This is a budget fitness tracker, slash lightweight smartwatch, that sells for around 35 bucks, which makes it super cheap and affordable and, to be honest, weve seen quite a few of these entry level, smart watches. But what makes this one a little bit more interesting is. It has a taller stretched aspect ratio for the display which measures 1.57 inches diagonally. It definitely has inspiration taken from the more well known and expensive honor band 6 and honor watch es that was pretty popular earlier in the year. There is sleep tracking and also three atm for water resistance, which is pretty neat, eight, very basic sports that i can track things like running and jogging, but it doesnt have built in gps. So you have to be connected to your phone. If you want to track your route on a map with a single charge, the watch can last for around 7 days of usage, so pretty good battery, but compared to other budget. Smart watches isnt anything we havent seen before, and you can customize the watch dials as well via the companion, app chargers using this magnetic cable and theres. Also a qr code that you can scan to download the companion app first. Impressions with the smart watch is the build quality is not shabby for only a 35 dollar device. It actually has a aluminum frame. That is wrapping all the way around, so it feels actually pretty sturdy a little bit more hefty and dense than you would expect.

Actually compared to the honor band 6 and the honor watch es these actually have a plastic band, and then we get just the lcd ips display, which offers pretty decent feeling angles. Of course, its not a amoled display or oled like the more expensive, huawei honor watches, but still is pretty good looking, i would say it: doesnt get, maybe the brightest that ive ever seen but decent. If you have a little bit of sunlight hitting on, it still seems to be visible enough and its ever so slightly curved in terms of the glass which makes swiping feel overall, not too shabby and finally, on the very back, we have just the charging contacts along With the optical heart rate sensor, the back panel here is made out of a polycarbonate plastic. Silicone straps can also be removed if you want to replace them and overall it is a pretty slim watch. So, even if you have smaller wrists its not going to feel too large or obtrusive, we can long hold on the main screen here for a few seconds to change between five built in watch faces, and you can also send over additional custom ones from the companion App, but at once the memory can only hold five of these and overall they do look pretty attractive in terms of the options heres, an analog one. That also shows your heart rate and also the battery percentage remaining shows off the overall, pretty vibrant and sharp looking colors fairly well now.

Otherwise, i can swipe down to access some quick shortcuts things like changing the screen. Brightness theres four levels which you have to adjust manually. There is no auto sensor here, theres also a night mode or to not disturb that will prevent any notifications from coming through if youre connected to your phone via bluetooth. It can also tell you things like text messages and social media messages that youve missed by slightly vibrating theres, also the weather, although you arent able to actually view anything in terms of the next day ahead or show you anything else like the highs or the lows Or humidity levels, a very, very basic way that this information is displayed, but at least it is present – and you can also take a look at a stopwatch and quickly launch into this as a quick command. Haptic vibrations here feel decent for a smartwatch, and this model doesnt have a built in microphone, so no calling functions, but you can quickly glance to see some very basic things that you may have missed. Now. I can swipe over on the left here to access a longer list of all the applications. Now we can see that kinetic scrolling is a little bit on the slightly more choppy side, its definitely not the smoothest watch, especially if we compare it with the real um. You know device from honor. We can see that its going to be a lot more responsive in terms of the overall scrolling action, youre able to take a look at things like the aforementioned heart rate, and it will give you a quick map that tells you your measurement throughout the day.

Although for more details, of course, you would have to go over to your phone swipe over from the edge to go back by one page, and you can also take a look at your estimated blood pressure very similar, its taking that using the optical heart rate sensor And you can also start a workout, so here are the eight different kind of sports activities that you can track pretty simple stuff, but this gives you an idea: football basketball, badminton, jump, rope, swimming cycling, running and walking. Now, if you begin an activity, its just going to continuously record your heart rate during the entire session, youll also find a remote control for the music. If youre playing something back in your phone, you can play pause and skip tracks. Although the device itself definitely doesnt. Come with any built in memory of its own, you can also access the functions, then by scrolling to the right, and it will be showing up as different widgets or cards things like number of steps, youve completed out of your daily goal, distance and calories burned again That heart rate information, you can also show sleep data, so sleep tracking is done automatically, but its only going to work precisely at night. So if youre taking a nap lets, say at noon its not going to really track that as sleep, which is similar to other budget smart watches, if you want that really precise sleep tracking throughout the day, then thats something that only the honor watch the amaze fit Watches and apple watches can do still it works decently.

I do find it to be a little bit, sometimes underestimating my sleep. So personally, i didnt find it to over count anything, but in my tests compared to the aforementioned lets, say honor band. I found it to be sometimes tracking 30 minutes less of sleep. Typically, when you first fall asleep, it tends to record a little bit of a later time, but overall good enough in terms of giving you a rough score, the pedometer is actually pretty accurate. I found it to be neck to neck compared to the other smart watches. I tried it with so pretty good. You can shake it and its not going to really count it as an accidental step tuned. Quite well, and then same thing goes with the heart rate. Monitor, thankfully, this one is also not too bad in terms of its accuracy is relatively in line with other modern, smart watches. The fit cloud pro app is a generic one. That also works with other smart watches from this company, and you can simply refresh it by pulling down itll tell you your step count and just a bit more data that you can visualize in a larger charge. Compare it with other stats from during the week and see how things are going to rank here is a quick look at what a heart rate map looks like. It is also tracking that during night, as well under the device settings, youre also able to take a look at your battery percentage set up alarm clocks for it to trigger, and you can also set up other reminders like drinking water.

Sedentary reminder if you want to turn the weather function on or off, raise the wake, so this will allow the screen to turn on whenever youre flicking your wrist and also the elevated heart rate measurement. This is the aforementioned mode, where it can trigger an alert if youve exceeded a certain threshold that you can set. Take selfies using the watch as a remote, and here is the aforementioned dial library, which contains additional watch faces that you can download and push over. So its great to see that there is a variety that you can try out now its by no means going to be the most exhaustive collection compared to other lets, say: android, wear watches, but also not too bad. Considering again, this is only a 35 dollar watch at the end of the day, so thats more or less it as far as our quick hands on review of the more pro h86 again, a ultra budget, smart watch, only 35 bucks and things that i do like About it would be, the build, quality is quite good again, a metal frame and glass make it feel pretty solid and overall, its a decent in terms of the display looks pretty nice and modern. But again this is a very basic smart watch. At the end of the day and shows that budget, smart watches or fitness rockers, i should say, are also getting a little bit better these days in terms of the quality and overall fit and finish so youre interested.

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