I really enjoyed the previous apple watch, se as it offered the core apple watch, features at a lower price and the new apple watch. Se2 now comes in at a slightly lower price, 249 or 259 pounds lets see what this watch has to offer. As always, i will leave all the purchase links down in the description this year, ill be unboxing and reviewing all new apple watch models, including all the new iphone 14 models, and will actually be giving away this brand new iphone 14 in midnight. And if you guys want a chance to win, be sure to like this video subscribe to the channel and leave a comment down below with your favorite apple watch, feature along with your instagram username and then follow me on instagram at theonscrom, where i will announce the Winner on october 16th, right here we go. The apple watch. Se2 starts at 249 or 259 pounds and comes in two sizes. There is the 40 millimeter version, as well as the 44 millimeter version. Now i chose to go for the smaller 40 millimeter version, as i find this to look more proportionate on my uh 155 millimeter wrist, but more on that in a sec. So here we go guys. We got this really nice uh, bright, unboxing experience, apple watch, sc on the front, and then we have these two uh separate boxes underneath so we have the watch band as well as the watch case. First, lets take a look at that first here and lets see so on the back here.

Well, have those uh very familiar green pool tabs, so there goes one and two and lets lift off the top of the box, always exciting to open any new apple product and the apple watch, se in particular, because apple really hasnt updated this one. For a long time, although it seems that my apple watch does not want to come out of the box, there we go. This is probably the most difficult unboxing ive had to do so far, all right so uh with the box open. The first thing we see is, of course, the apple watch itself, and then we have the designed by apple in california, booklet. So lets take this out here. So we have a very simple one. Page quick start guide, warranty information, but of course, these apple watches are so easy to use, and then here we have the charging puck. Now this is what we use to wirelessly charge. Your apple watch now, unlike the series 8, the apple watch se2 does not have the fast charging and also gets a plastic charging puck rather than the aluminum one that youll find on the series 8. But this will still charge the watch relatively fast. I would say in less than two hours, youll probably have a full charge, and then last but not least, we of course have the apple watch itself. So lets go ahead and take it out here and, as you guys can see, i opted to go for the midnight color.

Now the se2 does come in two colors, so we have the midnight as well as the starlight. If you guys have been watching my channel for a long time, youll know that i really like the midnight color. In fact, i got it on my iphone 14 as well, and even on my apple watch series 7 that im wearing at the moment. I think it just looks really really great its not plain black, but it is still subtle, while adding a touch of color that, especially in the sun, you can really see, as you can see. If i angle the watch into my studio light, you see those dark blue undertones and i think it looks really great. The other reason i chose to go for the darker color over the lighter starlight is that, in my experience i find the darker color to best match, with most outfits for more casual as well as formal wear, and that makes it more versatile and easy to wear. The watch for any occasion so lets go ahead and boot up. The watch here so go ahead and do that theres, the apple logo, and whilst we wait for that to uh boot up lets, take a look at the band. So when it came to the band, i decided to go for the midnight sports band and if you are new to the apple watch, this is the band that i definitely recommend you get. It is super versatile and is also a really comfortable band and its a good place to to start overall.

So lets go ahead and open this up and take a look here. There we go apple watch as always with apple. We have beautiful presentation and theres the instructions on how to install it, so the rubber band actually or the sports band actually comes in two versions. There is the solo loop version, but sort of like the band that i have on my series. 7. Here is just one continuous piece without any kind of buckle. I do like this, but this is really dependent on size. So if you dont have an opportunity to go into your apple store and try out the different sizes, i will go for the standard sports loop as, of course, this has a buckle system which will have multiple holes and that will ensure that you definitely get a Size that works for you. We also get two different sizes, so this comes in two pieces. Of course we have the small to medium and then medium to large to fit all wrist sizes. So im gon na go with the small to medium here and well. Take out the second piece and lets attach it to the watch. One of the great things about the apple watch, i think, is just how easy it is to apply and switch out the bands, and this makes it really easy to buy more and really get a collection going, as i think this is really great. Of course, i have many different bands, so i have for different occasions.

I have more leather. I have these softer fabric bands, like i do here on the solo loop, but then the sports band is one that i always keep coming back to, whether it be for working out for days of travel. I love how comfortable and soft it is on the wrist. Its also durable and super easy to clean. So earlier on in the video, i said that i really like the apple watch, se for providing that core apple watch experience at a lower price and the biggest upgrade that the apple watch se2 gets is a new, more powerful processor. In fact, this is the same processor as from the apple watch series 8, and this is great for two main reasons. First, this of course means that the apple watch will perform super fast today, just as fast as the series 8, but secondly, and perhaps more importantly, it means longevity. This watch will be supported with new software updates and features for many years to come, seeing how long apple has supported the previous se or even the series three, i expect around five, maybe six years of support and then the new apple watch se also adds low Power mode for even more battery life now this will turn off some non essential features and allow for up to 36 hours of use. Now, with my current setup on my first generation apple watch, se, as well as my series 7 for that matter, i can easily get through a whole day with battery to spare, while still having all the features and functions on that i want so how you set Up your watch really matters and i do have a full guide on the apple watch, se, which ill be sure to leave linked at the end of this video.

To make sure you get the most out of your watch in terms of features as well as battery life, the apple watch, se also adds crash detection. We also saw this on the series 7, as well as all the new iphones, and this will detect, if youre ever in a serious car crash and will call emergency services on your behalf. If you do not respond, this is the kind of feature i hope to never need, but is still reassuring to have now, comparing the apple watch, se2 or se 2022 versus the new apple watch series 8, i would say the biggest difference between these two models is That the series 8 has that always on display now, while i would not consider this to be essential, it is a really nice feature to have so its something to think about carefully. For some, this will be worth paying, the extra for and for others, it wont, but what makes the apple watch se so great, including this new second generation, is that it offers all of those essential apple watch features as, of course it does have both gps versions. As well as cellular models and my advice on this, if you are picking between the two – is to only go for the cellular, if you ever leave the home without your phone personally, i never do this, so i get the gps version on all of my apple Watches this also saves you money without having to add that extra monthly cost and you can still receive and make calls from your watch and send messages as well.

The only thing you need is to have your phone nearby. Additionally, the apple watch se2 is also water. Resistant for up to 50 meters, it has all of your fitness tracking features 24 hour, continuous heart rate monitoring and low and high heart rate notifications. It just doesnt have the ecg or blood oxygen sensors that you will only find on the series. 8.. You also get sleep tracking, siri apple pay maps. Really i could go on but ill leave that for my full review, video. But the point is all the essential apple watch features are here. I think, if you are new to the apple watch, this watch right here. The se2 2022 edition is a great first watch that is also wallet friendly. I cant wait to start using and testing the new apple watch, se seeing all of its features and comparing it to the apple watch series 7, as well as the previous generation se and series 8., as you guys can tell. I have a lot more apple watch, content coming very soon, so be sure to subscribe, to not miss out and also to enter my iphone 14 giveaway. Thank you so much for watching guys. Let me know if you have any questions or, if theres anything in particular that youd like to see me cover in my full review of this new apple watch.