The major hurricane bearing down now on the u.s making landfall this evening, hurricane delta, winds up to 100 miles per hour. This is the 10th named storm to hit the u.s. This season alone, that’s an all time record, the fourth to slam into louisiana this year. They are very worried about a dangerous storm surge in the coming hours and ahead of this storm, the urgent rush to safer ground, causing traffic jams on the roads out of lake charles, the route to houston, two and a half hours, or so taking at least 10 Hours for some, the lake charles hospital, evacuating, its smallest patients from the neonatal intensive care unit. The hurricane’s outer bands late today already threatening the blue tarps that cover homes already damaged weeks ago by hurricane, laura, fierce winds and giant waves as the hurricane moves in flooding already tonight, an anxious night ahead for millions, ginger z, rob marciano both live from louisiana tonight. We’Re going to begin with rob in lake charles, where rob you told us last night, so many of the homes with roofs torn up already and families hoping the second blow doesn’t, do them in completely so tough david it’s hard to believe that it’s happening again. Another hurricane hitting the u.s a second one here in lake charles those big trucks. You see behind me they’re recovery and utility vehicles that have been working here for weeks, trying to put this town back together and now hurricane delta’s eye is coming ashore and southwest louisiana is getting slammed again tonight.

Hurricane delta is making a record breaking landfall in southwest louisiana pounding waves and howling winds up to 11 feet of storm surge in spots. This is a big storm. We’Ve got winds of 115 miles per hour. Lake charles took a direct hit from category 4 hurricane laura. Just six weeks ago, one of the most powerful storms to ever hit the u.s many homes still covered in blue tarps, as families rebuild debris still piled up in neighborhoods. The winds are picking up now here in lake charleston, with these debris piles all over the city. They’Re filled with razor sharp aluminum wood with rusty nails that, with that eyewall coming through, could all be airborne at this time. Everyone in the storm’s path really needs to be focused on sheltering in place. Thousands of lake, charles families, clogging evacuation routes ahead of delta. A two and a half hour trip to houston, reportedly taking ten hours praying today for these little babies. I pray for life. Lord, this hospital evacuating babies from their intensive care unit. Doctors and nurses praying for their safe return, pray for louisiana and all those on the gulf coast. Over a hundred shelter dogs, airlifted out of the storm zone, delta’s effects felt from louisiana all the way to texas tonight, a hurricane’s landfall making history of the 10th named storm to hit the u.s in a single season. All right so let’s get right back to rob because i know you’re getting hammered.

This is really worsened and quickly in just the last hour, yeah we’re, getting about to get the eyewall and it’s full force david. You know the last two hurricanes, big ones that came through here. They came in the middle of the night, which is always scarier this one coming mostly during the day, but the sheriff’s saying today, not necessarily good. His guys have to wait until the winds die down. That won’t happen until midnight, so first responders will have to going out in more dangerous conditions to anyone that may need their help. Gon na be a long night david, it is gon na be a long night ahead, rob stay safe with the crew. The debris is the real concern because of that last hurricane, just weeks ago, let’s get right to ginger z in lafayette. Louisiana she’s got the new track and the timing she’s also getting the heavy rain bands right now ginger. What are we expecting as we head into the night david? We are on that north northeast side of the eye wall, a very ragged eye wall of this storm that will make landfall at any moment. I want to take you right to the maps there. You can see some of the wind gusts have been close to 50 here, i think now, even more, but even in lake charles port, arthur we’re closing in on 70.. I think we’ll end up with some of the gusts close to 80, but as this week’s landfall will keep falling apart, but it will keep pushing water we’ve already seen up to seven feet of storm surge that storm surge in the seven to eleven foot range.

Vermillion bay, that is going to be devastating we’ll also end up. Seeing this storm continue to move north, we could see hurricane force gusts up to even alexandria. So i want to time this out for you, because overnight it’s going to move fast right, we’ve got a north to northeast movement at 14 miles per hour, it’s going to even kick faster than that look at greenville by 9 a.m. Tomorrow morning way into mississippi you’re feeling some of those tropical storm force winds, even for gusts now, five to ten inches of rain. On top of the three or four you’ve already had it’s not going to be about the rain. This will be about the surge and obviously the wind that we are just getting into david thinking about all those families tonight and our incredible weather, team, ginger, z and rob marciano are thanks to you both and to the teams on the ground with hi.