Outdoors it's got this great layout at the top. That gives you control of a lot of different things on two different screens. You'Ve got a calendar in it, and you've got your current temperature and forecast in your local area when you swipe this way, you get all of your fitness stuff, including indoor outdoor, runs, writing climbing mountain marathon and and a recording of all of your previous activities. You can see right here on the watch and transfer to the app as well. When you come over this way. Wow you got it all. You'Ve got heart rate and blood pressure and pedometer information, those different sports modes overall settings we've gotten. I want to show you this one relax where you can go into a timed breathing exercise that when you get quiet, take a deep breath, let it count down and begin inhaling and exhaling. Along with your watch, you can go into breath training and a lot more information related to this available as well that's in here all your standard, stuff of alarms, sedentary reminders. Altitude is in it, barometric pressure and a compass you've got tools for count up and count down. I mean just goes on and on and on lots of different watch faces available and all of the information related to your last fitness session is in here as well. Touch and hold switch to any watch face.