So let me just tell you that it has a amoled display. Then, if we see its sides and back – and it has made – i think, metallic body for aluminium case – i will tell you in the description. This is plastic. This is plastic. These twos are magnetic magnetic sensors for charging the watch, and these are your other sensors, like spo2, heart rate and stress monitoring. The band is, it is the company fitted band, i don’t put any third second hand band or aftermarket band, and the band quality is pretty good. When you wear it, you feel very comfortable. Sometimes you will not even notice that you are wearing a watch. This watch cost me like 7 000 indian rupees, so we see now. Does it worth it yeah it worth it, because if we see the display it is having amoled display under brightness. If you see it is like very low, if i do high brightness, then you can see how does it looks and just full brightness and full brightness is just so much bright. You can’t even see anything in the camera so yeah. This is the time i am shooting it in the morning. Here is the message which i received from the company of what’s from the airtel, and if we scroll down here is the option of dnd rr display – and here you can just see your other setting watch face. These two are inbuilt and if you want to put any third watch face, you can just go to its application zap and you can download it screen off.

You can select all this after that. We have auto screen off that after how much second, the screen will be get off. I don’t lock the screen because it is not any apple watch or something that did will have your personal data in the watch, preference it will like which shortcut apps you want. I will tell you, which is the shortcut tabs and press and hold it is set for the workout from the company. So i just keep it like this and vibration. I keep it under strong. Medium is pretty good, but i like strong so that i get to know every time here is the watch, time format and then night format you have to just press it. One time it will go back. One step here is a notification, as you can see, when we pull up notification, when we click on it, we can read it. If the notification is in the english, you can read it, but if it’s in the hindi or any other language it can’t read, these are the shortcut apps. Let me just tell you what are the shortcut apps it have? It is the date day, clock power, steps, heart rate, weather, pai, personal activity, intelligence. It will tell you that how much workout you are doing, according to your workout, it give you points. It is like 56 right now. Here is the calories burn here. Is the activity called that how much steps you take? How many times you get up and walk? It is the heart rate as we scroll as you go here and click on here as we go down here, we can see that how much we want.

We want every one minute, every five minutes after 10 minutes after 30 minutes or off like if you turn it off, then your pai will not work and if you turn on the pei, it will automatically the setting of the heart rate go to one minute. So it will check your heart rate each and every minute here is the stress monitor that if you are in any stress it will let you know here, it will tell you like you, are relaxed normal, medium or very high. Sometimes i get very high spo2. It works pretty well, your score always must be more than 90. Here is the pai. As you can see, the pa score is going up and down every detail is still after. That is the weather. It will tell you like the place i live. If you want to visit, you can just contact me, it will show you like six days more rather from your phone. It will pick up with us. It is alexa. What is the time right now, let’s see. Does it work or not? What is the time time in india and this selects the work really slow? Sometimes it does not even work. So if you think that you will buy this and it will work as upper watch or series watch it’s not going to be like that or any samsung watch, then it is music. You can control the volume you can see which song is playing next previous and play and pause, and here is the watch and if you press it one time it will go to your app list.

I will tell you and if you press it press it for a long time it will go to the workout mode. You can also change this in the setting. Here i show you go to settings preference, it is press and hold button here you can select, it will also track your sleep. It track the sleep very well and if – and i will tell like know you that if you get a whatsapp message, it will show you. If you get the facebook message, it will show you the apps, which you applications, which you allow to show you. The notification. In the zap app the notification of those, i will show you in this watch, but it will not show any facebook call instagram call or whatsapp call. It will only show you messages of those applications. This will not show that you are getting calls from whatsapp or any other application. It will show you the call notification of the calls which you getting on your phone like the normal call. It will only show you that call notification and you can just silent the phone or you can cut call or you can do a text. Reply, easy text reply. This is what you can do. It will not show you any facebook call whatsapp, call or message call notification. It will only let you know that there are messages you are getting like. Whatsapp messages, facebook, instagram messages – you will get notification of that messages and if you allow any other application or any other application for this, to get notification like phone pay, paytm or any other application, it will let you know that their notification, which are mostly the offers It will only let you know the normal calls and in which you can just silent the phone or cut the call let’s show them both.

It is the activity called pai heart rate workout, it had 90 90 plus workout mode, so yeah it is pretty good. Here. Is a workout history spo2, after that we see, we have stress, monitoring, breathing cycle trying for the girls breathing. If you have any breathing issues or you do breathing exercise, it is pretty well for you and sleep music, countdown, stop watch, pedometer world clock setting and more. If you go to more, there is compass, camera find my phone alexa weather, and these compass really work. Let me just show you i just swipe down. It will tell the altitude and air pressure. I also have a video of this video of unboxing. The watch not unboxing, but the video of preview, this watch after one month and after one week of views, i will leave the link on those videos in the description.