This is the amaze fit t rex pro let’s take a look at it. Is it amazing, what’s up guys, it’s your boy manny back here again with one more review guys once again before we start the video. Remember, like the video comment down below and subscribe to our channel, follow us on instagram. It would be much appreciated, so you guys can keep up to date with all the content and everything in the world tech, so diving right in guys, amaze fit smartwatch here. It is rugged the one thing that every smartwatch company does nowadays is they make a really good smartwatch, but what happens they get scratched? The glass breaks, no matter what company it is. Now you have a maze, fit a company that’s been around for a while, but we haven’t really heard of them. They’Ve been kind of staying down low, but making really good products. So i found them on instagram and then i went ahead on amazon and purchased this bad boy. I absolutely think it’s super cool it’s, a smart watch but it’s rugged. You can take it out. You can take it in the hills. You can drop it. You can wet it, you can do whatever and it’s gon na take a beating and it’s gon na last and that’s. One thing that i think a lot of companies haven’t done and this company did it and they did it pretty well and they kept it at a really good price and we’re going to talk about that later, but going over the boxes.

As far as like i told you it’s very rugged, it has 15 military standards. Certified it’s got a position: positioning multi, gps system, it’s water resistant to 100 meters built in altimeter and barometer, and the compass as well, which i think is extremely crazy. As far as the screen size is a 1.3 amoled display, touchscreen, of course, so you can interact with it and also use the buttons to interact with it. Blood oxygen. Saturation measurement it’s got a 100 plus sport mode. So, no matter what you’re doing outside it’s going to be able to track it and it has an ultra long battery life. As far as the battery life goes, the battery life is 18 days with regular use. If you use it a little bit more like working out every day and also use it at night for sleep tracking, it says up to nine days, which i still think is really good and i still think it’s beating apple and samsung with their watches. But as far as the watch guys, it looks really good it’s, rugged, it’s nice. It does everything you want a smart watch to do it gives you your notifications, it does it all now. The cool thing about it, like i said, is the whole fact that it’s rugged. I think that just having that with you is amazing, because you’re able to take it out and do whatever you want with it whenever you want with it um and i think that’s awesome it rates, it does your heart rate monitoring.

It does 24 hour. Heart rate monitoring, so no matter if you’re sleeping or awake or whatever you’re doing it’s gon na track your heart rate um it does the sleep quality. So when you wake up in the morning, it’s gon na give you all your sleep analysis, your deep sleep, your rem, sleep, awake, light, sleep it’s, going to give it all to you, which i think is very cool nowadays, i’m, really into the sleep tracking, and i Think that’s really cool that this has it as far as everything that that it has as far as it has what is called a pie pai, which is their way of tracking everything that you do, and it gives you a score and, depending on the score that You get that’s how well you’ve done the day or how you know if you how active you’ve been or how not active you’ve been, which i think is extremely cool – that it does that um, you can take it in the water, 100 meters. That’S awesome. You can scuba dive with it. Do whatever you want with it, i think that’s really cool, but i don’t know guys. I mean i think this is pretty cool. You haven’t seen a lot of companies go ahead and make a smart watch. That actually is this like this rugged, i mean i’ve been looking at rumors of apple, supposedly maybe coming out with a rugged apple watch like a tough apple watch that would be pretty cool to have, i mean apple’s been doing really good with their.

You know activity tracking and the workouts and all that so if they come out with something like that, i’d be pretty cool. But what i think is really crazy about this whole package and all the information i just gave you is that this thing is only i think, 169.. I bought it on for 169 on amazon, and that puts it into conspiracy into comparison when you’re, comparing it versus the oneplus. The oneplus is pretty much the exact same price and we all know we’ve had a little bit of trouble with the oneplus coming in. You know it’s cheap as far as what it is. They just started launching the watch. You know it hasn’t been too good at beginning you couldn’t change from 24 hour to 12 hour format. They just recently had added the always on display this one already comes with an always on display, an actual cool feature that i think other companies should add is that the always on display could and can be scheduled. So you can schedule the always on display to turn on at 9 00 a.m and to turn off at 10 pm when you fall asleep, so that way, when you’re, using it at night and you’re. Turning and tossing, and turning in bed it’s, not bothering you that’s one thing that i can’t do with the oneplus watch. If i have it on at night – and i have the always on display – i have to go in turn it off and then go to bed and i think that’s a hassle and i think it’s, just an extra step that i don’t need.

This is the first watch i’ve seen that actually does that which i think is very, very cool. So when you’re tossing and turning it doesn’t, like you know, wake you up or you look at the watch or like me, i don’t like to know what time it is because then i know what time i have to wake up or how much time i have Left of sleeping to go to work – and i hate that so i think that’s pretty cool and then, when you put it compared to something like the garmin, i also have the garmin fenix six um, i mean it’s. It does a lot more and it’s. More of a super like fitness, outdoor person, crazy watch, but when you put it to something like that, someone might not have the money to spend three four five hundred dollars on a watch like that. So then you put this in a price point where people can spend it and get a lot of the same features now that’s coming to be a little bit competitive, which i think is nice as far as the build quality again i like it, i think it’s, Pretty cool it’s, very lightweight, it looks super rugged, so you think it might be super heavy, but it’s actually like made out of plastic, it looks like it’s metal, but it’s. Not the band is a very soft silicone, very lightweight. You can’t change them. The bands are not interchangeable, so what you get is what you get you can’t change it you can’t change.

Your look. The only downside i will tell you from seeing it right away is that it is a very sporty watch. So you know it’s not elegant. So if you’re gon na go out, if you’re going to dinner, if you’re going to a dinner party, whatever the case may be, it is again a rugged watch, so it’s not elegant, so you might have to wear another watch at that point in time with the Apple watch it’s very stylish, so you can wear it to work out and you can wear it to go out or do whatever you do. It still looks good, so that’s, the only downside i say about it: um i’m definitely gon na have to go, and you know really dive into this and wear this for a long time to kind of see what it does and how good it does and how Good, it compares to let’s, say the oneplus and to the apple watch, but i mean first, look at it just opening it up and putting it on today. I really like it. I think it’s really cool, very easy to put on very lightweight which again that’s surprises me, because looking at it, you automatically think it’s a very heavy watch and it’s, actually not a heavy watch at all um. As far as the touch screen it’s very bright, very detailed super super sharp. So it looks everything looks good if you swipe down from the top.

You get all your little notifications battery. You get your weather, you have your flashlight, you have the vibrating mode, the sound mode. It even does the sound to the app. So you can find your uh. You find your phone, whatever phone you’re using it on it, could be used on android and it also could be used on apple on apple devices, which i think is very cool. If you slide from the bottom, you get kind of like your little widgets. So here you go, you get your activity goals, you get your pi score again, depending on how active you’ve been you’ve, got your weather, your heart rate and your blood saturation, the little gear in the bottom lets. You actually change it, so you can go in there and add whatever you want into that section into those widgets. So whatever you see, if you swipe to the right you’re going to get all your notifications, so your text messages emails. Whatever you add, as a notification. You’Ll see it there, which i think is pretty nice if you swipe to the left here’s, where you’re gon na get all your apps, so you’re gon na be able to slide through select your apps weather alarm. I mean it has pretty much everything that a smart watch has as far as the touch sensitivity and and the feel of it. I think it’s pretty nice, it feels nice, it doesn’t feel glitchy or laggy or like, if you know like, if it’s, like kind of something that you’re not used to it feels very nice.

So i like that about it. I think it’s actually also very cool that it has the buttons on the top right. You have the select bottom right, you have the back button and then on the left side you have the up and down button. So you can also go through the settings and do everything with the buttons which i think is pretty cool. I mean that’s. What an original watch was was having those buttons on the side and having everything there um. So i think it’s pretty cool having that. But again, if you want to just use the touchscreen you can, which i think that’s also something cool, that it has over the garmin um the garmin doesn’t have that you can use a touchscreen but of course the garmin watch i mean the one i have. Has the solar screen, so it charges with the sun. So you know it’s different technologies, but i think that’s, pretty cool and the reason i compare it to a garmin is because it gives you that kind of look. It gives you that rugged garmin, slash casio watch, which i think is pretty cool, but i mean first impressions. I will tell you that i really like it i’d have to go in uh. You know dive in and use it for a couple weeks and see you know how good it is and compared to the other watches, but guys for under 200. You get all of this in a really cool.

You know case. I think this is awesome and i think it’s an awesome buy it’s, not for everyone. It’S, probably gon na, be more for men um, it does come in three colors. You get this black color, you get like a desert gray, and then you get like a blue slate color, which i like that one i should have got in that one, but the black is pretty cool. I like it um, so yeah it’s, not for everyone. I don’t, i don’t, see my wife wearing this um, but if you’re you know, if you’re a guy and you’re semi active you know out and about uh, you know you do cycling running a lot of working out. I think this is a pretty cool watch to have even to have it as an extra watch. I think it’s pretty cool it’s, not too expensive, that you know you’re gon na break the bank, but you can change it. You know change your watch into something pretty neat, so i think this is cool guys. Maybe you should pick one up so that’s a wrap guys that’s all for today’s video amaze fit. I think, it’s amazing. What do you guys think leave your comment down below? Let me know what you think about the watch. Let me know if you want to see it compared to the apple watch, to a garmin to the oneplus watch to a samsung watch. Let me know guys.