So we have the galaxy watch. Five pro versus galaxy watch 5 versus galaxy watch. 4.. Now full specifications is on screen, so pause the video right now, if you want to study the specs for yourself or let the games begin and if you already own the galaxy watch for this, this video will help. You see how it compares to the new top dogs from samsung, so going forward im going to be referring these watches as gw4 gw5 and gw5 pro. So lets begin with the price and im only going to mention the bluetooth model prices, as that is exactly what we have here. The galaxy watch 4 is currently priced 219 pounds or 228 dollars. The galaxy watch. Five is priced 289 pounds or 309 us dollars and the galaxy watch 5. Pro is priced 429 of 499 us dollars. So this is, without a doubt, the most expensive galaxy watch we have seen so far, but also a quick heads up for you guys. Samsung is actually trying to discontinue the gw4 online on their official website. I think theyve realized that people may choose it over the gw5. It will affect the gw5 sales. So if you dont have the gw4 and youre, considering it head over to amazon and grab it while you can, links are in the description box, guys all right so lets move on with this triple threat match now lets talk about build quality. Now the galaxy watch 4 is made from an armor aluminium watch case with gorilla glass dx.

On top now the watch does have quite a minimalistic design and they do feature touch bezels for navigation convenience. Also, this watch is military standard 810g with ip68 and 5 atm certifications. The galaxy watch 5 is also made from armor aluminium, but the glass on top has been upgraded to sapphire crystal glass. Now the watch is also minimalistic in design and it also features the very useful touch bezels for navigation, and this watch is also 810g military standard with ip68 and 5 atm certifications, in fact, side by side. They look exactly the same. Of course: weve got different. Color choices but galaxy watch 4 and galaxy watch 5. Look exactly the same from the buttons. The sensors do look a little bit different. We are going to come to that a little bit later in the video. Now the gw5 pro is actually made from titanium with sapphire glass. On top, you have raised bezels with a unique rugged design and, yes, they did manage to keep the touch sensitive bezels, and this watch also has the certifications for military standard, durability, ip68 and five atm certifications. So if we just have a look at the design of the two generation of watches, galaxy watch 4 and galaxy watch 5 pro, you can see theres a totally different design there raised bezels. It feels a lot thicker as well. So next up, we are talking about the screen quality. Now all three watches have a super amoled display.

They are all 1.4 inches in size and they have the same resolution 450 by 450 and all three support always on display. So next up the dimensions and weight: gw4 is 44 millimeters in diameter, with a 9.8 millimeter thickness and it weighs 53.5 grams. Gw5 is very similar. 43.3 millimeters in diameter, 9.8 millimeter thickness the same thickness as the gw4 and it weighs 54.6 grams. So these two are quite similar in dimensions and weight and the beast from the bunch gw5 pro is 45.4 millimeters in diameter, its slightly thicker at 10.5 millimeters and its slightly heavier at 76.3 grams. Now, on the wrist, all three watches feel comfortable and look pretty good too gw4 and 5 feel very similar on the wrist. They are the same size. They have the same straps everything feels identical, so it doesnt feel any different. They are just as comfortable as each other. The gw5 pro is different. You can see it looks different compared to the other two. It does look slightly bigger, not drastically bigger, because the screen size is the same, but just the bezels will be slightly bigger and it kind of looks like a plate because of those raised bezels and the other two have flat bezels, which were used to seeing in Galaxy watches, that is what you can expect. This is how they look on my wrist. To give you an idea, i have a wrist circumference of seven inches and i have to say all three watches feel good.

Even the buttons on the sides are flat on all watches, so theyre not sticking out the buttons arent sticking out. So these two are light and comfortable, no doubt about that, they feel the same. But even though the gw5 pro is supposed to be a bit heavier um 76 grams compared to 54 grams im, not really feeling the extra weight or size of this watch were just talking about millimeters and grams here, its not drastically heavier or bigger than the other. Two, its a comfortable watch as long as youre, okay, with the raised bezel design, thats, something you do have to get used to okay. So all three watches do have a flat rectangular button on the side and all three watches have their loudspeakers on the left side. Under the side of the bezels, just there now looking at the bottom of the watches, we have our health sensors. So all three watches have an optical heart rate sensor. It can do sp02, ecg blood pressure monitoring. It can monitor your stress, automatic sleep monitoring and it can measure your body, composition or otherwise known as a bia sensor. The gw5 and the gw5 pro also have a temperature sensor. You can see a round circle that is actually an infrared temperature sensor. Now, in some countries this feature has not been implemented, but essentially the sleep coach software found in the new watches well use that temperature sensor to give you advice about your sleep in case you get too hot or cold at night, so the sleep tracking is more Advanced in these two watches, not only can you track your temperature youll be able to do sp02 and it activates the microphone for snow detection.

So if you combine all of those features with the new temperature sensor, youre going to have yourself quite an advanced and unique sleep coach assistant now the galaxy watch 5 and the 5 pro specifically have a new bioactive sensor, which actually controls the three main sensors. Now the physical sensors do look slightly different in all three watches. The galaxy watch 4 has a more flat sensor layout, but the galaxy watch 5 and 5 pro has a more curved or raised sensor layout, all right, so quick comparison of the charges. Now all three charges feature a wireless magnetic charging pad. The difference is the galaxy watch. 4 has a usb a connection, and the charging pad is larger, whereas the gw5 series uses a smaller charging pad, and you can see how small in comparison and also supports type c charging, as opposed to usb a the new gw5 series, also support fast charging, whereas The gw4 does not all right so its time to talk about the battery life and batteries. Gw4 has a 361 milliamp hour battery and you can expect up to two days of battery life. Max gw5 has a 410 milliamp hour battery and will give you 2.5 days max of battery life and the gw5 pro has the largest battery. We have ever seen in a samsung galaxy watch. We have a 590 milliamp hour battery, which will give you a solid three days of battery life. Now these are my own battery experiences using all three watches, with all health tracking monitoring switched on so continuous health tracking and all three watches, always on display off brightness set just below medium and wi fi switch to auto.

So this is the experience i got best battery life is the gw5 pro i kind of wish that the gw5 battery was pushed to at least 500 milliamp hours and that would have felt like an upgrade from the gw4. So, no doubt the gw5 pro offers the best battery life from the three its battery is nearly double in size from the gw4 and all three watches also feature a watch only mode which can last up to 30 days. All right so lets talk about the wrist straps. All three watches have silicon removable straps. You can see all three have quick releases, so you can replace them with your own band and all three watches use 20 millimeter bands ill quickly. Show you what they look like. So we got metal buckle, smooth silicon finish, gw5 has exactly the same. Metal buckle same design, 20 millimeter in size, and the gw5 is slightly different, in fact, its totally different design, but you can see the buckle is kind of like a contraption. So, first of all, you need to just size it up. So i estimate for me its going to be about there because ive already done it. Then you lock that in place right put that on your wrist and then this just becomes a magnetic clasp and it just closes really nicely, and i like that, thats not going anywhere its proper secure in place, um its a strong, magnet and easy to take off.

As well and the best part is, it is removable, so if you get sick of it, you can swap it for any 20 millimeter band. In fact, i could swap this band off right now and put it on this watch and use it. So that was the physical differences. Now lets talk about the specs. All three smart watches are powered by exactly the same chipset ram and storage. So we have the exynos w920 dual core clocked at 1.18 gigahertz with 1.5 gigs of ram and 16 gigabytes of internal storage. All three smart watches also have built in five gigahertz wi fi built in gps, along with nfc payments by samsung or google pay galaxy watch 4 has bluetooth version 5.0 and both gw5s have the newer bluetooth. 5.2. Now all three watches are running the wear, os powered by samsung version 3 or above, and this version of wear os is especially designed with one uis tizen skin on top of wear os. So it gives you that same tizen features combined with wear os, app compatibility and the google play store, google apps, etc. However, they are running different versions of wear os, so the gw4 has wear os 3.2 and the other two have version 3.5 and you can see the one ui version 4.0 on gw4 and the other two have version 4.5. Technically, the oss and menus are super smooth in operation with plenty of customization options. You have the google play store, google maps ability to watch youtube videos plenty of watch faces, supports third party apps, like spotify strava commute thousands of downloadable watch faces and lots lots more.

Now all three watches also feature both google and bixby voice assistance. The bixby comes as standard. You just keep the top button pressed, but if youre on the google assistant, you can download that quite easily from the play store. All three watches also have the same features. So they all support continuous 24 7 heart rate monitoring. You have blood oxygen monitoring. You have automatic sleep monitoring, including recording, multiple sleep events, including daytime naps. They all support automatic workout detection. So if you go for a walk – and you forget to start an exercise, 10 minutes later youll be notified on your watch, that a workout is being tracked and it will let you know what it thinks youre doing, be it cycling, walking or jogging, etc. Now you can also take bluetooth phone calls directly on the watches. You have stress monitoring. All three have plenty of built in workouts to choose from so the same health features and also all three smart watches have super accurate health sensors. The best you can basically get in a smart watch, the galaxy watches are jam packed with health sensors and the gw5s have that extra infrared temperature sensor. Furthermore, all three watches are also water resistant with ip68 and 5 atm certification. So you can go swimming with these. On no problems at all and it can actually track your swimming stats, your strokes, your distance, etc. Now what about android and ios compatibility? Well, all three of these watches support android only they will not pair to an iphone and for full compatibility.

You need to make sure you connect with a samsung phone. Other android phones will work, but they will not support ecg and blood pressure. Monitoring. Everything else works completely fine on non samsung phones, so that was the physical and specs compared but realistically, which watch is better for you in terms of comfort. They all look and feel great. The gw5 pro is a little bit bigger and thicker, and even heavier than the other two. The gw5 and gw4 are more comfortable for my wrist lightweight and slim at only 9.8 millimeters. But all three have a beautiful 1.4 inch super amoled display so three smartwatch compared and after using these watches quite extensively. If i had to choose my favorite from the bunch im picking the galaxy watch 5 pro and that is because of its unique rugged, build quality. The big battery life and the exclusive route and track back feature which i love using so thats my winner first choice: galaxy watch 5 pro. My second choice would actually be galaxy. Watch 4 as its much cheaper and offers the same user experience same specs, same health features as the galaxy watch, 5 minus the temperature sensor and the sapphire glass, the slightly bigger battery wont, make a noticeable difference. So i would personally save my money and grab the gw4, while you still can and samsung is trying to get rid of this theyre trying to discontinue this so first. Second, third, the gw5 just does not offer anything extra in everyday, real time use when compared to the gw4.

If you already have the gw4 – and you want to upgrade, skip this one and upgrade to the pro version that will feel different and it will feel like an upgrade. I know its expensive, but titanium and sapphire are quite expensive materials. So those were my thoughts. Let me know which one you would go for and if you have already bought one or pre ordered one of these watches, then let me know your thoughts. Let me know which one youve gone for and have you changed your mind? It would definitely be nice to hear how you guys are getting on with your smart watches.