s politicians are using animal crossing as a place to hold rallies and as a place to collect votes, and it just doesn’t sit well with me. Joe biden sets up his own animal crossing island for the presidential campaign. The american election for present is well underway and democratic nominee. Joe biden has an unusual tactic. He’Ll be premiering. An animal crossing new horizon save file called the biden island on friday for the kind of funny games twitch channel. It is not entirely clear what the biden island consists of exactly did joe biden himself carefully craft this island with the terraforming tools, or did a young millennial on his campaign. Take the reins: millennials are no longer the youngest adult generation. By the way, we have gen z that this year have turned 20., just just you know in case in case you wanted to know what villagers did he recruit is biden more raymond or pietro? Does biden island have a fully upgraded nook, store and museum? I honestly don’t give a because this is all cringy as all this is not what you do. This comes up as hey fellow kids. Look at me exercising that hobby that you like. I am pretty sure that people his age, mostly not all most don’t, even know what a nintendo switch is what animal crossing is because they don’t play video game. I i don’t think that he plays video games. I don’t think that trump plays video games and i don’t think that video games are a place for your rallies.

You can’t do rallies in the field because you don’t want to spread rona virus or something fair. You can still do them online. You can do them on streaming platforms, not in games, please it’s it’s, so jarring it’s, actually about the same level of jarring as it would be. If you entered a movie um in in cinema, you want to see a movie in a cinema and in the middle of the movie, a presidential candidate has decided to make a cameo in it and tell you that you should vote for him. I am sorry this is my entertainment time, not me engaging in real world politics time, entertainment time it is okay. If i choose to engage world politics during me, entertainment time, i tend to do that on separate platforms meant for that, such as political videos, political streams, politics, stop. I don’t, i don’t turn on a video game. I don’t turn on a movie and i do not read a fiction based novel in order to see vote for x, sprawled out in the middle of it it’s just it’s it’s a bad thing to do it’s a fairly bad campaign. I don’t see anything positive in doing something like this. You can probably board a line pass with something like this in a game: that’s not really a game like that’s, more about just weirdos socialization place like second life. One thing that was the game: try to encourage everybody to create their own custom little worlds, including worlds that serve businesses by letting them do online meetings, while still having an avatar that they can control to express basic emotions.

Yeah. There are a lot of social games that all point of them just have an avatar to run around. I would i would consider animal crossing to be a casual game, but i would not consider it to be a one of them experiences that don’t really constitute same game anymore, it’s, it’s, really a social experience. If you ask me that that would have been borderline, if you like, did content for that, when you do content for something that is a game game in order to encourage people to have a political stance and to vote for your party very jarring for me and It comes off honestly, frankly as gross it just i don’t know why, but the emotion that i get from it is gross. Ah so that’s about it. I am not in america, i can’t escape american politics, despite the fact that i’m, not in america. I find this to be kind of problematic. Honestly i mean being in england, have the shits that’s happening with lithuanian train and stuff, not get reported. I hear it from my parents or i read it on lithuanian news news sites, but american politics: oh they they just. They they decide to welcome themselves into our entertainment, so that get to know, despite the fact that i really don’t quite do i. No, so please stop maybe but hey if any of you hold a different opinion free to share it. In the comment section down below.

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