So lets do a deep dive into the changes and take a look at the brand new amaze fit gtr 3, which i happen to have had in the studio for a little, while already welcome back to another episode of steves reviews. Music, ive, always loved amazebit, watches and ive, been a real advocate for not just the value and quality that they offer, but also the massive amount of variety of styles you can get. But the question is: does the new gtr3 hit the spot for me and to answer that question? Let us first take a closer look at this new device. This is the amazement gtr3, along with the new dynamic faces on the amoled display. The redesigned silhouette is rather curvy. The rear is the same featuring amazement, biotracker, 3 tech to measure everything from heart rate to blood oxygen levels, and all of this is waterproof to a depth of 50 meters. Perhaps the crowning change to the form factor is the new digital crown to navigate menus in a tactical and physical way, giving feedback through the in built haptic motor with this battery life at 21 days. This on paper is quite the powerhouse but theres something very big. Holding it back so on the surface, the design has had a massive overhaul, and i must say that i really really like it: the color, the style, the size, its without a doubt, a wonderfully designed product and the addition of the new digital crown which weve seen In plenty of different other smart watches is a really welcome touch too, and it allows you to scroll through all of the menu systems and notifications and messages without having to wipe your greasy fingers all over the display.

Talking about the screen, the spec of the gtr 3 is almost identical to the gtr 2 when it comes to the screen, with the same ppi and being amoled. Now this isnt necessarily a bad thing. The screen was, and still is, a really strong part of the lineup and its even extremely readable in sunlight, as well being a thousand nits. Now it also has this time a higher refresh rate and the software can run at a consistent 60 frames per second making. The screen super nice in this iteration, but talking about the software. This is perhaps the most perplexing part of the gtr3 now theres, a huge mention and big push to suggest that theres a new operating system running on the watch, and whilst this may be true, the odd thing is, it feels and looks identical to the previous models. Ive tested from the gt2 lineup, there might be a few very minor changes to some of the graphical elements, but these are so miniscule that it feels hardly relevant to draw even a small amount of attention to it. This in itself is a little bit disappointing, as i guess i was hoping for a little bit more from amazement, this time and theres a good reason. Why which ill explain towards the end of this episode so do stay tuned and well discuss that in a minute, but theres. Something, however, worth pointing out here about this new os, and it could be a small taster of some of the great things to come and thats the in the companion app on the phone.

There is now a zep os app store. Now this could be extremely promising. As it allows them to add additional optional functionality through applications at a later date and theres, already a small selection on there, such as a calculator or drinks reminder, but more importantly, it could also allow third party apps to be installed on the watch, which would be An incredible step forward for amazefit devices, but theres always a, but i do have some reservations about this, and most of that comes from the apprehension that app developers just will not spend their time actually making apps. Even some of the biggest wearable operating systems available. Have an embarrassing lack of support from developers. So what would the incentive be for them to spend time developing for zep os on one hand, im genuinely excited for the prospects on the other im a little bit concerned, but only time will tell whether or not this functionality is a great or a pointless. Addition. Now put in my thoughts to one side about this supposed new operating system, the core functionality is still rock solid and, in my eyes, perhaps even unmatched in the health tracking abilities. Everything the watch can track can be viewed on the front page of the companion app and by tapping on any of the measurements. Usually it gives you some more detail and sometimes recommendations on how to improve that particular measurement like, for example, in the sleep section, it will make small suggestions to help you sleep better at night, although the only thing that will help me better sleep at night is Finding the off switch on my eight month old baby, there is one other functionality on the watches os that pairs up quite nicely with the home view of your health, stats and thats.

The ability to do something called one tap measurement clicking on this will automatically take a reading for your heart rate. Your stress level, your blood oxygen and breathing rate over a 45 second period, and i actually really like this because in the past, youd have to manually measure each market individually, which was a bit of a pain in the ass, but whats. Also interesting here is that once the readings are finished, and you view it on the watch, you can then click view in mobile app and it will actually control your phone to open up that page within the app, which is, i guess, quite a nifty little feature. If a bit unnecessary, but they also seem to have updated the amazon alexa integration as well, which appears to be more stable and quicker than ever before, which is a huge welcome to those with smart homes and smart home enthusiasts out. There turn off stag lamp, although, unlike the gtr 2, the 3 doesnt have a speaker, meaning you wont, get any audio feedback, and it also means that you arent able to make any bluetooth calls on the watch. This feature will be limited to the pro version. Only – and here is where i have a bit of a b in my bonnet about the new gt3 range, it seems like amazebit, have dropped the cheaper e range in favor of a naming system that follows the pro and normal conventions bringing out this time.

The gtr3 and the gtr3 pro feature wise. The standard, gtr 3 runs a very similar feature, experience to the watered down gtr2e and the pro runs a feature set similar to that of the old standard. Gtr2 such as the onboard speaker and internal storage for music and theyve been a little bit clever here, and this might go under the radar for a lot of people, but the gtr 2 e rings, which would be the cheaper of the two previous gen dcr2 devices, Sits an rrp of 119 pounds now that means that, with the gtr 3 being a similar feature set to the gtr2e, i would expect the price to be similar. However, by dropping the e and naming this the standard model, the price has increased to 149 pounds, which is roughly the same rrp as that of the standard gtr 2 ad on release, except the 3, has less features like the 2e. Did theyve then taken what i would have considered the standard version in the naming system of the old style and slapped the word pro onto the end of the name and then slapped a much higher price tag onto it at 179 pounds and in so doing, have Managed to subversely increase the price of the gtr range of watches by about 30 pounds from the previous generation. If all of that made sense, the thing is, although 149 pounds isnt too expensive. Some of the pretty decent features on this watch im going to be completely honest here and say that this year and for that price coming round to the point i made earlier, i expected more in the past, you paid a lot less for amazement devices and thats, Largely because of the simplified nature of the watch, no lfc, no rich notifications, no bells and whistles and theres all sorts of cutbacks, such as no app logos for the majority of notifications, which just shows the word app.

But the point is i loved that about amazebit. It was a cheaper watch for a simpler experience, but over time and over each generation the prices continue to get more and more and more, whilst the competitive devices from other manufacturers, some of which can do a lot more, are getting cheaper and cheaper and amaze me. I havent really added much to warrant this increase in price, in my opinion, to make it competitive 179 pounds for the gtr 3 pro puts it in the same price of a tick watch e3, a device that, although might not have as comprehensive fitness tracking or an Oled display runs, wear os, giving it far greater functionality and also working with google pay for nfc payments. Hell even the apple watch series 3, a device that ive strangely never even mentioned before on the channel, but none of you have ever questioned. Why? But theres, a very good reason, which youll find out soon is only 179 pounds. Yes, its an older device, but its still significantly more feature rich than the gtr3 pro undeniably now ignoring the pro version at that steeper price is the standard version of the gtr3, a good device, and is it worth 149 pounds in a nutshell? Yes, but only just to elaborate a little bit further. The only real pull for me now would be the really really strong fitness tracking capabilities. I mean theres over 130 different workouts that you can track through the watch and i love the pi system, which is the global standard that amazement used to tailor health recommendations, its fantastic.

But this is kind of it sure the new watches are a little bit snappier and look a little bit nicer than the previous gen. But really the price increase leaves a bit of a sour taste in the mouth and the new zeppo s. Well, it may be that this will eventually allow for greater functionality, but at the moment only feels like an iterative change would amazement, benefit from adopting something like wear os in more expensive options like the gtr3 pro, for example. I think so, and i think there could be a really groundbreaking partnership here with amazemix fantastic and diverse lineup paired with a more powerful os like wear os. I think would make for a far better experience and much more sense than what the current state of affairs is. So, in conclusion, as much as i love the new styling and some of the smaller changes for the gtr 3, i expected a little bit more from this one, and that concludes my thoughts on the gtr 3. guys, if you found my opinion helpful at all, dont Forget to hit that thumbs up, subscribe and notification bell, because itll help me out itll help. You see more student reviews and i want to know what you think of the gtr3.