We are gon na unbox and it's gon na show you something. That'S really uh very interesting. It'S in the high end category great attention to detail a lot of the higher end components like Gorilla, Glass, stuff, like that and it's called the m5 and it's coming to us from a brand new partner that is breaking into the Amazon world. You know most of the time we have to buy overseas through one of the big distributors or Aliexpress, but this one is on Amazon right now and I'm going to show you the m5 here in just a minute. Once we talk about it, the actual company name on this one is a n mi n, oh and me no and me no Smart Watch there's a little picture of it, and this is from the Amazon page. Just the extract of the information that counts it's running up here about 59, we could get you a discount coupon. I hope that you couldn't apply just check the show notes down below and all that little print right. There is blown up here, so you can read about it. It'S got well let's, just start in a 1.3 inch touchscreen with Corning Gorilla Glass like I was talking about and it's got a really nice skin, sensitive silicone, strap, which you'll see and with quick release design. So you can definitely take it off and change it out. As far as GPS goes now, it's using the most advanced chip with GPS plus GLONASS plus buy down pretty much.

You can get your tracking anywhere in the world. Multi sport mode with indoor outdoor cycling, climbing even marathon, is supported with this one it's also got a compass altitude barometer. Are you starting to see why I'm bringing this one in for you it's a really nice watch? Not only does it have all of the sporting kind of stuff, but it does well in the heart health area as well. We have dynamic heart rate and blood pressure using a special low power, infrared body, sensing processor, that gives it the opportunity to measure everything. Seven days a week 24 hours a day and it includes breath training, so you have a breathing training function with scientific guidance of your breath. Rhythms to help you relax and unstress yeah yeah show it to us. Mr. Teague's no I'm gon na make you listen a little bit longer. Okay, automatically monitoring your sleep stuff that's in here and give you the opportunity to understand your physical condition a lot better. Then you switch hats to the tethering and you can get call and app notifications pushed right to it as well, with the tethering app that you'll set up and you've got the alarm, clock and timer and smart stopwatch and weather and calendar it's, almost like an Android Watching everything that it can do on top of that and this I found really impressive there pretty much of serious about a one to two year, warranty with good after sales service they're, actually putting that in writing – and I know you haven't had that some of you Have had watch issues, so you may be picking up a little bit of extra insurance that you've got a good device that will be well supported in the future if you buy this one, especially through Amazon right.

So overall specs are here: it's an ip67 waterproof device. Stylish, what can I say – 256 color touchscreen, oh, by the way, the screen it's really bright, it's bright, you can work with it outdoors and easily see it, which is another important factor, especially for health, fitness and outdoor activities. Okay, the Ann Meno SmartWatch m5 comes with a charging dock. This is the only thing I wish. I would have seen differently I'm, not a big fan of docks, especially these days when almost everything is either you pull off the the arm of the watch and plug it rec right into USB, or it has a little 4 pin connector kind of a thing. Well, this watch actually does let's look at that. It actually has the connectors where you would expect to put a regular wire on it with a magnetic connection right, but instead it comes with a clothespin that the pins are in here and they're in an arc. Okay, that matches that, but folks I got to tell you even though it's got the recessed segments here that should fall nicely into that. I have had a heck of a time getting it to align properly. Now it looks like I lucked out there, but if it's slightly tilted one way or another, it just doesn't connect, so you got to plug this in. You got a clip this on and you got a wiggle it until you see the screen. You know flash the battery thing on it make sure you take the time to do that, to get it right.

Redesign of this. I would really like to see this one with a magnetic cup of wire that would attach to it being that it's removable bands you're not going to get the USB in the band like you do on fitness bands, but definitely could improve on this a bit. But that's the only drawback other than that it's, a great watch as you're gon na see here in a moment, it's got this little cover on it. We'Ll take that off, and that reveals the watch. Oh got a little sticky on it. There we go and a Quick Start manual, so let's give you the look at the manual right off the bat. It shows you, the the QR code that you're going to scan and download in order to tether this thing to your watch or, as we always do, we put that little link directly in the show notes so click on there and you can. You can connect it. Okay, now we open it up we're on the English side of this Wow. Alright let's do it in segments like this there's, the buttons and the sensors, and there shows you about the charging get down here and it's, giving you more information about the the app and how you're gon na connect it and a little color icons that represent the Things that you'll be seeing icon wise on the screen, then it's showing you how to navigate the different screens. We do all that regular to here so we'll see that live on the watch and in the specifications and more information about the special instructions and exemptions and so forth, cleaning and whatnot.

On the other side, we have it in Chinese, okay, let's, clear out the field here and turn it on. For you, oh wait. Look lingering in the bottom of the box is another card. This is their warranty card and there's a QR code to scan for the warranty information front and back okay, now, let's take a look at it. Here we go press on the upper button that has a little red section around it. You can see that right there. Oh it vibrated and there it goes starting its boot up with right, really nice bright, beautiful, clear, colors, colorful watch display the whole works now here's that special band, and it really does feel nice it's got the adequate number of holes. Personally, I like to see the holes go further down, but they are close together. So when you put it on your wrist, it should be able to fit average arms, not really small ones or really large ones, but it should work on most folks. You'Ve got the heart rate sensor in the back: the charging port, as we said before, a nm mountain ino Amino and our two buttons on it. A nice bezel that's got markings all around it, that's easy to read quick release tabs to pull the band off, and when you press the button it comes into the basic watch face when you slide down on here. Now you get into a lot of different things. You can go into the different modes where you have turntable or for apps as the menu style that's when you're scrolling through them your overall settings.

Your do not disturb bluetooth, which is turned on for tethering and your overall saver. That will put you into this time mode now, if you want a real nice watch that will last a long long long time you go into that saver mode. You'Ve got big digits and the battery current charge listed right on the screen. You slide down on it to get back to this face and that's how you break out of it by hitting the saver again plus, you can see all the other stuff on here as well. So once we're in here, we can't do anything else from here. Press the button you can turn it off and on again, but come down press that button switches back and now you're in the actual mode. Once you activate it, okay do not disturb. We talked about settings, we may as well just jump into there. This is where we have your international settings, which shows you the different languages that this thing supports: we'll run through those for you, a few mostly European languages and, of course, auto sync. Wills will switch to the language of your phone. You'Ve got your basic Bluetooth settings, power on, and visibility on or off. Then we've got the clock where you can set that up or it'll sync automatically with your watch or your phone. The basic sound selections of the different types of ringtones and or alert tones the volume for each of those were sixes maximum.

Then your hidden, your display, where you have again the style of icons that you want to see the brightness and notice it's on level. One right now, which is the lowest I can crank this puppy way up and it's really good and bright outdoors when it's at that level, but for shooting on the video. I keep it a little bit lower let's, try it here and yeah that looks good huh. Oh wait a minute it's stuck with one to go up there and then hit OK. There now we're on brightness tree a little bit brighter and of course you can set your screen timeout as high as 60 seconds, which I use for the reviews and as low as five seconds. So we'll stick with 60 and then you got reset and overall about for this watch, which gives you the device name and information for pairing it and your connection service information and your release time so there's your firmware, update information on it as well, really nice overall. So we got to all of that once again by sliding down this way and all of this stuff and notice that's the first dot of four. So I can come over here. I'Ve got all of these things: brightness language, sound vibration and I've got a calendar and I've got my temperature it's, not 32 degrees Fahrenheit, where I am right now, I'll tell you that, so it probably needs to be tethered and updated and check the location that it's Reporting, maybe that shins in I'm not sure and then you're out of it, so you got several screens of information at the top.

If I go to the left, I come over here to my sports stuff, indoor running outdoor, writing, climbing marathon and a record of your last activities, and it does a really good job of capturing all of this stuff, which of course, you can transfer over to your Phone I've used it a few times so she's the date and time the elapsed time, your heart average heart rate through the whole thing and all of this stuff distance, traveled, altitude gained and and lost, and I get it all the way down. I guess that's about it: yeah your total altitude up, altitude down and so forth and, of course, it's creating a track as well with GPS. That you'll see when you tether it to your phone and you'll be able to look at it. There here's a short little hiking, one basic same information, that's available on it and on any of these, like an outdoor run, you go into it says: GPS is off, you say start it will search and it doesn't begin until after it catches the satellites. So it knows your location and then you can proceed to do the activity from there. So that's, a really nice feature, of course, we're indoor, so it's not picking up GPS right away, but it it can pick it up pretty easily. I swipe down and now I'm into this last event that I just did. Oh there you go it's just now, counting down so it's actually was remembering that it's going into an event, which is great.

We could show you that, but in it also has the time on the screen, so many of them don't do that they show you your stuff, but not the time. So if you want a glance and see how you're doing with time, you can't see it I'm gon na end this one and then there's the basic information for that short little burst that we did and I can hit the check mark and get out of here And if it were long enough to capture any information that would be there as well like this is the last one we just did: okay, it's rolling it through and that's the second page of information for it, okay, we're, getting it and that's. What happens when you scroll up when you scroll down you're into these four pages when we scrolled left were over to here and now? Finally, he says come on back to the time scroll to the left. That way, and now we get to all of the different things that we've got we've got health. This is where we have pedometer heart rate and blood pressure and it's, using the diodes on the back. So, for example, coming in to heart rate, I can press and start it and it's going to go into real time measurement of the heart rate. Here the diodes will come on when it sees your finger and they're low powered. You notice they're just a little bit green they're, not like violently exploding on you, which means you're gon na get a good life of the battery with this as well, while you're, using this in the 247 mode for your heart rate, it's, probably about right, I'm.

Beating up into the mid 80s because I'm all excited talking to you guys and it's, taking its measurement. Okay, they allowed of that it's, showing you a graph of all of that stuff as well. I think that's only page on here and then you got the sports modes and that's what we just looked at it's the same thing as when you swiped over to the side, here's notifications and know guys. I know you all want me to show you the notifications on the screen. How big is the font? Will it get whatsapp? What will it do with this and that but I'm just going to show you that it's there and move on to settings, which is what we already looked at it's, got a music control when you're tethered to the phone. It'S got a calendar function in here, which we saw from one of those screens up above and it's just a basic calendar. It doesn't do much more than that. Here'S that whole relaxed section where you can go into these breathing modes. 1. 2. 3. 5 minutes of breathing and you get quiet and take a breath and it cycles you through relaxation see with an inhale and an exhale and so forth. Now I don't know if it's monitoring your heart rate during all of this stuff, doesn't, look like it'd be cool. If it did, and it would gauge how fast to make you breathe with how high your heart rate is and then bring you down by slowing it down over time, haven't experimented that long with it.

But at least it is here and it's a way that you can use it for feedback in the relaxation section built in alarm. Sedentary reminders are right. There then there's, your find your phone when you're tethered remote capture for taking pictures here is our barometric pressure. Not only do you get the current pressure, but you're gon na get a graph. Now we just started this thing, and it just said nothing up until right now, but now that it's on and it's tracking it should go up and down and show you your change in barometric pressure and those of you knowing how to work with weather will recognize That you can monitor the pressure change in your area to predict whether it's going to rain or not. Here we have altitude, and this is absolute feet now that it's supposedly calculating I say, calibrate if I can hit it well, alright, maybe it's doing it on the fly 164 feet. I don't know if that's right for where I am, I think, it's a little low but it's, giving you your current altitude as opposed to those watches that you can set zero and then it will show you your climb or your descent from that point. But if you go over to the actual fitness stuff, you can start a climb or a run or whatever and it's going to give you the amount of distance. You went up and went down which is really sweet.

Their compass is built into this thing. I always do this anyway, to calibrate it and come around and how's it doing not very good I'm sitting in the north, so it should be pointing this way. That'S the accurate measurement, zero degrees, but compass needs a bit of work. At least mine does or needs calibration or something it's not whipping itself around, so that the arrow is always pointed toward me. So that's a fault with it that needs some work. Then we got some tools, timer stopwatch and calculator built into it with reasonable digits that are pretty easy to read with a total okay, multiple digits on it, then what last things are motion – and this is where your wake up gesture – you can turn that on course, It'S gon na use more power, but theoretically now, when I twist the wrist it's going to come on, which is great and then your overall theme see the blue flower in the background there's all kinds of different themes in here that you can choose – and I think That one's just plain black theme there you go see that and some other ones there, and that is everything here and I believe that's everything in the watch except for watch, faces press and hold. And now you see, a different selection of watch faces that we can have one here and again it's a really bright screen when you have the brightness set up. This is what it looks like on yeah, but a couple of the other ones press and hold slide over that's, the sixth one.

It says seventh one here you go if you want a really bright, easy to read outdoor digital screen, eight Wow, nine that's nice. Look at that one with the bright green it's. Actually too bright, isn't it that's washing out after turn it sideways for you to sit by the way. Look, you can see it really clearly up from the edge on so a lot of different screens in here ten and there's number one two three and we were on number five. I think four that's, the one we were using and I'm gon na put it back on that one. Why not all right now let's take a look at the tethering out. This one has been designed to work with the app smart time which here it is from the Google Play, Store I'm gon na open it first time loading you get a picture subtly in the background you get the main page information on here, the exercise page. It shows you what its gon na look like a heart rate, page an overall sleep for the light before and then a start button. We start it. It says: welcome in here let's, you agree to some policies and then it lets you register by Google, Facebook, email or phone or go into a not logging mode which is going to allow you to get your data, but it's not going to record that or send It to the cloud you give it whatever nickname you want i'm SWT for SmartWatch ticks on all of these and go next.

You can choose. I typically choose female in case it has tracking for female cycle information, that's an easy way to look at it. What age do I want? Let'S pick that age, which would be 32 I'm gon na go Imperial I'm gon na leave it on the default height and weight, which is in English. So if you've set it for metric it'll be in metric, I usually go 8000 and look it's, also showing you what the calories burned would be all for that distance of walking and approximately how long or what the distance would be in that equated to mileage. I guess we apply the following permission, so it's notifying you what permissions it needs to collect and why, which is nice, and then you just grant those permissions contacts if you want to SMS, if you want to notifications, it takes you over there. You then have to turn all of that stuff on which is way down here in there. It is smart time yeah. I know I got a ton of other apps in here and nobody has let's watch your size because I need them all for all. The different watches I have added a new app to the background and ignore optimizations and done we're. Finally, here then I got to come over here and add a new device right and it's got a search for this thing. Okay, I've decided to change phones on you because I took this out and gathered some data it's all on this phone and not the other one, so I'm doing that connection here same thing, just a different phone, and then we come up with this screen where we Have a picture of what it should look like on the watch and sure enough.

It matches the picture on the watch at the check mark. We are connecting Bluetooth settings as powers on visibility as office. All you need is power on for it to work. Whoa it's already that late well we're time flying while we're having fun right. Okay, we're here I've got my profile. I'Ve got device, we've got it connected and I've got data now I'm. Coming back here to show you the data that's on the watch and the latest stuff that it did today, I've got my activity. I'Ve got my heart rate and I got my blood pressure which I haven't taken on this thing. But what I want to show you is um, oh yeah, and this is a sleep time from the night before I want to show you that if I go into calendar, let's go back one month display and let's pick up that first day, the 23rd, because there's Stuff, I want to show you here's the whole chart against the 10000 step goal. I had said at that time and heart rate monitor and so forth, and then I got a little hiking thing going on right here and it shows you the basic summary and if you go into it there you go now. What is this mess? It'S? A track of my house because I just turned it on and walked around in my neighborhood but it's against the Google map. So if I zoo this out, you just see a little red spot around the house, and this is actually the dimensions of the house right in here.

So it's evading its data. You have your overall pace, information, heart rate information during that time and full listing of details. You'Ll get that on any of the other activities that you do on any of the dates that you record here's a bicycle example and so forth. You also have colored charts that explain everything to you and again. You'Ve got all of these different categories available, so that's the information page and how you get to the other pages here's. All of the stuff you can control on the watch remotely from the app, including the 24 hour heart rate, monitor you can set start and end times and it's basically set all night and monitoring intervals as low as every 15 minutes or every two hours, depending on How much battery life you want to extend and so forth? This is upgrading the GPS data to the watch, so it links up quicker and is highly accurate and it looks like I have a firmware update waiting. If you have a little red dot, you can update the firmware that's pretty much it for the app. This is it for the watch, and this is where you can get it from Amazon. Just go into the link down below amazon.com it'll. Take you over here to pick up the m5 yeah from a n, mi n, oh and me know and me know our newest partner here. Hopefully a lot more watches coming from them. They'Re, a subsidiary of another company in China, that's been doing watches for a long long time, so we're looking forward to developing a good relationship and bringing you some other great quality watches again.

This one has all kinds of good things going for it: Corning Gorilla Glass, a 's in it it's got multiple GPS kind of things in it for tracking it's. A super bright screen easy to see outdoors and yeah very nice design.