As far as to say, this is probably the best smartwatch to buy for most people out there now thats a bold statement Ill explain why Im saying that later on in this video, but the Apple watch SC in essence, is exactly like the previous SE devices Apples Made its a more affordable approach, while still giving you the best processor on the inside the same interface and Ill cross, the board, almost everything, is identical to the Apple watch age and for that matter, theres. A lot thats very similar to the Apple watch Ultra, even though those two more expensive watches are getting way more attention. So this is starting at 249 dollars, but side by side. You really wont see nearly as many differences as you might expect, compared to the Apple watch 8.. So in this video Im going to dive into what this watch can do to physical design, the accuracy testing and everything like that, as well as cover some of the limitations and what Apple cut out of it to make it a lower price. Now I want to start off with the design of of this device. Now there are two different sizes, unlike the Apple watch 8, which has a 41 and 45 millimeter size. This is 40 and 44., so slightly smaller, almost imperceivable. There are three different colors its made out of aluminum, and there are a lot of different Apple bands you can choose from. The bands are really the same weve been seeing before, so you can swap out.

If you have a previous Apple watch band, you can swap that onto here very very easily. So this one of the big advantages here is that it really is a very similar design to what weve seen on the watch for the five, the six, even the seven and eight for that matter, in that youre getting the same rectilinear design on the left side. Weve got our speakers on the right side, a microphone, a digital crown that doubles as a button and Ill show you the interface in a minute as well as a button below that. So when youre wearing this really. What Im getting at here is that people wont know you saved over 150 or 160 dollars to buy this its going to look exactly like every other Apple watch and so thats going to be a huge Advantage there. This also on the back has the heart rate sensor that were getting from other Apple watches, so we do have heart rate detection on here, as well as heart rate notifications. We have Bluetooth, NFC, Wi Fi. There is an option for cellular on here as well. If you want to spend an extra fifty dollars, this also has 32 gigabytes of storage and, of course, we have all the typical accelerometer and other sensors. We saw on pretty much every other Apple watch. In addition, this is still 50 meters, water resistant, so its great for swimming or whatever. If you want to wear it when youre showering water is no problem.

Now I mentioned that we have a speaker and a microphone. These obviously work for The Voice Assistant, but also to field phone calls, so lets get into a test and see how they actually perform. So this is a sample voice, recording Im just using the microphone on the watch and Im holding it at a pretty normal distance away, just talking at a comfortable volume indoors. Let me know if you can hear what Im saying so speaker test with the Apple watch. Se second generation Im just calling from a different phone, so leave a comment, and let me know how this speaker sounds to you now. This watch might be a more affordable version of the Apple Watch series 8, but youre still getting on the inside. The same top of the line specs were getting exactly the same chip as the Apple Watch series 8, which is the S8 chip and were getting the same battery life on here as well up to 18 hours. Now I did test out the GPS and the heart rate accuracy on a relatively long run, so we can dig into that right now and see how that actually performed now well start with the heart rate tracking. This did an incredible job on a steady state run. It was a little bit iffy in the beginning, but compared to a known, accurate, Polar h10 heart rate, strap it caught on very quickly and was really locked up with most of this workout.

Now, in the end, I started doing longer and more intense intervals to really push the and test this watch and, as you can see, it really traced out those intervals almost perfectly in line with the h10 heart rate. Strap super super impressive and then for you, GPS. Its a similar story, The Apple watch SC, is a very accurate watch, its able to track my entire run and not only is there very little wandering, but its also very accurate, with the pace, the instantaneous pace and, of course it is doing a great job of The total distance at the end of a five mile run, it was within one percent of my actual distance run, which I was very happy with now. As a side note, there are so many watches coming out, not just the Apple watches, but the pixel watches coming out. The Fitbit sense too, and other watches are coming out and if you want to see more Smartwatch videos like this one be sure to go down and click that subscribe button and while youre down there leave a comment. And let me know what I should Compare. The Apple watch se2 and as far as features go on, this watch were getting the latest watch OS 9, which gives you all the new watch faces and everything you might expect and Ill get into an interface tour like I said in a second, but on top Of that, some other features were getting here include the compatibility with apple Fitness plus were getting the compass app.

The newer things that were seeing on the Apple watch 8, like the compass app, has backtrack. This also has backtrack. So if you go off Trail, you can find your way back and, of course, all the classic things that we always liked about Apple watches from the seamless compatibility with Apple devices, how it connects with imessage. You have a decibel meter to notify you, when youre in loud environments, voice recordings, breathing exercises Maps, female cycle tracking, but theres a catchier female cycle tracking here, unlike the Apple Watch series 8, which has a temperature sensor, this is doing it kind of just manually inputting. Your own information, we also have, of course, the remote camera normal watch stuff, like timers in the App Store and calling and texting photos and and really all that stuff that youd get used to from any other Apple watch, because, like Im saying the interface of this Is really identical, youre getting essentially everything youre getting on the other Apple watches, with a few exceptions that Ill cover in a second, but some of the other new things that Apple came out with include emergency, SOS or crash detection as well – and this has both of Those in addition to fall, detection which we have before so older people or anybody who might be disabled or in any situation where youre worried about falling and youre going to struggle to get help. This is an affordable way to keep a monitor or keep a kind of a safety device on you to get help.

If you need it and of course I cant forget, we have Apple pay as well. Just another thing that makes this a great watt now, as far as the interface goes, if youre buying this watch, it might be the first time you have an Apple Watch, so I want to give you a quick rundown if you swipe down from the top, you Have your notifications, if you swipe up from the bottom, if youre, quick settings to turn on airplane mode or flashlight or Wi Fi things like that swiping from the left or right just goes through your different watch faces and tapping on the crown will give you your App honeycomb, so essentially you can go to any app and just navigate around it does take some getting used to you have to memorize what all the icons are, but once you get used to it its a pretty easy way to find all of your apps. If you press and hold the top button, you will get Siri and if you press the bottom button, you get a layout of all the apps that you have open to easily switch between them and if you double press the bottom button, youll get your Apple wallet. If you double press the top button, youll toggle between your most recently used apps, but not everything is perfect about this watch. We are missing some things in comparison to the series. 8 right Im talking this up like its everything, identical and, for the most part it kind of is, but there are some differences.

The first difference when you look at it is that the display has a larger bezel around the outside its not like larger than the ones in the past. Its probably on par with, I would say, the Apple Watch series 5 – is what it looks most like to me and thats, not a bad thing, thats its really better than a lot of other watches out there, but not quite to the level of the series 8 Or the series 7. were also lacking an ECG, so no electrocardiogram, I dont really use it all that often anyway, so thats, not a huge drawback. The display does not have an always on display feature. So when youre not looking at it, it is a black rectangle. Slight drawback there and were also missing blood oxygen and, of course, that temperature sensor, which means you wont, get quite as accurate sleep, tracking or sleep stages, but summarizing the pros and the cons here. The pros this is only 250 dollars and youre getting the most powerful chip on any watch. 32 gigabytes of storage, which is among the most on any watch, really the best operating system in any watch with seamless integration and a low price, with a full checklist of all the Smartwatch features. You would come to expect the drawbacks, though the Sleep analytics are a little bit weak. You dont have the best display like it is a good display, but you dont have an always on display and you do have a little bit more of a bezel around there and kind of just Apple watch things in general, like the screen is the outermost plane.

So you might want to get a case on here if you plan on rock climbing or anything so you dont damage that, and I mean the only other thing I would really hold against this – would be uh. You know the Apple watch, aesthetic. Some people really do like that, but if youre somebody who wants a classier design, maybe a hybrid watch would be a better choice for you. Oh and the last thing, as I mentioned before, you dont have an ECG or blood oxygen or a temperature sensor. But if you have an iPhone and you want a jack of all trades watch, this is going to be it its an incredible watch. I dont an incredible price. I would recommend this watch for. Basically anybody out there, with a few exceptions, dont get this watch. If you obviously care a lot about Aesthetics and you want either the classiest watch like a hybrid watch or at the very least, you need an always on display, dont get it if youre a super athlete, and you need the best analytics from blood oxygen and, like A super long battery life – maybe the ultra, is better for you there, but if youre going on runs that are you know under 20 miles? This is a pretty solid device and if all you want is your pace and your heart rate, it does a really good job of that. Also dont get this watch if youre, extremely Health, oriented and youre really worried about like an ECG for it.

For that matter or sleep tracking again, the apple watch 8 would do a better job on those. But, like I said, I think most people out there dont absolutely need those features, and so it becomes completely worth it to save 150 and get the Apple watch se. But leave a comment below and let me know what you think of this watch personally, I think its a pretty compelling buy if you enjoyed the video consider liking and subscribing Im Mike OBrien.