One lets inspect so getting the right smart watch and this could be the one and its definitely difficult to make the right choice, especially when there are so many options. But this in particular is supports. Alexa has more than 120 tracked workout modes, inbuild the GPS. At a price which is just a fraction of what you should pay for an Apple Watch, for instance, its called the Amaze fit GTS 4 mini, and the point of this video is to expose all the strengths, but also all the weaknesses, so that we can figure Out, if its a good functional alternative to the famous Apple watch devices, a maze fit gts4 mini is priced at 99, often discounted down to 89, and given the fact it has an inbuilt GPS, it could be the real deal, especially if the performance matches the expectations. Apparently it is a good budget, friendlier alternative to Apple watch and also competes against most other non apple products, with similar shape like the bigger non mini GTS, brother or Huawei, watch fit and similar. It can certainly beat some fitness trackers too, and we know that the much smaller Fitbit devices have even a higher price tag than the so called Mini. Unboxing has been up to amazings highest standards during nice. Looking box some of the specs notable even before we begin, we take the watch out. It looks great amazing call this display immersive its amulet, and we are going to see about the actual performance as specs in a moment.

At the first sight, quite a nice strap with metal theres a button on the side, its not a rotating Crown, though at the bottom we find most of the sensors which, when in contact with your wrist, are going to measure whatever they are supposed to. I would say: gts4 mini feels a lot more expensive than what it actually is in the Box: theres a charging plate and some instructions so thats all if the technical specs are. What you need to know about here are the most important characteristics of the amazefit model. 1.65 inch AMOLED display, with 336 by 384 pixel resolution, with ambient light sensor protected by tempered glass and having anti fingerprint coating theres a 270 milliamp hour battery, which lasts between 7 and 20 days, theres an inbuilt GPS, bio tracker, 3.0 PPG sensor. We have a microphone, Bluetooth, 5.2 support and the app which your smartphone needs to manage. The watch is called Zep, solid, specs that we have just highlighted. In a matter of fact, there are a few key areas which I would love to discuss with you and as a starter, looking at the display, it obviously hasnt always on display mode AMOLED with very good resolution, very nicely visible, even outdoors, and if you place it Side by side with an Apple Watch, it looks almost as good. So apparently, not too many corners have been cut with the display. There are GPS inbuilt in a matter of fact, its gnss integration, meaning that you have access to all the public global Positioning Systems which hopefully is going to contribute to more accurate tracking, and we are going to verify this in a moment.

There is no speaker and you cant listen to music, which is recorded on the watch, because you anyway have no access to the internal storage. There is a microphone, though, meaning that you can talk to the watch, and this is the primary way of communicating with Alexa. I just need to underline that the smart service for Alexa is accessible only in certain regions, but overall, given the spec sheet. I would say this Smartwatch delivers a lot more than what the price suggests and if we compare it to Apple watch, especially when it comes to battery life, this year can last maybe between a week and two weeks, which is a lot better than the Apple alternative. However, if youre looking for a functional replacement, I think we should check the operating system first. This side button is mentioned is not a rotating Crown if it was. That was about to be great, because the digital Crown is among the best solutions for quickly navigating through the menus. Having a single button means that youre limited to only open the app drawer or go back to the home screen by pressing it the rest you can do via swipes and Taps if you see an amazing device for the first time, the navigation across the menus makes Perfect sense and youre going to have similar way of operation among the rest of their wearables, swipe down for quick toggles, swipe up for notifications, swipe left or right to check on the cards theyre so beautifully designed these days, the user interface and the feeling that you Get are really important and are among the easiest ways to see the difference between expensive and budget friendly devices.

Although I think we can agree that aesthetically, it looks as good as an Apple Watch right next to the SE generation 2. It looks no worse. The display has similar characteristics, even the animations are on par with what Apple provides. In fact, I do believe the watch faces are a lot more. They are better and free of charge, at least most of them. Finding a good watch face where Apple watch is usually a serious Challenge, and here, since the main speed have great Community youre, going to find a lot of them with no extra or hidden cost. However, since the zap operating system on this watch is fairly basic, you wont count on the interactions that an Apple Watch face can provide you, cant fine tune parameters like complications or refresh times, but some of these watch faces actually have bunch of configuration options on the Gts4 mini the available apps are easily accessible from the launcher. We start with the health tracking features just notice. How well the heart rate tracking looks. The watch can measure your heart rate. 24. 7. same about sp02, its going to track your sleep cycles and the stress levels. Unlike the non mini Edition, there is no temperature. Sensoring builds Ive, never felt the need for such anyway. We should also pay extra attention to the workout section, because more than 120 different activities can be tracked. This is huge and really puts the Huawei watch 50 Series Under Pressure, especially seeing the option to use a GPS and, while youre doing sports, you can also control music, if only there was some internal storage to keep this music on the watch.

But if this is needed, go ahead and buy the non light Edition, besides health tracking apps youre, going to find search for productivity and Amaze feed have recently enabled access to your smartphones calendar app. So, finally, the Zep operating system handles event notifications in a pretty good way. Also, you could take advantage of the tasks app guess what, although I told you that installation of third party apps is limited, it is, it is not impossible. You can actually use the Zep smartphone app to add some useful functions. The available apps are not that many and not that functional, but still represent a lovely attempt to build an app market different to the Play, Store or App Store. The Zap app has an overall nice interface with rather simplified UI and quick access to most important sections. I love the way sleep tracking is being presented. This watch can track all the important states of the Sleep, including REM, youre, gon na notice. A bunch of details about heart rate tracking as well. I have to underline that besides the details around each and every track, parameter, theres extra analysis with tips, tricks and recommendations, and all that you get for free Sports tracking is also very good. With GPS on youre. Going to see the routes and because I can show you such routes, we can also talk about the GPS accuracy which, luckily, with gds4 mini, is pretty good its clearly better than the predecessors, maybe not perfect, because I can still notice some mistakes by two to three Meters, but if you compare to premium devices from Garmin or chorus youre, not going to notice any significant difference compared to apple watch, it will for sure lock signal much slower but heres a fun fact.

With continuous GPS usage, the gts4 mini can last 21 hours, while the Apple watch, SE generation 2, with regular non gps use, is going to last around 18.. If you need feedback about endurance with typical usage, then we talk about up to 15 days and its going to be twice less, with always on display in battery saving mode. You can go beyond the month. Notifications are also nicely implement. Edit emojis are supported as well. Are there any drawbacks? Well, the lack of a speaker in rotating Crown which are excused by the affordable price now ant plus support no NFC. Therefore, no contactless payments, no internal storage and no Wi Fi, but again price. So putting the Apple watch and this device side by side and if were looking for the best possible integration with iOS the possibility for making contactless payments using a speaker, making phone calls counting on LTE edition and so on and so forth. Its hard to beat the Apple watch, but if it comes to battery life, if it comes to health tracking, especially sleep tracking, because with one day battery life, you cant really track the sleep cycles. If we talk about 30 polish design, lightweight construction and super affordable price, then I would say the GTS 4 mini is an excellent choice and if youre looking to expand the functionality and possibly count on phone calls, although just relay from the smartphone and speaker and access To storage, in order to put some files and listen to music, then maybe you should check the GTS for the non mini Edition.

Im really curious to hear from you. Do you like this new 2022 edition of the mini from the GTS series, or you think its? Nowhere near the Apple watch devices or their functional Android, compatible equivalents. Im really curious to hear about your opinion, and there are so many amazing comments. Ive seen Down there so make sure to check what the others think about this device. As usual, more information about the product ways to support the channel and the big subscribe button are somewhere down below. Thank you very much for watching this episode.