Video is going to be kind of vlog uh because i have recently purchased something. This is not going to be an unboxing video stuff. Like that, but yes, i am a big fan of electronics. I mean it’s it’s kind of rare with girls who is a fan of gadgets and all i’m, not crazy about clothes or shoes or makeup, or this that but there’s one thing which i’m crazy about and that’s electronic. So uh. I have been wanting a smart watch from a very, very long time and finally i’ve ordered one or um. So finally, i you know i got my mutual funds which i was investing from. I guess from three years. Yes, since three years i was investing so so i thought why not buy something at this moment of you know, stress and depression, which i’m going through right now. I know in order to pamper myself, so i mean yeah, i i am literally crazy about electronics and i’ll definitely make a vlog in which i’ll cover uh. All the electronic uh stuffs, which i already have uh cameras, uh ipad, uh speakers and um yeah things like that so i’ll, be i mean i mean just flipkart, uh and i’m, going to open the puzzle right now over the video, because i thought i’m still in Depression, but this is something which literally cheers my mood and Applause, so this is from amaze fit guys it’s tough, to explain how much happy i am right now.

This is something which i wanted from, so i mean from such a long time. I’M super happy right now. I know your happiness, which time you’re last correct, but still i mean i mean just i’ll just go with the moment and like i’m i’m feeling very blessed right now i mean this is my voice. My first Music smartphone Music, so i’ll be connecting the watch with my phone and pick app installing it and then i’ll scan this code it’s bearing guys it’s bearing it’s bearing okay, Music okay. So this might take some time because this is updating and this is getting connected and okay and patience. Patience is the key, my child patience. So this is my first smart watch guys and i’m. Super duper happy. I guess, but as long as i’m happy as long as i have electronics with me, i’m like life, is good, so yeah so yeah. If you like this video, i know it’s kind of frustrating and this video is kind of pack out, because obviously i mean it was it wasn’t i wasn’t trying to unbox anything. So it was just you know i was making some other Music. You can go for amazefit, because this is very, very good and reasonable as well. I mean ten thousand twelve thousand when you’re getting uh a watch close to apple, so it’s worth buying it’s worth buying. You can just go for it, and this is amazing, gts. So um you can surf, you can uh, you know, go and research and uh review.

I can guarantee uh. Reviews are very good and obvious Music. Okay, so that was it for this vlog guys.