I was im always excited to get a smart watch to see if they actually work right, im pleased to say that this one is accurate and does actually work. If youve checked out my most recent review, i did on this particular watch, which ill tell you. I was a little bit skeptical like all right. Is this going to be another generic watch or a different name on it that doesnt work properly? It works right. The other watch i reviewed, didnt didnt track anything accurately uh. This does so again. This is by tronya, and this watch is pretty basic as far as as far as the features you get a ip68 weather resistance or water resistance, you get a fitness tracker which is limited on the different sports it tracks, but attracts the main ones running cycling, swimming Walking it does have basketball football, two of which i think, are kind of useless for most peoples. Fitness journey, i think most people are doing weights is the another one of the downsides. I find with a lot of these watches. Is they dont incorporate any kind of resistance, training or boxing? And i think those are two really not just for me, but i think most people when you think about people working out theyre generally doing stuff either on exercise machines like bicycle ellipticals, um, which i guess is similar to like a hike right. So i guess you could use the hiking setting on a lot of these watches to track uh your calories burn, but they never have anything for weightlifting right for resistance training, so uh.

I hope that thats something that these these uh companies work on down the road and realize that a lot of americans who are buying these kinds of watches do work out in a gym and do hit the weights its very, very popular. So its one thing i wish they had in these, i have not found an affordable, smart watch, yet that has that particular feature, but nonetheless it does track your heart rate. It does track your heart rate accurately on the fly. Itll automatically check your heart rate throughout the day and sync that data with the app and the app is called uh. What is the app called theres, so many different apps? I have my phone here not to make excuses for adding glory fit so um im, not sure if glory fit is used by other companies. I assume so because the name is tronia and the app is glory fit. I assume that youre, probably gon na, have other brands use that app as well kind of like with the smart life app lots of different smart home products. You use the smart life app so most likely thats the case as far as charging on this sucker. Here you have a magnetic charge port on the back. It comes with the wire, but not the adapter uh so thats. The reason they have, that is to get that wet weather resistance or that water resistance im not really 100 sure on what you get for ip68 weather water resistance.

I encourage you to just read about that on google. For me, the most important thing when it comes to water resistance is mainly the occasional quick dunk wash your hands get a little splash being on the boat. You know you know a little wave or a little splash and, of course, being caught out in the rain. That thats really my main concern with weather resistance uh. So you know thats up to you read about it figure out whats going to work best for you. It is a 9.9 thickness, so pretty thin compared to the other ones. That ive seen uh not really a big deal breaker for me, im used to wearing larger watches so thats, not really a big concern and uh. What else? Um sleep monitoring and uh. You have the ability to receive text messages phone calls that kind of stuff. So most these things are pretty pretty similar. Most people who buy these or getting something affordable, not looking to have something thats fully featured, is really going to be interested in tracking your heart rate. The calories burn your steps having the time and, of course, if you get a text message to be able to read it so thats really. I, when i have something like this thats, really my only things that i really focus on um. You can set it to give you your facebook, notifications and your um. You know your your instagram stuff. I dont want this sucker going off every five minutes uh.

So i basically just keep this on text messages. Uh find my phone in my pocket. I get a text itll. Give me a quick vibrate. I can you know, while im driving look at my wrist, real, quick and see who texts me know that i need to pull over. Give him a call, give him a text, dont text and drive for gods. Sakes and what else um you get 30 hours of standby time thats if its just kind of sitting on the nightstand not being used or 30 days. Excuse me, seven to 10 days of use. Ive had it on for two days and about half power right now. So you will need to charge it for a full two hours prior to use. Thats gon na be uh the charging time to get you that full amount of time uh most watches that ive seen. I never really get the full amount of run time that they claim. So i would say realistically, this is probably gon na get you about four days and i know thats probably dependent upon use if youre wearing it 24 hours a day. It really just depends: uh thats been my experience with it um. I like the fact that this watch is actually compatible. Google fit display is pretty straightforward. I have kind of a basic uh kind of hybrid analog digital display on it right now. I got the time got the analog display pretty cool right now, its not showing any heart rate, which is great because some of the other ones ive reviewed, even when you take them off theyre, still giving a reading so either somethings wrong.

With the watch like that or its completely fake, like the last one i reviewed it would give you blood pressure readings. They were completely off heart rate ratings, completely off uh its just a terrible product. This actually for what it does works. Um itll give you the high and then the low heart rate um, and then, of course, it tracks, sleep patterns or your sleep. Excuse me um, and what else your overall status theyll give you your uh the amount that youve walked the amount uh, the amount of steps youve had and the calories that youve burned again take all this uh with a grain of salt. Of course, these are just tools to help you your fitness journey. You know um now i will say that i wore this the other day, while sitting at my desk just typing and its not going to be 100 accurate if you have an office job. So if you are at least with my experience, if youre sitting at a desk typing away working on the computer, i accumulated like 1500 steps sitting at my desk, so thats a little bit of a downside. To this again i will put this to the test and see um. You know if that was just kind of a glitch or whatnot, but i i was disappointed to get the watch. Put it on be sitting on my desk and realize that ive had a whole bunch of steps when i havent, so i think just maybe its just.

This is something thats. They get fooled, not sure, but just the motion of my hand on the mouse uh probably made this thing think that i was walking. So it might be a good idea with any smart watch again depending on who makes it depending on the algorithms and the technology. Is that if you are sitting at your desk and working on a computer and youre not actually walking, it might be a good idea to take it off if you want to try to track that accurately? If you are up and about moving around, i think itll be pretty accurate um for me again text messages, i get a text itll vibrate and i can look at that on the wrist um. What else that and thats really about it? What ive noticed that the heart rate is accurate? The sleep uh pattern or the sleep is accurate, but you know i. I cant guarantee a hundred percent uh when im in deep sleep or light sleep, but based on kind of uh. You know the amount of times i get up to use the bathroom at night or uh. If i wake up a few times it it, it seems somewhat accurate um. Definitely the overall sleep is right. On i mean i got about seven and a half hours sleep. Last night and uh that was uh pretty much. What this says ill go to that section right now. You see here seven hours, 46 minutes um shows light.

Sleep shows the deep sleep uh. The one thing im not happy with on this watch is that the weather uh, for instance, it shows right now – 48 degrees, full sun, high of 28 degrees, low of 48 degrees that doesnt make any sense, so uh theres definitely a glitch when it comes to the Weather on this watch its not going to track, at least for me its not going to accurately give me my weather, my weather right now is a little bit warmer than that, and it is far from sunny so uh. Last night, i found that this things showing weather in the 20s and it was in the 50s so not really sure, where theyre pulling their data from or what might be, the issue there, but thats a little bit disappointing. So if youre gon na buy this uh and youre, you know youre want everything to work perfectly. This may not be the one for you um why its showing weather should be a very simple thing. Uh. The other thing is in the app you cant set your location, its just pulled directly from your phone, so i showed my current town. It showed what the weather was. It just showed in an inaccurate reading of the weather, so uh thats really disappointing. That should be really something very simple nowadays for these companies to figure out um again this company tron, you will be watching this video, so figure it out guys, not sure why uh the weather is showing a completely different uh reading and it doesnt make any sense.

Why the weather is showing the highs being lower than the low? So not sure i dont think ill make a mistake. Maybe i am but please let me know thats really about it. You can control your camera with it. You can control your your smartphone, your uh, the brightness on the display um other than that its its. You know. I always tell people when i review products like this to really read about what the product does. Is. You know listen to what i have to say about it and then click the link in description and read about it directly from the manufacturer. Uh great thing about buying this to amazon is that if you do have a problem with it and you dont like it, you can just send it back within 30 days, so uh download the app. If youre thinking about see this video and youre like hey, i think ill give that one a try, uh download the app check it out. Look it over see, see how you like it uh and if you dont, maybe you wont, buy. If you do, you know give it a try at least youll familiarize yourself with the app it allows you to set your age in there. It is compatible google fit and ill. Tell you that some of the other watches ive had um that say, theyre compatible with google fit are somewhat compatible like they they supposed to track like. I have one smart watch by a pretty reputable company supposed to track sleep and heart rate right, pretty simple: it doesnt, sync, that the sleep pattern or the sleep information with google fit.

Google fits the app. I mainly use uh to track any kind of fitness right. Any kind of calories – or you know, steps and again for me tracking, i feel like a lot of times with smart watches, its kind of peoples uh and i dont want to over generalize. But remember this is a tool um. I people, i think a lot of times focus a little bit too much about oh im, im working out im. I am patting myself in the back. I worked out today because i got my 5 000 steps. You know these are tools and not meant to be 100 accurate. You know, for instance, when i was sitting at my desk moving the mouse around im, getting step readings and thats, not thats, not really accurate. You know so i encourage you if youre gon na get any smart watch uh unless you have one that you decide to buy a different brand or whatever it may be, its super accurate and it can distinguish between mouse movements and actual walking uh great leave it. On but for me, if im gon na be trying to track my steps accurately or how much im moving, i will take this off and only wear this when im actually going to be being physical or im actually going to be walking right or moving around so Which is most of the time, but if youre sitting not doing anything, if you want it to be a little more accurate, i would just take it off um thats really about it.

I, like the fact you have a lot of different options on the face. You can definitely get creative on that. You can make your own face within a face within reason. You put your own picture on it, whatever you want to put on there weather, not accurate, really unfortunate um, but it does sync the sleep data and the heart rate data accurately uh with google fit. So for me, thats really great. I like the product. I think, if youre looking for an affordable, smart watch, i would encourage you to check this brand out ‘.99 with free shipping. You do get 20 off today. I puts you right a little bit over uh. 30. 31. 32. Bucks, i think, is a really reasonable prices. Considering uh some of the other competitors that are supposed to give you like a really affordable, smart watch brands like wise, like the wise fitness band um. I like this better. You have a bigger display and i feel like its just a little bit easier to use. Um and uh, i feel like its just its a little bit more sensitive to your touch. You know so i, like it im pretty happy with it, definitely uh refreshing to get one that works compared to the other one that did not work properly uh, but nonetheless, you know again guys remember the most important part of a fitness journey is getting in there And grinding it out and doing the workout uh, what most important is what youre eating and what youre doing right, how hard youre working out your intensity and uh? No matter what your fitness journey is, whatever your goals are remember, all you have to do is really start it doesnt, really matter.

If, if getting something like this starts, gets you motivated a little bit in order to say you know, im not doing anything. You know when i need to start doing something and you buy one of these items and say im going to track my steps and that caused you to be like. Oh, you know, i have 2 000 steps, whether its super, accurate or not. I have two thousand steps. You know what i wan na. I wan na hit that four thousand that forces you to go out and just take a walk. You know thats important, you know if that smart skill, uh, you know, gives you some motivation to say hey. You know i saw that the pounds are starting to come off. That motivates you to keep going. Then all these are extra tools to help. You right. Remember. Ultimately, the most important thing is: you actually have to do it and remember that theres not a workout routine, not many workout routines in the world that can counteract a poor diet. So uh, you know you can work your ass off. You know, for you know, i train pretty intense and you know i could go for an hour and a half remember an hour and a half thats a lot of work. Considering lets, say: im burning about 500 calories, give or take. You know it doesnt take much to put 500 calories back in my mouth now. It depends on your fitness journey and your goals uh, but you know i always consult, maybe a dietitian or a nutritionist or a personal trainer to help you with you know your diet.

Thats going to be the biggest uh portion of the results, you know because ive seen people work out for years and years and years and uh you know for, for instance, for me right. I worked out for years and i really liked beer and you know beer – was it really hurting any kind of progress you dont even a little beer. You dont really think that its making that big of a difference, but it really is because youre you might youre replacing maybe like i eat a lot more than i ever did when i was drinking beer, so uh. For me, a lot of my calories uh now come from actual food, which it makes a difference in the results you get when training. So uh makes a difference in how you feel every day makes a difference in how how you can perform training, whereas when youre you know again, all these things are are things to help you and ultimately, you just have to to be careful. What youre eating and actually do it and again, if something like this makes you get in the garage and do 10 push ups, you know if it makes you get out and walk around the block, no matter what maybe youre older. Maybe you cant do a lot. You know, maybe you have a disability, whatever the case may be, you can do something and youll feel really good about yourself just doing a little something then nothing so if something like this helps im all for it, so click the link check it out.