What is going on awesome, peeps, brett mccleskey here with electrified reviews, and today we are reviewing the amaze fit t rex: gps, smart watch. There is a lot to talk about with this watch so lets dive in the amaze fit t. Rex 2 has a surprisingly affordable msrp of 229 usd and is marketed as a rugged outdoor gps, smart watch with a super bright hd amoled touch screen display that can take a lickin and keep on tickin at least metaphorically speaking, anyways, since theres really no moving parts. The t rex ii is dual band, connects to five satellites for precise positioning can survive extreme temperatures and, according to amaze fit also the grueling demands of military operations. Its also got an impressive battery life of 24 days with standard usage. The t rex 2 is loaded to the bezel with features that place it in the same category as some other big brand gps. Smart watches that cost around a grand. The question, of course, is: can the t rex 2 survive an electrified review? We filmed this review at californias, beautiful folsom lake and placed the t rex 2, in a variety of settings, including electric mountain bike, riding hiking swimming and stand up paddleboarding. So i guess we used about four out of the more than 150 built in sports modes, and then we deliberately subjected this poor smartwatch to some pretty harsh drop tests. So lets talk about some of the specs. First up is the size.

The t rex 2 comes in at 47.1 millimeters wide by 65 millimeters tall, its bulky, and i was initially concerned that this watch was going to be too heavy on my wrist, while doing anything too extreme, but its lighter than it looks at just 66.5 grams and Thats, including the silicone strap, which has some nice stretch to it by the way at this weight, the t rex 2 felt comfortable on my wrist. Even during some jarring electric mountain biking runs again. The battery life on the t, rex 2, is just another impressive feature with a single charge, lasting about 24 days with typical usage and around 45 days, if you put it in power saver mode. Of course, if you plan on using the gps features, the battery life drops significantly ranging anywhere from about a day 26 hours up to a couple of days up to 58 hours depending on the gps mode and look the gps features on the t. Rex 2 are pretty awesome, theres route, import, real time navigation and also direct return navigation, which is particularly useful when one is well lets just say temporarily disoriented, but as groovy as the gps features are, the biometric tracking on this watch is beyond cool a maze. Fifth, bio tracker optical sensor means youve, got 24 hour round the clock, monitoring of your heart rate, your respiratory rate, stress level and your blood oxygen saturation levels. If anything gets too out of whack.

The t rex 2 will alert you but trying to track every single health data point can be a little overwhelming and thats where the pi health system comes in. Pi gives you an at a glance view of all of your health data in the form of a single value score its like a simplified way of just making sure youre hitting all of your health targets when it comes to strength, training, the amaze fit t rex 2 has a plethora of workout templates and workout plans to choose from, and the smart watch is also able to automatically detect your reps. So you dont have to manually input every single rep from every single muscle group every single time. You train its really pretty helpful and while good workouts are important to ones overall, health, so is good sleep. If you are into sleep monitoring, youre going to love the t. Rex, too, the somness care tracks your sleep through all of its stages, and it keeps track of your sleep breathing quality too and again. If something is off its going to give you some suggestions to help improve your sleep habits, but for those of you who want even more data from your t, rex 2, you can check out amaze fits zep app. This app connects to the t rex too, and it provides detailed breakdowns of pretty much every possible data point you can imagine, but the t rex 2 does quite a bit more than monitor health data and track location.

Remember this is a smart watch and theres a lot of cool tricks up the t. Rex two sleeves it can control your camera shutter serve as a flashlight. It can record voice memos. It can find your phone through a series of loud pings theres, a calendar and a to do list theres a stopwatch, theres, an alarm clock honestly theres. So much that the t rex 2 can do that. It would just take too long to list every single little thing and, on top of that amaze fit plans to continually update their app ecosystem to offer even more from this smartwatch right, but back to that torture testing. It survived the paddleboarding, which isnt really a surprise. Since this watch is waterproof up to 330 feet and it also survived the extreme jostling from the electric mountain biking course, it also survived being dropped from waist height, screened down onto rock. Naturally, we had to up the ante, so we got down and dirty with the t rex ii, we threw it into some sand and we rolled it down some rocky embankments and i guess this kind of simulates dropping the watch, maybe while taking it off or perhaps While trying to put it on honestly, though, i just wanted to see what it would take to destroy the display, because when it comes to smart watches, the screen is always going to be a weak spot. The t rex to survive those tests without a scratch.

So it was time to take out the big guns i flipped the watch around. So the screen was on the inside of my wrist and then i simulated slipping while climbing a rocky embankment. The display was marred, but i think the screens on most smart watches would have been shattered. So is this a realistic durability test, not at all does it show that the t rex 2 lives up to its namesake? I think so and honestly it was really fun too. Alright, awesome peeps, that is it for the review of the amaze fit t rex, gps smartwatch. Thank you so much for watching hope. You guys are having a fantastic day. If you enjoyed this video, it would be awesome if you could like comment and subscribe. It would help the channel a lot and yeah thats it.