I really hope you got to stay until the end of the video and watch everything i have to say about the amazefit gts 3. Let me take it off and by the way the strap is not the original one. I just like the color and uh switched to this one, so thats the amazing gts 3., an interesting wearable, a smartwatch which obviously is not as smart as apple watch series or those devices which are based on where os, but still uh, quite good about tracking health. Supporting you when youre doing sports and those are doing some productivity oriented tasks which can be extremely helpful, so i would say yes, it covers most of the things you would be looking for from smart wearables these days pretty much every year. Amazefits are releasing a new generation of their wearable devices, and this already is the third one of the gts edition. Actually, they they do have two gtr and gts, with the gts being the square or rectangular shaped device. While you can find a round display on the gtr series now with the third generation, the interesting part is that there is a pro edition, its only a gtr3 pro, which has all the flagship, great features and gtr and gts 3 are somewhat slim lined and over. Here we do have some differences and things that are kind of missing and im still not quite convinced that if you own a gts2, this would be a reasonable upgrade.

So we can stay until the end of the video and were going to make this summary and figure out whether thats a great purchase or not. In this video id like to have everything about the hardware and all the upgrades made the significant steps forward that the software makes and, of course, real life usage lets go price is, of course, quite important. Therefore, sharing with you right away that amazefit gts3 has been launched for 179 us dollars, which is the same price tag as the predecessors and given the price bumps, a lot of other tech gadgets have seen this year, thats pretty good news. It also is worth noting that in europe, amazfit are keeping their prices down to 150 euro or pounds, which makes them a really attractive. Choice on the channel ive reviewed tons of other wearables in the range between 100 and 200 dollars, and the gts3 needs to show some really good results in order to win your sympathies, so lets see about the hardware first, the unboxing part is always something to enjoy With the maze of its devices, of course, through the years, the packaging style has been further refined from what stays on the box. We know that its powered by zep, os and zepp is the company that has been acquired by huami the manufacturer of amaze fit so theyve leveraged a lot of the software ideas. This here is the so called terrarosa edition. There also are the ivory white and the graphite black, with each of the colors being quite stylish and good, looking as for accessories, the charging dock and the user guide.

Luckily, inside the zap app there are enough tutorials and information to get you up to speed with the watch functions as well. Design on the first side looks fantastic. Gts3 is made from lightweight yet durable aircraft, aluminium alloy with curved glass on the display crafted to elevate the sleek. Look thanks to the sights. You do have the feeling, its quite a thin device, despite the fact theres a little bump at the bottom hosting most of the health tracking sensors. The screen is definitely a highlight premium experience with coating that, if not entirely eliminating then at least severely reducing the impact of fingerprints, around 72 screen to body ratio and thats quite an excellent achievement for a smartwatch. You would be surprised by the peak brightness its up to 1000 nits, very close to the peak brightness of modern smartphone flagships. I will cover now. The tech highlights, starting with a 1.75 inches square amoled screen with ultra hd resolution 250 milliamp hour. Battery animated and editable watch faces advanced hr sensor, spo2 tracking, smart sport detection, gps more than 150 workout modes 5 atm waterproofness alexa is a smart assistant for certain reasons, though, and the wonderful zap app for management, all the technical specs are really good and yes, we Can see some notable improvements and i would say the nicest part about the improvements is the performance. Just let me turn the screen on and just notice scrolling how smooth and nice it feels and the overall feeling of using this watch is like you.

You know that thats a premium device but theres something missing something that amazement have decided to remove after generation two, and that would be the speaker because with generation two you can actually make phone calls. And yes, the smartwatch needs to be connected to your phone through bluetooth and its a call which is actually transferred through bluetooth, so its not entirely independent, but still something to give you an example why this could be so important, especially if your hands are sweaty or Dirty and you dont want to make your smartphone dirty, you can just speak and answer the phone call from your wrist and sometimes when youre doing sports youre on the bike. Your phone is in the backpack. You know answering to a call from the watch could be really helpful. This button on the side acts as a home button, but also brings you to the app list. There is no double press action, hopefully something we may get in the future. The press and hold is configurable, the crown is rotating but just physically, and it has no impact on the navigation. Sadly, swipe down – and here are the quick toggles – you would be surprised by their amounts and its nice – that everything is at the same page as you dont have to scroll between screens in order to get the things that youre looking for. I would have used slightly different icon, set though, for example, the find phone feature is not that obvious, and here it is swiping gestures are also available, left and right.

Taking a closer look at the cards reveals how much more capable zepp os has become. Most of the features are well configurable and accessible, even from the card itself, taking the heart rate as an example, it opens the app and you have access to most settings, including the intensity of measuring the more frequent the snaps are the faster the battery is going To drain you will discover a lot of improvements in any software aspect. Spo2 tracking is now automatic. Theres o2 work out detection, smart analysis of most of your health data. There even is a calendar app and task list. So finally, amazefits are making some steps towards enabling you to have your schedule on the watch, something that until now has been an exclusive feature for the so called true smart watches, those based on wear os or tizen os. Of course, there are a bunch of other useful and usual smartwatches apps, like alarms, stopwatch compass barometer, female cycle tracking great for you, dear ladies, and even a camera remote for the first time ever, an amazefit device allows installing of extra apps thats right from the zeb Smartphone app, you will find an option called app store. One of the apps inside sounds like a must have, but its a start gives me the hope that someday there might be an option for navigation similar to google maps. This reminds me to show you the workout section on the gts3 and something i actually did is to program the power button to press and hold and thats opening.

Now the list with the workout and well come back to this list in just a moment. Prior to that, i want to check with you: have you ever heard about gps issues in the amazement gt series, because i have with the msv gtr? There have been a lot of complaints and you can check some facebook groups or reddit forums now its been full of people complaining about the inaccurate gps. I didnt really experience it that much with my gtr1, but with the gtr generation 2. Yes, i did notice some significant issues and thats why ive been very thoroughly testing the gps performance here on the gta s3 and i can say that it performs great its super accurate and its the most accurate gps solution, not only for this amazefit product line. But i would say for this kind of smart wearables, that really is already one of the best gps implementations. Also, the variety of sports is mind blowing. Yes, you can customize the list and, yes, you can adjust most of them in terms of targets, lapse, distance notifications, its all there kudos to amazement for listing all the sports types. I cant recall any other vendor showing such a complete list with all the workout modes. So inside the zepp app loads of data, you can spend hours reading about your health analysis and get recommendations how you could improve your quality of life if you feed the smartwatch with data meaning wearing it, it will pay off by sharing with you, some remarkable insights About sleep stress, blood, oxygen, saturation and pai.

Sometimes this is the kind of boost that all of us need, so that we get our motivation to live a healthier life and also can save you some good money from visiting a culture. Fitness instructor im not saying it can fully replace professional consultants, but it can be a trustworthy source for some more basic advices. The thing i couldnt really try is the alexa feature, couldnt trick the phone about my region, so just showing you, the supported countries listed in the smartphone app Music. Now the things that you cannot do with this watch – and i didnt quite like you – cant – use any navigation while gps is present. There is no app to do that. There is no speaker integration. Therefore, no phone calls there is bluetooth, but you cant add any wireless earbuds, its anyways pointless, since there is no access to the local storage and you cant keep music files on it and no wi fi downloading updates may really take a long time. The update i have to install took around hour and a half in the end. To sum things up, this is a smart watch with very beautiful design very premium feeling and is at the same time lightweight for health tracking perfect for sports almost perfect, since you cannot listen to music while youre doing sports for smart features sought off many of the Apps have become a lot smarter, but since we have no speaker and alexa covers just a few countries, thats a limitation honestly, i dont see this as a worthy upgrade of the gts2 in terms of hardware.

But if youre looking to improve the feeling, because it feels really nicely premium and if youre looking to improve the user experience, that clearly is a lot better. You can see advancement software steps up pretty much. Every aspect settings features the app development. The smartphone app is also a lot better. So i think, in terms of software is really good, but other sections like battery nah, not that good. In fact, the battery inside is a bit smaller than the one that the gtr 3 has and therefore the battery life was not that stellar. While i was testing amazing promise around 10 days and actually with always on display, i was hardly getting full days of usage with everything on, of course, in terms of tracking. But if you disable the always on screen, then you can count on around 10 12. Sometimes, even more, if you dont have too frequent updates on sp02 and heart rate and all the pi features and so on, and so forth, therefore kind of mixed feelings, very beautiful and unfortunately the hardware is not that improved to the previous generation. If there is any improvement at all, but the software, so big steps forward and kudos to the amazefit team for this fantastic development of the software and if they keep up working on the software in in pretty much the same pace. Im very sure that theyre going to catch up with the functionality on smart operating systems like where os maybe tizen os thats, been everything about todays review of the amazfit gts3, and i hope that this thorough inspection and all these examples are just about right.

To give you the chance to make the right buying decision or to get to know more about the world of smart wearables. So if you enjoyed the video, give us a like, not that youtube counts the dislikes. But if you decide that you dislike the video you can at least let me know because im going to see these statistics and if you have some more suggestions, ideas feedback about the device to share. Please comment down below. Thank you so much for being with me today, im michael wish. You a fantastic day going to see you soon.