and with both of those well. The battery life was far from impressive, leaving last years. Tick watch pro 3 a clear pick for android users in need of a serious battery life, but that is until now mobvoi waited until just a few weeks after fossil and samsungs launch to announce their new battery. Champ, the ticwatch pro 3 ultra with improved health tracking, an even longer battery life backlit secondary display and a custom snapdragon 4100 chip. This smartwatch is not to be taken lightly, so lets take a closer look at the newest contender on androids, honestly, very short list of smartwatches in line for the new weros 3 upgrade Music. Hey everyone. Welcome back to the channel im mike obrien – and this right here is the take watch pro 3 ultra. I know the pro 3 ultra, the name. I thought i was getting pranked. I really had to double check this one. The names are just getting really long and well talk more about the name of this later on in the video and why? I think well many reasons i think its an interesting name. But lets start off with what is new about this watch, because at first glance it looks a lot like the ticwatch pro 3, which we already really liked. They had a great processor on there with the snapdragon 4100, meaning its going to get wear os 3. It had a secondary display, it had good battery life and a lot of things like that.

But looking at whats new on this one well, the first one is related to the processor. We talked about how the ticwatch pro 3 had a 4100, which meant it was getting an upgrade. This one has an even better custom, snapdragon 4100, which in summary means youre getting a slightly faster experience and a better battery life, its essentially like the snapdragon 4100 plus, but it has a secondary co processor to manage the secondary display, which is another big improvement. This year, the secondary display on the front the little lcd screen and well talk more about this in a physical tour, but this is now improved by having a backlight in the past. It was a great way to save the battery, but at night you had to turn on your screen, which meant theres really no point in having that and now with the subtle backlight here, which can actually change. Colors youre able to extend the battery and see this at all times of the day. Additionally, they finally brought back the compass sensor, which is great for tracking outdoor activities, and they now have a three day battery life in smart mode and up to 45 days in essential mode and ill talk more about my experience with the battery life later on. In the video, but on top of that, a couple other subtle things: improved durability with ip68 water resistance, uh and some really big things like long term. Health trends, including fatigue, monitoring, mental health and tracking of irregular, heartbeat or detection of possible afib.

So well talk about all of that later on in this video, but i first want to mention that i keep talking about how this is similar to really a short list of android watches, the other two being the galaxy watch 4 and galaxy watch 4 classic and The fossil gen 6., if youre, an android user, youre, really going to be getting one of these three watches which might make you wonder which of these three is best and while ill talk about some of the differences in this video im actually going to make a Full dedicated comparison, so if you want to see that video definitely go on down and click that subscribe button and the bell icon, so you dont miss that full comparison all right. No, those are the main differences with this watch, but that is by no means the limit of what you need to know when youre considering buying the ticwatch pro 3 ultra. So lets start off right now, with just a physical design. Tour see what this is. Actually, all about starting off in the front, you can see that we have a beautiful 1.4 inch display with full color its a touch screen, its very responsive and thats, hidden behind the secondary display, the lcd display and the lcd is going to show you like the Time your step count the date and some basic stuff like that, if youre on a workout, it can also show you workout information and its really going to act to extend the battery life.

As i mentioned before, the back light on here can change. Colors you choose. Whatever color you want and looking at the outside, i think the black ring the little bezel around there. They did a good job of kind of minimizing that as much as possible and around that, even hiding it with some tick marks. That was a really bad pun. Lets continue on with the right side. Here we have two buttons, they look like they would rotate and they do rotate, but the rotation doesnt actually do anything. These are just regular buttons, theyre, not rotating crowns or anything, and so the buttons you can press them once or press and hold and do different things within the interface on the right side. We also have a microphone and on the left side, we have a speaker which ill test out in just a second, if we flip it over the back, you see our array of health sensors as well as our charging node and the good thing. A really nice quick release for the straps, a very common, strap size, and i mean thats pretty much what you need to know about this. But i want to talk about my first gripe because i really do like this watch overall. But my first complaint ties in with the naming, besides just sounding like a kind of strange name, the pro 3 ultra. I would say that, if youre going to call something a pro ultra like you need to really be the best of the best, i would say that you can even compromise and make it a higher price and make sure you have the best build materials.

Even though this is water resistant has great durability, i would still say that if you want to call it a pro 3 ultra, i would much rather see this made out of a solid aluminum body or a solid like titanium, just any material. That is not just a basic plastic it. It feels a little bit cheaper and i think that maybe they could have called this like the tick watch 4 or the tick watch pro 4, and i think that would have been a much better idea now with that being said, lets actually get into that speaker And microphone test now to see how well they actually perform, tell me a story once upon a time there were people who dreamt of a better world, then they woke up and started to build it. This is why i believe in the power of dreams that was such a dumb story, so this is a sample recording with the onboard microphone of the ticwatch pro 3 ultra leave a comment. Let me know how this sounds to you and i guess, while im here. I might as well mention my experience with the battery on this device, so i knew that last weekend i was traveling up to new york, so i charged the watch up until thursday at about noon and i put it on and then sunday around noon. So, almost exactly 72 hours later the watch was at 15 and granted. This was relatively light use i wasnt tracking any workouts in that time, but i was using it for notifications and my heart rate and and some basic stuff like that.

So it was absolutely an impressive battery. Now inside this watch i mentioned we have a custom snapdragon 4100, which is which is great. We also have bluetooth. We have wi fi, we have nfc, we have five different connections to satellites, so gps and glonass, and things like that. We also have blood oxygen on the back. Weve got heart rate, sensing, pedometer and all types of things like that. So really thats great information yeah, but lets see how accurate it actually was with gps and heart rate after my workout testing. So to track my workouts, i figured id use the native tick exercise app and you can see. I ran just over four miles in 35 minutes, so its about an 8 30 pace for an average, the heart rate weirdly enough uh was accurate. While i was doing it, it seemed accurate ish, but its not showing much of a graph right there, which i think is interesting. Then, when you go down here, the pace is all screwed up. So i think this is really just the way its reading it because it did track correctly. I believe, like it, had the right distance. It had the right time uh, just the math here, which is completely wrong, and you can see like step frequency step. Length was all over the place. But when you go down to my lap records uh, those are actually relatively accurate is about you know those average out to about an 8 30 pace and then looking at the the graph right here, the gps again seemed reasonably accurate.

The overall distance was right. I cant actually zoom in and see how far off the the true mean it actually was. So while it seems to me that this device is capable of being accurate, with heart rate and with gps, this software is without a doubt, whats holding it back and making it far less usable than i would like, and there are some pretty notable features with this Watch as well, the first one being the long term, health tracking which full disclosure ill show you what it looks like, but ive only been wearing this watch for about seven days and in those seven days i forgot to enable it until yesterday, so you actually have To go into labs to enable that – and it kind of walks you through that, but i just didnt think to check there. So i didnt enable that which means i dont have any long term data to really show you. But i can show you what it kind of looks like after just one day of tracking that if you go over to the tick health app and you just check it out – you open the app up. You can see that it gives you a lot of pretty useful information. Itll give you like a mental fatigue rating which does kind of update day by day or really continuous throughout the day. So i found that that was already pretty accurate and the overall energy level. As well so im assuming thats relatively similar, or at least from my experience, is similar to garmins body battery the longer you use it, the more it learns from what you do, how you burn calories and it can estimate how youre essentially doing based on your heart Rate and things like that – and this could be great – you might think i mean – as always, i say this – you might think that like oh, why would i want the body battery? Why would i want an index for my health? Well, it makes it very easy to identify when you might be coming down with a cold when youre over stressed when youre not sleeping enough.

When you need to adjust your diet, like all types of subtle things, you might notice that if the number is lower than it should be, you might want to start looking around and seeing like. Maybe something was slipping through the cracks and and your health was not. Where you thought it was, and so thats at least where i found it to be helpful other than that there are some longer term things that i assume will show up, and i will share this on twitter. If you guys want to see my update with the long term health tracking, depending on when youre watching this video you can head on over to my twitter ill, put a link to it like right there and ill share any updates. I have, as i continue to use this some other notable features that i think are really interesting right now. This definitely works with an iphone im, not sure exactly how thats going to work when wear os 3 comes out, because this is slated to get wear os 3. Whenever it comes out, maybe march april may sometime in early 2022. It should get that so at least for now it does work with iphones. You also, of course, have offline spotify, which means, if you want to go for a run. You can connect your bluetooth earbuds to the watch and play music from spotify. While your phone is in your car or at home, this does have lift to wake and it works with the lcd meaning when you lift it.

The back light comes on, even if its light out – and i think that is pretty useful, so you can always see what time it is, and the other thing i want to mention is that this is running warehouse too, and i know some people view that, as A drawback personally, i think, wear os 2 is still a pretty solid operating system. Its still running very smoothly, especially with this chip and im, excited to see what it looks like when it finally gets warehouse. Three, so am i going to call that a drawback, not necessarily because warehouse 2, like i said, is still solid and its coming to warehouse 3 soon. But if youre looking at this compared to the galaxy watch 3, which already has wear os 3, that could be a little bit of a drawback there, much like the ticwatch pro 3. When you open up the app drawer youll see. Not only does it look a little bit different, but it also has a lot of apps from tick, which is the obviously brand that made this watch, and so youve got things like tick health, which is where you see those long term trends. Youve got tics tick exercise take pulse, which is obviously your heart rate. Youve got one for sleep for blood oxygen for meditation and breathing. Uh youve got one for hearing which is going to let you know if youre, in an environment that might be damaging to your ears, you also have to care and things among, like many others throughout this watch.

A compass like i said, is a new one on here and, of course, you can switch into essential mode, so theres definitely no shortage of apps coming with this device. I think a lot of them are very functional. There are, if you dont like them. Of course, you can go into the uh, the google play store and find strava or really whatever else you want now, as far as price goes thats, a huge positive with this one, its selling for just 299 and youre getting all these features on here, admittedly, like I said i wish they had a higher price and more premium materials. I mean not that i want to pay more for a watch, but if it costs more money to make a more premium watch then im all for it. If youre gon na call it the pro ultra, i think that would be the move to do, but i think really. Essentially, the motive of this watch is to stretch the battery life as long as possible, while still giving you the smoothest, fastest, wear os experience, its kind of intended to be like a flagship killer, and when you make a flagship killer, you have to compromise on some Things so they have durability, they have water resistance, they have a fantastic interior for this watch, great operating system, great new features and the compromises they really made were the build materials being more plasticky, which means that it doesnt look quite as good as some other watches And the health tracking was not quite as cutting edge as something like samsung, but other than that.

I think that this watch is really a fantastic, buy. Anyone who has an android and wants one of the best wearous watches you can get the take watch pro 3. Ultra is absolutely going to be in the conversation, but you can leave a comment below what do you think about this one versus the fossil gen 6 versus the tick or versus the galaxy watch. 4.. I think, in summary, the galaxy watch 4 is going to be more health focused right and i think the fossil gen 6 is more aesthetic, but this one is going to be for anyone, whos functional, really looking for the best battery life. The smoothest experience technically speaking, this is a really good watch, so let me know you think of it.