Aaron here for Zollotech and today Apple released iOS 14.2 beta three to developers.. Now this will probably be out to public beta testers soon and along with this Apple sort of released, iOS 14.1.. So 14.1 was released in the sense that it was on their website, but it wasn’t available for the general public using iTunes or using your phone to check with software update. And so it’s kind of strange.. They released it and then they pulled it. And we’re. Not going to see that, maybe until today or later, on. Now, this particular update comes in at 626.6 megabytes on my iPhone 11 pro max it’s, similarly sized on the iPhone 11, the iPad air two and the iPhone seven, which is taking ages to install.. In fact, that’s been installing for over an hour at this point, and the iPad air two also took quite a long time. For some reason.. This was a very long install. Now, along with this Apple, also released TV O S 14.2 beta, two or beta three, along with iPad iOS 14.2 beta three and watch iOS 7.1 beta three.. So all of those are out. There’s, no signs of macOS, big Sur, beta 10 or a GM or anything like that., It’s kind of an odd day for updates along the way, with all the huge updates that Apple made with the iPhone 12.. But let’s talk about the build number and then we’ll talk about anything new. Yeah.

Here, as well as the iPhone 12 a launch. Now let’s go into settings. We’ll go to general go to about. You can see. The build number is 18B5072f. And this particular build does not have a ton new. Yeah, but it does have a new modem update.. So if you were having connectivity issues with beta two, hopefully it will be more resolved with this particular update and going into the iPhone 12. It looks like they have Qualcomm modem.. So most of those connectivity issues we’ve had for the past couple of years with Intel. Modems should be fixed. So I’m, really looking forward to those.. Now there are a couple small updates in this particular update., And what that means is when you connect a wire your list device, maybe a Bluetooth device such as the newly announced home pod mini, or maybe the beats flex that they announced they didn’t announce. There was at the event, but they went live on Apple’s website.. You have a new icon set for that.. So of course you’ll need that when you connect to your device., So that will be available.. Similarly, when you connect your iPad or your AirPods rather to your iPhone or your iPad, you get a little window here, and this doesn’t have the shadow on it: either anymore. They’ve fixed that., But, as you can see here, we have the AirPods to connected and it’s, Showing the icons. We’ll see those when we get the new home pod mini as well as the beats flex.

, So those have been found in the code thanks to my friend, Steve Moser., Now one feature they did implement in this particular update has to do with home. Pod mini., And that is Intercom., So you can use your phone to announce to others or people that you need to get going.. So if you have a home pod at home, you can say some key words and then actually tell it to let everyone know around the house that it’s time to go. And it will sort of use them as Intercom., So you’ve got home, pod mini and this Particular update enables that for everyone., So it will work on iPhone and iPad and the others as well.. Now this isn’t really a feature, but there is one good thing. And that’s. If you use WhatsApp, videos can now be played.. So if you’re, using WhatsApp and we’re having issues with videos, it appears that the problem was was it was with iOS, not with WhatsApp.. So let me know if that’s working properly for you in the comments below, but it definitely should be working properly. And some people are seeing some slight changes in music when on the lock screen.. So if I go to the lock screen, you can see the actual length of the album playing.. I saw this in previous betas, but some people are now seeing it., So it seems like it may be fixed for some people or that’s. Just the way Apple has been playing around with it in different versions.

, So we know that there’s changes in the control center., So it seems like they’ve, updated that now too.. Now, aside from that, there are new core media features for developers.. Now you can’t see these, but this allows for different media, similarly playing media at the same time. And some things that developers can use to make your experience better, but not anything that you’re going to see physically now. As far as other features or anything new, I have not been able to find anything new throughout this OS.. In fact there’s, nothing that seems different.. Maybe some animation speeds when we move just like that., When I moved to bring down Siri search but I’m, not really seeing anything specific or new., So that’s kind of interesting. Now within this particular update Apple, has resolved four issues with Swift UI.. So if you were having issues in your programmer with Swift UI, there should be resolved issues but there’s also some known issues and they’re kind of odd.. So, for example, if you have an iPad pro 11 inch, second gen or fourth gen iPad pro 12.9, you can’t actually get the restore images to restore it on your computer.. The only way to update is to go to settings and then go to software update. And that’s. The only way you can do that. So, for whatever reason those are not found, they got rid of them., Hopefully there’ll be available in a future update, but right now, they’re, not available.

. Now, we’ll probably see a lot more updates in iOS 14.2 beta four on a weekly schedule, which I would expect next week. And I would expect more things like. There are new products, new icons for iPhone 12 iPhone, 12 mini iPhone 12 pro and iPhone 12 pro max.. If you didn’t see any of those updates go to Safari and to apple.com, you can see all of the new updates: the iPhone 12 12 pro, the new magsafe accessories home, pod mini and more so there’s accessories and things like that.. So that was a pretty big announcement today.. This is a pretty minor announcement, but in using this over the past few days, Apple did release an update for watchOS just yesterday and they fixed battery issues. So I’m hoping this update as well as iOS 14.1 fixes battery issues as well.. So if we go into settings we’ll take a look at my battery here. We’ll go down to battery battery health. You’ll see battery health is at 94. That’s pretty good. After over a year. I’Ve talked about that extensively in the past, but let’s take a look at yesterday’s battery. Life. Life was not great at all two hours and four minutes of screen on time at three hours and 24 minutes of screen off time it using 50 of my battery.. Typically, I do get a lot more like the day before three hours and 22 minutes of screen on time, three hours and 15 minutes of screen off time.

, And I didn’t even use 25 of my battery. That’s more like what we expect for battery life. With this phone., So, depending on what you’re doing day to day, you can see, I used a lot of messages that day, but with depending on what you’re doing expect 10 to 12 hours of battery life.. Now, hopefully, we’ll see that.. Now, as far as performance performance does seem to be really great., I haven’t had any slowdowns and even on the iPad air two which there are no updates with iPad Oasis., It seems there are no other updates other than what I’ve already mentioned.. You can see that it’s, nice and fast., Although my widgets, have disappeared. So for some reason they just went away.. I had some widgets here and they’re gone., So you will have to re. Add those on this particular beta.. So something’s up with that. But, like I said performance, seems nice. Smooth.. We go to the iPhone 11. Yeah. You’re going to have the similar performance that you get with the iPhone 11 pro max. Of course, as we scroll through you’ll see, things are nice and fast. Don’t expect any slowdowns: whatsoever. It’s the first time I’m loading, music., Everything’s, nice and fast now, with the iPhone seven let’s, try that out. Since it just finally rebooted and installed.. Let me unlock it. Here. Now that it’s unlocked it should be fairly slow, as it’s probably doing a lot of background processing.

, And the back of this is quite warm.. I noticed that on all of these models, because I ran a geek bench afterward and they were horrible scores, talk about in a moment, but I think that’s, because it was so warm. So you’ll see this one has been updated and everything’s nice and fast, at least For the first time, updating. It’s going to take a moment. There, we go. It’s, not bad, considering that it’s still so warm. It’s going to throttle the processor when it’s that warm.. So in general it should be pretty good but I’m hoping to see iOS 14.2 beta 4 as early as next week, because now we’re at the fourth beta., We may be on a weekly cycle and we’ll probably see that to coincide side with some of the releases Of iPhones., So with iPhone or iOS 14.1, maybe we’ll have 14.2 ready to go when iPhone 12 launches, but we’ll have. I have to wait and see what Apple does with that. And so I’m really excited about all the iPhone 12 launches. All of the things they showed off. And I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on the iPhone 12 pro max with that incredible camera.. If you haven’t seen the information about that camera, that camera looks incredible., It has Dolby vision, support and you do have that. Blue color, as you can see here, that was rumored before., So I’m, really looking forward to that.. Let me know what you’re looking most forward to in the comments below.

So now, let’s take a look at the geekbench scores, see what we’ve got and now that the devices have cooled down. As you can see, benchmarks have completed on the iPhone 11 pro max, as well as the other devices I have here. And for the iPhone 11 pro max you’ll see that the single core score is 1330, where multi core is 3219.. Now I suspect a lot is going on in the background, because this is the third time I’ve run it. And the scores are just not that great, but they keep improving. As I run it as you can see, here’s the first run, which is really low. Only in the two thousands for multi core. And then it goes up to the 3000.. So I would expect, as the day goes on and background tasks are completed.. It will improve. But here are the other scores just for reference., And these are not that great. And I think that’s, because it’s doing a lot of background processing.. So on the left, I have the iPad air two with 383 and 10 and 1051 for multi core., And then I have the iPhone seven with only 323 for single core six 99 for multi core and then the iPhone 11 with 1331 and 3268.. So again, not great scores for this particular update., So that’s it for iOS 14.2 beta three.. Now, hopefully, we’ll see beta 4 as soon as next week. If Apple is switching to a weekly cycle and then again, iOS 14.

1 is kind of odd.. In fact, you’re able to install it if you had the IPS w file. And if you were able to download it, but after they pulled it, you can’t get it from anywhere., So it might be available tomorrow.. I would really like to see that released to the public. In fact, I’m already running it on my iPhone 11 pro., And so hopefully we’ll see that soon with all of the updates and changes., Some people are speculating that it’s just for the iPhone 12 and we’ll Release when that releases, but I looks like it’s ready to go., It doesn’t have an letter at the end of the build number and it should be ready.. So hopefully we’ll see that very soon., And if we do of course, I’ll keep you updated here as well.. Now, if you’d like to get your hands on this wallpaper, I’ll link it in the description like I normally do. And if you haven’t subscribed already please subscribe. And if you enjoyed the video, please give it a like as always. Thanks for watching.. This is Aaron..