Now, amazing, malaysia just launched the gts4 mini now. This watch here is very cool because it comes with a lot of new features compared to the previous gts2 mini. There is no gts3 mini by the way. If you are wondering the two jumps straight to the four, so a lot of cool new features, better uh kind of functions here as well, but momentum actually retained the same price of rm ‘9 here in malaysia, so very very excited to share this watch here with You guys, because its just a very good value for money kind of smartwatch. Now before i begin its also worth mentioning that the sale of this watch will only start on the 20th. So, if youre in malaysia, you want to get this watch for your friends, your girlfriend, someone else, you know its only rm379 if you buy that on the first three launch days. So all right, thats, just in terms of the price now lets talk about whats. So interesting about this brand new gts4 mini alright. So i have mine here in the moonlight white color, and the good news here is that i actually still have my gts 2 mini now. This watch was actually being worn by my sister, so you know i have a fair good idea of how they actually improve. So lets talk a bit about whats new now. First, things first were going to talk a bit about that design because, although they look very similar, there are actually some small changes here and there to actually make this an even more comfortable watch to wear a misfit is also still focusing on keeping this very lightweight.

So essentially, this is still under 20 grams, guys, its a very, very lightweight smartwatch. The thickness level is also still very slim under 20 millimeters, if im not mistaken, but its a very slim watch here, and if you wear it on your wrist, you will barely even notice it there now whats different here is in terms of the straps, the straps Itself here is still silicon kind of stripes, but if you notice on the buckle itself, it looks a bit different. The way you wear it on is also a little bit more different and its currently a little bit more secure. I would say overall just in terms of comfort levels, the lightweightness, the slimness of this watch is still very comparable to the amazefit 2 gts2 mini all right, so lets see what else is new here now. If you look at the front here, the first and foremost, the main thing youll notice here is that we have a slightly larger display on the gts2 mini. It was 1.55 inches, which was already great, but on the gtx 4 mini. We now have a 1.65 inch amoled display and its just so much easier to see your content. Your notifications, everything looks so much clearer on this display, apart from that, amazing also increased the maximum brightness, so its slightly brighter than the gts2 mini its a very, very good display. Here, i would say even comparable to the bigger brother, the gts, a series kind of smartwatches, so very good display that we are seeing on the gts4 mini now moving on what else is actually new here? Well, we do have one major new feature here and that is in terms of the gps built in now.

You guys, i know you guys out there really love gps and this time around the gts 4 mini comes with gps built in the good news, is ive. Actually tested it out and its actually very quick to log on to gps. So definitely if you are going to be going on, your runs, your walks outdoors and all that and you dont want to carry your phone. You can actually track your position, your location and all that using the gts4 mini itself. Now, since we are talking about gps, i should also mention that, in terms of the sport modes, it does support more than 120 different kind of spot modes. Theres a whole list of crazy kind of activities that you can track in the watch itself, so that is great. But if youre just talking about automatically detecting your kind of sport modes, but it can track up to seven modes automatically. For instance, if you just go on a run, the watch will detect your movements and it will ask you whether you want to start tracking that run very, very cool stuff there. But again, the main point here is all about gps and ive tracked it its actually very accurate here on the gts for me, so kudos to amaze fit for putting that in. Finally, all right so moving on lets talk a little bit more about some other cool stuff here in terms of tracking your health trackers, because health tracking is also very important here again, we are seeing much more improvements to the gts4 mini right now it can do Everything that the main bigger brother gts series can do so, for instance, it has your one touch measurement function which will basically track.

You know your heart rate, your spo2s and all that with just one touch of a button. Apart from that, it is also able to track your heart rate throughout the entire day. It is also able to track your spo2 throughout the entire day again, especially in this kind of a covid kind of era. You know that might actually be useful to you, but regardless its also again worth mentioning that this watch is not a medical device. So if you have any underlying issues, dont forget to check in with your doctor, apart from that, it also tracks your sleeps uh, pretty accurately ive been wearing it to to bed. You know for many nights now and i noticed that it always tried the time that i go to bed quite accurately here on the amaze s1 mini so yeah. Your health tracker is pretty much still covered with the amazing gt, s4 mini all right. So what else is new? Well, we also are seeing a slight bump in terms of battery life on the previous gts2 mini the battery life was already very good. It was able to last more than a week, but for the gts4 mini here you know amaze fit as went even further, with a slightly larger battery. This time i missed it says it can last up to 15 days on normal use, ive been using it for again more than a week almost 10 days now, and i never had any issues with battery life.

It was still holding up under one single charge. So again, it really depends on your kind of usage. If you use your watch a lot, definitely you will see a little bit more battery drainage, but its always good to see you know a larger battery here, so you can definitely go further without charging it all. So often, all right guys so that pretty much sums up my take on the amazing gts4 mini im very positive about this watch here, because at the price of just rm ‘9, i would say that it has the most of the features that is bigger, brother, the Gts line already has not only are we seeing a larger display, we are seeing a larger battery as well. It comes with gps, which is critical for me for any smart watch, and it also supports multiple different kind of sport modes. There so very very happy with the amazing gtx 4 mini alright guys, if you have any further questions, uh feel free to leave a comment down below again dont forget to support the channel by dropping a like and subbing to the channel uh. Thank you so much for watching to the end. I hope to see you guys in the next one stay safe.