First we’re gon na do my garmin legacy hero series. Captain marvel watch i’m gon na give you some brutally honest feedback. There are things i love about it there’s things that i don’t like so much so at the end of the day, i’m. Ultimately, gon na compare this watch to maybe something more traditional like a 4runner 245.. So let’s talk about things that i love about. The watch. First of all, it’s apparent the theme i’ve always loved, marvel comics. I love the movies, the characters, just everything about marvel, and here is the captain marvel watch. They also have captain america. You can also get star wars, themes which include darth, vader and rey, so you have a good selection. Another feature that i really like is you can change the watch face, so i kind of went with this red white and blue one. As long as you go on garment, you download, garmin express on your laptop as soon as you plug in your device. You’Re able to go into settings and modify some of these things. Another thing that i really enjoyed – and this kept me going during the clove at 19 pandemic – is you can earn certain badges for your everyday activities. So some of these like record an activity that is 90 minutes or longer i’m, a long distance runner. So that would be my sunday long run. I could earn the try to keep up badge. They also have the hone your strength, which is recording three strength activities in a week monday through sunday.

So i go to the gym probably five days a week and able to earn that one you get the higher further faster. Just for simply adding captain marvel’s watch to your account, noble warrior hero is one of those garmin holiday badges. You get this one on international women’s day, okay, so let’s plug it in okay. So i have garmin express open and i’m gon na go to my captain. Marvel device it’s going to check for updates. Now the cool thing is, you can add music. You can manage apps on your captain, marvel watch tools and content and, of course, garmin connect. So you have a garmin account, be able to look at your activities on the day to day basis, so the apps are pretty straightforward. These are just the activities that you can do that are already kind of built into your watch, so you can check the weather, that’s cool. I always like to look at that heart rate, your history, health, stats, your activities, so there’s run walk strength, cardio yoga. So many different things you can choose from and yeah i mean it covers everything, pool, swim, golf skiing and back over here is the tools and content. So basically you register it to yourself in your account. So, in order to get those new watch faces, i went to apps and you could scroll down to the very bottom there’s a couple there and honestly i can’t remember if these were already standard and i had them at one point in time or you can just Go to get more apps right here and you can just search for your watch.

Captain marvel and all these different watch faces come up. So you got one two, three, four, five, six, seven eight! You got plenty to choose from more than enough i’m gon na. Take this next part from garmin’s youtube video regarding the captain marvel watch, so one of the things i actually find quite annoying about this watch is say: i’m doing a track. Workout you get notifications for hitting step goals, time, goals, intensity goals and, if you’re in the middle of a session and say you’re, doing repeat 400 meters – and you happen to hit a step goal as you’re crossing the finish line. You cannot stop the watch. It will go through that little display and i’ll show you what they look like right now, but it will not allow you to stop until this animation is complete, climbed intensity minutes and calories for the day, make sure you get your steps in for the day. Every day, when you meet your goal for steps, stairs, climbed intensity, minutes consecutive days and hydration you’ll see exclusive captain marvel animations and you cannot stop those so there’s a lot to like about this watch. I like that you can also get messages so wherever i am as long as i have my phone nearby, i get a text. I get an email i’m going to get notified right on my wrist it’s, going to vibrate a little bit. I really like that. There is a music feature on this watch.

Honestly i’ve never used it. So i can’t tell you anything about that. I think the biggest backdrop for me is those animations that you get when you hit those step goals, intensity goals, daily goals, whatever they are like. I said major inconvenience if you’re doing something like a track workout. So what i found for this watch is it’s, a good, maybe casual everyday run, watch or maybe a gym watch, because i love getting that badge every week for three times going to the gym. So, ultimately, what it comes down to is preference. I have my other watch garmin as well, which is a 4runner 245.. I really love this on the track, so i use my captain marvel watch as much as i can. I’Ll wear it on my long runs because you get the badge for 90 minutes or longer, i’ll, wear it to the gym, so the badges to me are fun and that’s. Why? I use this as my primary watch. This is going to be probably for a serious athlete and track workouts. You don’t want to be interrupted by those cool counters. So one thing i could definitely see is a deterring factor for maybe getting a garmin watch like this is the price point you can go on. Garmin.Com i’ll put the link in the description below so on the garmin website. I actually have it so that’s. What i’m? Looking at right now, i have it up on the website: they’re selling it for 379.

99. I understand that’s very high. You can probably find it on amazon as well. Where did i get mine? Well, mine was a floor model, so it didn’t come in the original box. I purchased it on ebay for 220 dollars, so what’s. The bottom line ultimately i’m satisfied with this watch. The price point could have easily have been a deterring factor, though so i 100 get that if i didn’t find a floor model on ebay, not sure i could have justified that expense, but thankfully i did, and it was around the time we were getting. Those stimulus checks for kova 19, and that was my big purchase because i’m a running nerd after all, so anyways.