. It has a new color screen and it has it always on display as well, but Im going to the pros of the device. The cons of the device and reeling which one is going to be best for you but lets go ahead and get right into it. Music well be going over the Inspire 2 as well to see if you should be upgrading between the two all right getting into the pros of device. The first thing is going to be its battery life. They say you can get up to 10 days of battery life. If youre going to use the always on display on it, it will be getting around three to four days with always on, but 10 days of battery life is awesome with its charger. You can get pretty much a full charge in about two hours. It has five atmospheres of water resistance. So, if youd like to go on a swim with this guy, its going to be a great little tracker to help you out with that fitbits, sleep tracking has always been amazing and its pretty much the same thing with the Inspire 3.. If youre looking for something to help, you check your Sleep Quality. This is going to be a great buddy to help you check it out its also going to give you a sleep score and even a sleep profile, but that sleep profile will be with the premium membership. It does come with six months of a premium membership, but you do have to pay for that premium.

Membership after that six months, well get into that in a little bit on the cons. I think one of the biggest Pros is the Simplicity of the band itself, and not only that the app it has everything at pretty much a touch to see like your Readiness score, theres, a lot of things that are really just easy to go into. Like your activity minutes Your Sleep Quality, its all pretty much at the touch of a button, they arent big screens, and even though there is no physical button on the band itself, it is very easy to navigate throughout. You can customize the band with three different bands when you buy it and of course you can buy extra bands. I tried the Inspire 2 bands with the three they did seem to fit, but it was really tight. I wouldnt really recommend it that much, but of course you can also customize the band itself and the clock faces if youd, like Stress, Management and HRV are great metrics on the Fitbit Premium app. That will get you a little bit more mindful on how you should be breathing and stuff like that, and only that the HRV, the way they measured HRV was great. It pretty much was on par with my whoop that I always have, and with the app itself youre able to log your food youre, able to log your blood glucose levels, youre able to log a lot of things to make kind of a One Stop shop for All your Fitness needs always tracks your heart rate, so it does give you the ability to be able to notify you when you have a high or a low heart rate, to be able to notify those who need that and same thing with spo2 levels: blood, oxygen Levels, it is always checking that as well, so you can also set up reminders and notifications if it gets too low.

It also, in the background, can check for things like afib atrial fibrillation and give you an idea. If you should see a doctor or not, which is a pretty big bonus. Reminders to move are pretty much one of my favorite things with band and you can set reminders, move so youre, not sedentary for longer periods of time and the same thing with text and email notifications. Yes, you cant really respond to those on your band itself, but its able that you dont have to always check out your watch to see. If you got that text message, you can always check and its like. Oh okay Ill check my phone a little bit. I get a comment every so often on videos is the vibration motor strong enough? I dont see any problems with this vibration motor. It always lets me know when its vibrating. I can even hear it a little bit so its not the quietest, vibration motor, but it is pretty intense, so I dont think youll ever miss a notification in the Box itself. It does come with two different bands: a large and a small, so thats great for those of you who need to when theyre buying something and dont know if they should get small, they should get the large they give you both the options within the box and Also, this does run on Android, 10 or higher or Apple iOS, 14 or high. I was also pretty impressed with its connected GPS.

I went on a 5k Spartan Race Ill show it right over here and it pretty much tracked my entire run. I actually forgot to start it for the first, like two minutes thats, why it only says what 3.08 miles over there I did forget to start it, but it was very accurate and with that, you get a whole overview of your pace. Your heart rate zones throughout, so you get a lot of decent data to be able to go through and see how your heart rate was with that and its Fitness tracking. It is great for steady state cardio, where, when you are doing a lot of wrist flexions, you will see a little bit of dips with heart rate and stuff like that and with more interval sprinting, it will seem to lag a little bit, but that is pretty Common with Optical heart rate, sensors, with the user interface itself, when you swipe down this is going to give you all your settings and stuff like that. There really isnt much you go into, but if you ever want to go backwards, you go from left to right. Thatll go back, but if you want to go home you just squeeze it youll get a little vibration feedback when you swipe up. This is going to go through all of your health metrics that youll be able to check out on a glance again. If you swipe to your left thats going to bring that down, if you just wait from left to right, I dont have any notifications currently.

But if you want to get into your workouts its right there, relaxations alarms, all built in those are customizable as well and on the back here are all of your sensors and also that charger is a clip on charger. So well give you a little bit of feedback, but its easy to kind of have hanging anywhere. You might need to be having it hanging for that two hour charge time and, of course, if you like, you can replace these bands its not particularly too hard to do it. But you do need to be able to kind of dig in there a little bit if youre getting a lot of great information from this video. Please smash that, like button its going to help push it out to the YouTube algorithm to help me grow. My channel Music, all right now lets get into the cons. My biggest con is the Fitbit premium. You do get six months of the Fitbit premium built in, but after that you do have to pay for it. You can either pay for it yearly at 80 a year or you can pay it monthly 9.99 a month. You do get a lot for that money, but some of that stuff is kind of annoying thats built behind a paywall. So say you want to get into your sleep tracking. You would be able to do that, but you would only be able to do it in seven day periods. You wont be able to do it a month or a three month or a year period.

So its a little disappointing that you cant see Trends, Readiness score. I am not the happiest the way it actually checks. My Readiness score. I dont think its the most accurate, but again its behind that paywall thats very annoying and health metrics. Yes, you will be able to get your health measures, but only for seven day periods. If you want trends of 30 day 90 day, you wont be able to check those Trends, thats very disappointing. So, as you can tell the things you get with the premium Advanced sleep analytics, you get Wellness report mindfulness sessions, you even get video workout ounce, fun and games and challenges, which is all pretty interesting. But the thing is a lot of this stuff is behind a paywall, but behind that paywall you do get a lot of things as far as nutrition is concerned, then you have challenges. You have different workouts. They could jump on into if you would like, but again none of these are really free, theyre behind that premium wall, so theres positive and theres negatives to the Fitbit premium. Another one of the negatives is that screen size itself. It is not particularly large for one hundred dollars theres a lot of other manufacturers out there for less than a hundred dollars, youll be getting a bigger band like a maze fits band. Seven xiaomi does great with how much their bands are, but how big their screens are. So how big this screen is is relatively disappointing.

Also for 100. You do not get GPS and do not get any NFC payments built in hundred dollars. Isnt exactly cheap, but it is on the lower end as far as Fitbit is concerned, and they kind of push those to the higher ends like the luxes, the charges and, of course, the first four that Im going to be getting and also the sense too. So if you want to see those videos make sure you subscribe to the channel hit that notification Bell, so you can be one of the first ones to know when that video comes out. So what are my overall thoughts and recommendations with the Inspire 3.? It is a great band, 100 isnt, particularly cheap, but if this is going to be one of your first Fitness bands and youre really not looking to go deep into the analytics and youre looking for quick views on how everything is working, you will be very happy With this band, if you are coming from the inspired 2 and are looking to improve up to the Inspire 3, I would say: wait a little bit its really, not that big of a jump, its only really the spo2 and the screen that youre going to be Missing out with the three that youre, not gon na, be getting out on the two if youre going to be trying to buy in between these two, The Inspired 2 does come with a one year premium trial, where the Inspire 3 only comes with six months.

So you do get a little extra bonus there, and also there is tile integration with the old Fitbit Inspire 2, where theres, no integration with the three other recommendations I would look into in the Fitbit line will be the Fitbit Lux, which is a little bit more Of a premium band and it is kind of a little bit bigger of a screen as well, and also the charge 5 thats, also going to add in GPS and NFC payments, and that can go on sale for around 120 as well. I think its currently around 150., if youre, looking to delve into a little bit onto the analytics Ill push you a little bit more towards the garmins like the vivosmart 5.. These will give you a lot more Health metrics and a lot more accurate on GPS and stuff like that. So if youre looking for more advanced metrics more numbers, I would go with Garmin if youre looking for a bigger screen Id, probably check out the Amaze fit band 7, this is going to be a great size of a band with a great screen and its not That expensive, so if youre looking for a bigger screen, Id probably go with that. Well, hopefully this video was helpful for you guys if it was, please smash that, like button, it was really helpful. Make sure you subscribe the channel hit that notification Bell to be one of the first ones to know that my newest video comes out if youd like to purchase any of the bands that I talked about today, Ill be linking them all down below and Ill shoot.

You right to Amazon and a little bit of that purchase is going to help me grow my channel, but as always stay happy stay healthy and, above all, stay positive, Ill.