3, which is a premium smartwatch. And guys. I have been using this watch for a few months, and here is what i think about this watch.. So let me quickly show you the box content.. So on the box we have the model GTS 3 and the picture of the watch, and this watch is powered by Zepp OS., And here we have key features such as Advanced Bio sensor, All round health tracking 150 sports modes and its slim and lightweight.. At the back, we can see the color, which is the Terra Rosa, and this watch is also available in ivory white and the graphite black color.. The MRP on the box is Rs. 18999, but you can purchase one right now from amazon for around 13000 rs. Now lets open the box and show you the content.. So on the top we get the smartwatch itself, and here we can see the tag line Up. Your game. And guys looking at the smartwatch, my first impression is that it feels light weights and definitely feels premium.. We will look at the smartwatch in a moment. Lets see what else we get in the box.. So in the box we get these two boxes and one has the user guide, and here we have the charging cable. So thats. All we get in the box now lets look at the smartwatch closely.

, Starting with the Build quality and design Amazfit. Gts 3 looks very similar to the GTS 2.. We get the aluminium body in this watch, but the back cover is made up of plastic.. The watch is slim and light weight and the Straps are also made up of premium quality material and during my testing I found the strap of this smartwatch very comfortable and because of its design and light weight. I was able to wear this smartwatch all day and night. On the right side of the watch. We have the button, but in the GTS 3, this button is also a navigation crown and can be used to scroll through lists and pages.. One more thing worth mentioning is that you get the haptic feedback when you are scrolling through the menu.. The crown navigation is a welcome change but, as i started using this watch daily, i almost forgot about the crown navigation, as i had to take my hands off the crown to select the option, which is to be honest, not that user friendly.. But overall it will come handy when you have wet hands or wearing gloves.. Now, looking at the display in the GTS 3, we have the 1.75 inch OLED display, which comes with a resolution of ‘0 by 450 pixels.. You have the slim bezels around the glass and the curved glass gives this watch a nice look and feel., And also you get the anti fingerprint coating on the screen in this smartwatch.

And about the performance. We will talk in a moment.. Looking at the back. We have the plastic back cover and here we can see the sensors and on the top and the bottom of the sensor, we have the metal connectors to connect the charging cable. And guys. Here we have a downgrade from the GTS 2, and that is that there is no speaker at the back and we only get the mic for alexa commands.. So, overall, in terms of the design and build quality., Keeping in mind that the GTS 3 is priced at 13000, Rs you get good design and the build quality is definitely top notch.. But you are missing out on a few essential features, such as the calling support and the local storage support for music, which we had in the GTS 2. Pairing. The watch is straightforward, just open the app Zepp and go to the add device section and here scan the QR code and thats it. Your smartwatch is now ready to use. Now looking at the features., So the biggest upgrade we have this year in the GTS 3 is that its powered by Zepp OS, which is easy to understand and navigate.. So here we are on the watch face and now looking at the display here, we found the quality of the display, crisp and clear.. The Amoled display looks gorgeous and offers a good viewing angle. Now about the features long pressing on the watch lets you change the watch faces, and here we have the available default watch faces.

You also add more watch faces from the app., And here we have the available watch faces which are similar to the GTS 2. Downloading. A new watch face takes a bit of time, which is similar to the previous amazfit watches.. Now about the menu Swiping down from the top shows you the quick settings, and here we have the torch, DND theatre mode, Always on light option, Brightness and guys you do get the auto brightness in this watch and then we have the battery Find phone option and The settings of the watch. Swiping up from the bottom shows you, the notification, history. And swiping right or left on the watch face shows you the quick apps, and here you also have the shortcut cards which you can access by just swiping left from the right side.. You can also edit this list as per your choice. To access the main menu. You need to press the crown button once and guys. As mentioned earlier, the crown button can also be used for navigation., And here I must tell you that the touch response and the UI of the Zepp OS is smooth and there is no lag in the menu. About the menu first. We have the PAI, and here you can see the score based on your fitness activities., And then we have the heart rate and guys the animation in this new zepp os looks good and about the data. Its quite accurate – and i have also tested this with the standalone heart rate – monitor and the data is quite accurate.

. There is also one more app which you can install through the companion app, and that is the real time heart rate, which you need to turn it on through the app and here it shows you the real time heart rate.. After that, we have the SPO2 monitoring, though it takes some time to measure the SPO2, but the data is also accurate., Then in the menu we have the One Tap measuring, which is my favourite option in this watch, and with this with only one tap, it can Show you the heart rate, spo2, breathing pattern and also the Stress, level., And I find this option pretty useful and according to me, it should be available on all smartwatches.. Then we have the workout modes, and here in this watch we get 150 sports modes and you can go through them and also customize the list. As per your choice., Then in the menu we have the workout history, and here you can see the history of your workouts. And similarly, we have the workout status, which shows you a score based on your last 7 days, workout history., Then we have the stress monitoring, Which shows you a score, letting you know how stressed you are. After that we have the activity, which is basically the current days, fitness data, and here you can see different details about your daily activities.. After that, we have the sleep data, and in this you can see your last nights, sleep, data.

And also in the sleep you can enable the assisted sleep monitoring and sleep breathing quality monitoring, but this will reduce the battery backup.. After that we have the weather here.. You can see the current weather conditions and also the weather forecast.. After that we have the music, and here you can control the music on your phone and also increase or decrease the volume.. Then in the menu we have the Alarm and here can toggle the alarm from the watch itself.. Then we have the calendar and after that we have the settings and in the settings first we have the watch face and time and in this you have the watch, face options, Time and date format. Then in the menu we have the display.. In this you have the brightness settings screen on time, Always on display option, and here you can select the digital or the analog, always on display option.. After that, you have the raise to wake feature, and here you can select the sensitivity and, during our testing, the raise to wake features works pretty good.. Apart from the raise to wake, you get the double tap to wake, and also when you cover the screen with your palm, it turns off the display.. Then you have the theme which is new in this watch. You get three theme options which is again very good.. After that we have the vibration settings. In the workout settings you have the workout detection, and here it will auto, detect the workout.

But again this option will consume more battery.. Then we have the GPS settings, and here you can choose GPS settings in terms of accuracy. Balanced or power saving., Then we have the preferences, and here we have DND Off wrist lock, and here you can set a pin, password Long press side button configuration by default, its Alexa.. Then we have the control center and here you can change the tiles for the quick settings.. After that we have the offline voice, control settings, alexa language and then we have the watch language. And then. Finally, in the settings we have the system, and here you can restart reset or shut down the watch. Now coming back to the menu. Then we have the more menu, and here you can see the sunset and sunrise timings.. Then we have the compass and also the barometer and in this watch you can also set the storm alert which informs you when the pressure drops upto a certain level. And during our testing we got these storm alert warnings quite a few times, especially when it was About to rain., After that, we have the cycle tracking for females breathe, which lets you do breathing exercises stopwatch countdown with some preset timers, and then we have the find my phone option.. Then we have the world clock which you set from the app. To Do list. Pomodoro timer for better productivity and, lastly, the camera remote to control the camera remotely of your phone.

So guys, overall. In terms of the features the GTS 3 is packed with a lot of cool features and except the calling function and the music storage, you are getting all the necessary features and I find them pretty. Useful. Navigation is smooth and, as mentioned earlier, i was mostly using the touch screen instead of the crown navigation. But again that is just a personal preference.. Now about the companion, app Zepp, we have covered the app many times on our channel and today we are just going to show you the new features.. So here we are on the home page and you have the fitness data, which includes heart rate, stress, sleep and spo2.. Then, on the settings page we have the connected device status and here we have the watch face store and then we have the app store which is new., And here you can install the mini apps on your watch and guys right now. You have limited options, but this allows amazfit to add more features through updates and its definitely exciting.. Then in the settings we have the call and other notification settings. And talking about it here is how you get the call alert so in this watch you can reject or silent the call, but there is no preset replies option which is pretty disappointing., And here we Have the message alert and you dont get the preset replies here as well, but you do get the emoji support. SO thats all the features we have on the smartwatch and now about the performance.

The fitness data on this watch is very accurate and during our testing we found the step count. Data accurate. And also the workout data and the GPS detection is the best in this segment. About sleep tracking. I have used this smartwatch for sleep tracking for a few days and the accuracy is surprisingly very good.. The battery backup is good and, with all the features turned on, i was able to get 3 4 days backup and with the moderate usage i was able to get even 10 days battery backup., So is the Amazfit GTS 3 worth buying So guys, even though you Get all the necessary features and the watch does look and feel pretty good. We think its a very minor upgrade over the GTS 2, which has an advantage of bluetooth calling.. The fitness and health tracking is very good and you get decent battery backup from this smartwatch.. If the lack of bluetooth calling or music storage doesnt bother you that much, then you can for sure checkout the GTS 3. But if you are already using the GTS 2 or the GTR 2, then i would recommend you not go with the GTS 3. As there are not many changes in this version., To sum it up, i am personally happy with the performance of this watch, though i miss the calling feature very badly, but still the GTS 3 is one of the best smartwatch you can get right now. The pricing is slightly on the higher side and i think it should be priced under 10k.

And if you are getting this smartwatch at that price during a sale, then without a doubt go for it.. So thats it guys. This was our Review of the Amazfit GTS. 3 smartwatch., Let us know if you like it and also do tell us if you have queries or questions about this smartwatch in the comments section below. So thats all for now. If you like this video, then please press the like button and subscribe to our channel gadget gig for more videos like this.