Your thing please hit that subscribe button, because thats what this channel is all about right today, testing out the garmin instinct, two solar watch now this is a brand new watch from garmin its 389 pounds. This is the top of the range one. Its got the special solar charging, so it will prolong the life of your battery um but fully charged. It comes up with a massive 28 days of charge, which is really really good, so believe it or not at 389 pounds. This is garmins sort of entry level, full multi sport activity watch, but its absolutely packed full of features. I myself have got a fenix 6 pro and theres, not a lot of difference between the two. The garmin instinct 2 watch is a smart watch. So if you put your bluetooth on your phone, youll get full smartphone connectivity with it. This means you can get all your notifications through to your phone. You can also use things like garmin pay as well um, but its got a whole host of features which ill go through with you today, and what im going to do is go for a run, a cycle and a hike and just show you how i use This watch um ive, actually had the watch, for i think about six weeks now, ive used it every day, um its just a really really good watch and also ill. Give you a summary at the end of what i really think about this garmin instinct.

2. Solar watch, so what im going to do im just going to go through with you, some of the main features the main sort of day to day watch faces. So these are the main faces of this gps watch. This is the standard face, so this is the sort of main menu its got the sunset its got, my steps for the day, its got my heart rate, its got my body battery, so recovery time how fully charged – i am, if you use it to monitor your Sleep itll give your data on your sleep. If i had my calendar working with me, itd also tell me what my next events are and its also got. My smart notifications too right lets go for a run, so here we are just over 5k 26 minutes. In my heart rate is 162 at the moment that will fall quickly, ill just show you the data screens too. So this is my current lap. Obviously, im walking now so thatll come down, but the idea is when youre running you can see exactly what sort of time youre on for this is my heart rate, like i said its going to come down pretty quickly as ive started walking, but it lets. You know what fitness zone youre in this is all based on your heart rate and also how many hours the batterys going to last in gps mode right here we go then 10k finished just press the save button.

Okay got a few new records thats only because its new watch so 10k 52 minutes 26. That includes some walking for video in, of course, new watch. So it gives me all the fastest records, usually thatd, be a lot a lot lower times than that so heres. The summary 10k 15 minutes, 26 5 minutes 13 seconds per kilometer thats, the training effect. So you know anaerobic training today, so wasnt pushing itself too hard its. My vo2 max gives me my recovery days and then summer again, so this is just saying my garmin synced, with garmin connect its also uploaded my run to strava all right um. So this is current data screen at the moment. Heart rate in the top right hand corner its going down because ive just stopped so ive done 29 kilometers in an hour below gives you the speed as youre, actually going along next up. Ive got the lap and the lap time now this is set up, so it actually gives you the laps in kilometers. So one lap is 5k and what happens when it completes a 5k lap. It gives you a beep freezes the screen and you can see exactly how long it took you to do that 5k lap. Next, itll give you your heart rate zones. Obviously, my heart rate is coming down now, but ive been averaging about 140, so this is in sort of the weakest heart rate band and it goes through easy, like endurance, tempo threshold, and then your vo2 map show you.

The heart rate monitor works properly, which is summit in the hill just hitting 160 bpm, not a bad day to go for a cycle. Ride lovely well not a great time to be recording theres, the stage canyon, ultimate cf, sl, disc, okay, so just press the stop button. Okay, so it shows me a training effect, recovery time and summary of what ive done so its ‘ kilometers in one hour, 25 minutes 27.6 kilometer an hour average. So what well do now hit done? Go to my garmin connect tab. Sync, my watch to my garmin connect and then my garmin connect will then upload. My data onto my stratfor account. So today were world camping at caddo idris, its absolutely stunning location, im, also testing out this garmin instinct ii, solar watch, which so far ive got something really really impressed connected to gps, really fast easy to upload the maps and lets see how good this watch really Is so its taken us a long time to summit cada dress? I must admit: im really impressed with this garmin instinct to solar watch. I think its been really really good and i hadnt set up the screens before i was walking and managed to set the screens up on the fly. I could just add them its really really good, well impressed with this and the gps didnt. Let me down so this is what we did today: 15.34 kilometers so basically 10 miles ignore the average speed, because the times wrong, didnt take balls on maybe going max heart rate 161 ppm.

All my stats push himself take the send scent 1400 meters, not bad, to be honest, thats about four and a half thousand feet. So im well checked with that good days, work that – and this is a map of what we did today, you can zoom in before. We can see now this is the elevation profile, so we made it all the way up to the top. Had a address came back down, came back to the car to get some more stuff and that growling blind back up to where were camping. That was hard. So bearing in mind ive had this on all day still says: ive got 17 days of battery left, thats really really good days. So what do i think of this gum in instinct 2? Sailor watch? Well, it is a lot of money. 389 pound but ive got to say it is absolutely rammed full of features, got loads and loads of functionality absolutely tons. I mean, if youre a techie sort of person. This watch is going to keep me busy for a very very long time now. Ive had lots of sort of activity, multi, sport, gps type, watches and ive had a lot of bad ones, im an active person, so i sort of got on to that scene quite quickly. Um and theres. Many disappointments, but ive got to say this with garmin products and they use their cycle. Computers as well. The gps is brilliant and at the end of the day, if you havent got a good gps signal, the watch is a complete waste of time, in my opinion, so the fact that youve got sort of three different types of gps built into that watch.

Youre sort of guaranteeing a signal everywhere, its not instant. Sometimes you know it does take a few minutes. Um youve got to be outside and just got to be a little bit. Patient really um. One of the big features ive got to say um, especially you know, if youre watching this review as a backpacker, the special new feature where you can actually go back to where you came from. So if you get yourself into a lot of trouble um, you know it might be a complete white out youre on a mountain and just havent got a clue where you are. You can use this feature and basically you can just go back where you came from, which is absolutely brilliant, um, but could potentially even save lives. It is really good. So you know im really tough, with this watch um its not quite as well built as the fenix 6 pro, but then again its about half the price, so you cant really moan um, but its really good. I would seriously consider it im, certainly not going to tell you to go out and buy something for this sort of money. If i dont really rate it myself and i genuinely genuinely do so – i hope you got something out of this review. Please check out my other videos: ive got over 100 out there and hope see you out.