Here is ten times hybrid, and here is 50 times digital zoom from the huawei p30 Pro that's, pretty incredible, I would say so. The huawei p30 pro is a great device, but it has a lot more other features besides its powerful camera setup. Let'S. Take a look. This phone is all about design, photography and performance. Let'S talk about a powerful and unique camera. First, if you follow my channel, you probably know how much I love that May 20 Pro and it's a triple camera setup, but but the p30 pro takes one step further. It has four cameras on the back that have plenty of megapixels and technology built in the main sensor. Not only has an impressive amount of megapixels optical image, stabilization and bright aperture lens, but it also brings a lot of innovation. While we calls it a super spectrum sensor which can absorb up to 40 more light than usual as a result, low light image, quality is really impressive, as pictures are really bright. There is plenty of detail and noise levels are kept to a minimum. A dedicated night mode has been also improved, and the image quality is probably the best you can get out of the smartphone really impressive results. Keep in mind that all camera samples, you're going to see in this video are from a phone that runs on an early software built day. Light images also look really good, both with the main and 16 millimeters wide angle lens.

As the photos look, sharp detailed, dynamic ranges on point and colors are pretty accurate. The star of the show, however, is the third sensor that has a periscope lens that provides five times optical ten times hybrid and up to 50 times digital zoom I'm really impressed with the zoom performance. I took quite a few pictures side by side with the Samsung Galaxy S 10, plus it's obvious that the p30 Pro is a hands winner. The zoom lens perform really well even in low light, which I didn't expect to be honest. Last but not least, we have POF or Huawei time of flight camera, which is used to capture depth information. This camera can identify the objects and understand how far away they are in practice. This should result in smoother and more DSLR, like Woking effect and better separation. The first camera samples, indeed look really good selfies taken with a powerful 32 megapixels camera, also looked pretty nice and sharp and selfie portrait images will definitely look great on Instagram selfie video quality also looks pretty good. 4K footage looks really nice and sharp, and the video stabilization works really well. I can see quite a huge improvement over the huawei mate 20 pro check out the five minute camera sample and you'll find all the links and show notes down below the video. Other key features include up to four hundred and nine thousand and six hundred ISO performance, while we also improved the video performance by bringing dual view, video that will let you record the view of two different cameras, for example, wide angle and the main camera sensor at The same time, however, this feature will be available later with a software updates, so far, I'm really impressed with this camera setup, but I'll test.

All the cameras in detail in my upcoming full review so make sure to subscribe to the tech line and turn on notifications. So we don't miss that in the hand, the p30 pro feels really good, it's comfortable to hold and it's fairly light, despite the fact that, as he massive forty two hundred million hours battery that has been performing really well just like on the Huawei may 20 pro, Which has one of the best battery life out there? That means that you should be able to use the p30 pro for more than one day and you'll easily get over eight hours of screen on time, there's also fast, charging that allows you to fully charge the phone in just about one hour. In addition, you get Wireless and reverse wireless charging features, as you may expect. The build quality of the p30 pro is just top notch and the phone looks really nice. Although we've seen this design, we have a metal frame, metal buttons, curved display and a glass backplate. The phone comes in a variety of colors, including breathing, crystal amber sunrise, pearl white, black and aurora. My favorite is probably breathing crystal, but I also like the amber sunrise and Aurora. Tell me in the comment section which color you like the most. While we chose to use the teardrop March designed for the display that I found to be pretty sharp and vibrant, but I wish the panel was a bit brighter for outdoor use.

The phone also uses electromagnetic levitation technology, which means that while we remove the incall speaker instead, the using magnetic suspension system where the sound is manufactured through the vibrations of the screen so far, the call quality has been really good. But I'll talk about that in detail. In my upcoming long term, review other key features include ip68 certification for water and dust resistant improved under the display, fingerprint scanner that so far has been performing really well stereo, speaker system and no headphone jack. Those speakers sound pretty good here's, a quick audio sample. As you may expect from huawei, you get a powerful chipset plenty of RAM and storage. So far the performance has been excellent. The phone feels fast and responsive and, as you may expect from the Kiran 980 chipset gaming performance has been solid. We have the emui 9.1 that has plenty of features, customization options and it works in tandem with AI and dwell and be used to assure the best performance, as usual. Huawei also released a slimmed down version of the phone which comes under the model name of P 30. This vice will be a bit cheaper. It has three cameras instead of four and has his smaller, but also great display one advantage over the p30 pro. This phone still has a headphone jack. On the other hand, other downgrades include IP 54 certification instead of IP 68 lower ISO performance and smaller battery. Despite these downgrades, the p30 ships up to PE pretty good phone, but I'll try to answer the question if this phone is worth the price in my dedicated full review so far, the Huawei P, 30 pro looks quite impressive.

I, like its design, build battery life overall performance and, last but not least, powerful, innovative and versatile camera system that lets you take great pictures, both in a good and poor light using regular, wide angle and zoom lens is just incredible that you can actually zoom in So much on your phone and I simply want to take telephoto pictures of everything. Now I do miss some features, though, for example, there is no 4k at 60fps video recording. Also, you need to live without a headphone jack. Despite that, the p30 pro shapes up to be a very solid phone that i'll test out in detail in my upcoming full review. One thing you have to know this phone won't be cheap, as it will cost about 1000 bucks. So what do you think about the Huawei P? 30 pro in my case I'm, just blown away by this periscope zoom lens it's? Just incredible, you know to get so much zoom from such a tiny camera sensor, it's really useful. While you travelling – and I also like the device because of its build.