. Maybe all that youve actually wanted from Googles, backed operating system or not so lets inspect Music hi good day. Everyone nice to see you Michael, is my name and on the channel. We expect a lot of cool and fresh Tech. This is the Galaxy watch 5, something that youve probably seen a lot of reviews about, and I have the chance to use it since a few weeks already have collected quite a lot of experience. That by the way, is the 44 millimeter Edition theres a smaller variation with the smaller screen size being at 40 millimeters. The rosu is a pro variation, which is supposed to be tougher, better, looking and obviously more expensive, but since on the inside, the system on a cheap storage availability and that kind of stuff is almost identical. They are about to offer almost the same kind of user. Exp experiences, what we do best is to thoroughly inspect the gear. Therefore, Im going to highlight all the good and the bad things about these brand new wear OS device thing is that if we think about iPhone users, this doesnt really work with iOS. Together with the announced improvements, Galaxy watch 5 also costs more than the predecessing 4th generation, still not quite sure whether the extra money is well worth but good to keep in mind in case you plan to buy it Galaxy watch 4 tick watch Pro 3 Series and Fossil Generation 6 are among the possible Alternatives which are offered at similar price tag, but Samsung claims that the new watch 5 is different.

The first attempt to demonstrate this would be the unboxing experience, but I cant really see any difference in terms of arrangement to the previous generation. Everything is exactly as it used to be a year ago, same design, same box, same way of placing the user guide in the warranty terms and the same way, the charging blade is wrapped. Oh wait a second. This one is different and terminates at a type c Port thats, something new. This is the so called wireless charger, but I do have serious remarks about the wireless charging and Ill explain in a moment. This is the watch itself. Well, I could quote Samsungs usual marketing. Inspiration Source, namely Apple same but different, different, but the same well for what is worth theres a slide modification of the sensor stack and extra hole on the left hand, side of the case, most dimensions and overall, look are the same. So I dont feel like Samsung. Have been keeping their designers too busy in the past 12 months, quick overview of the specs shows similar condition of the hardware as last years model. My 44 millimeter device has a 1.4 inch display with 450 by 450 pixels, the exynos w920 processor one and a half gigabytes Ram 16 gigabyte storage, military grade toughness, standard 50 meter, water resistance, 410 milliamp hour battery inbuilt GPS, Wi, Fi and Bluetooth NFC. I dont really have to say out loud all of them, because its more or less a super small smartphone inside the body of a smartwatch, so the specs on one side they sound great.

But, on the other hand, some of them are really questionable because everything that changes from Generation 4 to generation 5 well, obviously the housing is the same. There is a change on the cover of the top, which is no longer grill gas. Its Now Sapphire Crystal, we have an upgrade of Bluetooth from 5.0 to 5.2, we have 50 milliamp hour, bigger battery capacity, theres supposed to be a temperature sensor, which Samsung say that right now is not enabled should be enabled through a software update. But when it comes to promises about future software releases just want to remind you that when they release Galaxy watch 4, they promised to bring in Google Assistant, which happened eight months later. So if I have to wait almost a year before the temperatures has to be enabled, I wouldnt really feel that great and comfortable purchasing the new generation. So, in short, the hardware changes are very vague, but on the other hand, I was pleasantly surprised by the overall software feeling and while Ive been really struggling last year with the Galaxy watch 4. over here, I can share with you about a lot of positive vibes. As a starter, where OS has been gradually improving after each and every update with Galaxy watch 4 so now with the new generation, although the hardware is exactly the same, snappiness is there and I have to admit these – are the best Transitions and animations youre going to See on a smartwatch ever if we dont count Apple watch, of course, scrolling and swiping feels excellent, no glitches at all.

No skip frames close to Perfection at the start, youre gon na go through a quick tour related to the navigation options. Sliding down is for the quick, toggles sliding right to see the notifications. Sliding left goes through the main cards. If you slide up youre gon na see the list with all the apps, I promised you more positive vibes, but I really hate the fact that their series no option for great view. There might be some alternative apps to try and do this, but none of them are really well replacing the stock launcher. This crawling experience through these apps is a genuine pleasure and Samsung have well mastered the game of lovely looking animations each and every section shows up almost immediately leaving no room without whether the performance is good or great. The default look is quite appealing and you have the ability to choose among multiple watch faces. They are grouped according to your taste, whether you prefer focus on health, Graphics or classic style. If this is not enough, Samsung generously provide link to the popular watch faces in Play Store. I would certainly recommend checking phaser, which is one of the best apps to get unified access to almost every available. Wear OS compatible watch face its not a sponsored shout out. Just happens to work quite well, youre going to find countless smart features and in many ways this watch can be close to a functional equivalent of your smartphone. You can take calls especially the ECM variation may let you do sports outdoors and still be fully connected.

You can use Google Maps for navigation even respond to Notifications or emails calendar app to do lists productivity tools its either all there or a few Taps away downloadable from Google Play Store. I should also place the multimedia functionality because in terms of Music, Spotify, YouTube, music and many others are available. If you prefer to play your own music files, just upload them via the Galaxy wear app foreign Music is a completely different area, though I think that in the past years there have been numerous improvements of the health tracking ecosystem and while theres nothing radically changed. Ive been Amazed by the accuracy and the consistency of the health. Sleep tracking is superb. It has never failed to detect moments with an arm awake at night and accurately measuring the timestamps. Even Huawei Watch series are not yet that accurate. In my opinion, steps counter how to workout detection GPS Precision. There are zero remarks that I have about them. Even spo2 trackings implementation is getting better. However, it is nowhere near the state we find it implemented with ticwatch Pro 3 at the moment. This definitely is an area of improvement. The Galaxy Health app is the place to observe all the statistical data collected. If you ever watch 24 7 youre gon na see a very detailed picture of your bodys status activity and even partially mental condition based on all these data Samsung are offering you some smart recommendations about improving your lifestyle, although just a smart watch, if you use it, The right way it can turn into a very powerful tool to improve your life and habits on top battery life is significantly improved as compared to last year.

I would credit here the numerous software enhancements, as opposed to the extra 50 milliamp hour capacity. On top of the previous model, this watch managed to consistently give me between day and a half and two days per charge with all the tracking features on. However, without always on display with aod during the day, it still goes beyond 24 hours and thats remarkable. Even the quite poor about battery endurance characteristics of wear OS. This so far has been the bright side, but we know that Samsungs devices usually have a dark side which their biggest fans may not notice right away, but its there in order to use all the functions of this Smartwatch youre gon na need five different apps. Two of them are plugins Galaxy, wear, Samsung health and Samsung health monitor for seeing everything, however, the last one is not compatible with other than Samsung smartphones, so Galaxy watch 5 not only is not compatible with iPhones, but will fail to show its full potential unless you Use a Galaxy phone and are comfortable with running 5 different smartphone apps. This, besides being ridiculous, is not really a well working strategy, because this wonderful piece of tech will fail to become the preferred choice for Tech enthusiasts, who prefer just enjoying technology no matter. What like me to the remaining drawbacks, I would add the lack of rotating Crown, which now more and more brands, are utilizing the lack of good button customization and the inability to make adjustments to the inbuilt launcher.

My opinion is that the Galaxy watch 5 is a masterpiece, no its, not perfect. Yes, it does have some drawbacks, but I think its the best right now that you can buy from the wear OS world and everything that its supposed to do is doing in a great way. But I still believe that sales of the Galaxy watch 5 might be struggling a bit just because it almost has no difference in terms of Hardware to the Galaxy watch 4, which is finally also becoming a really great smart watch with all these really good and significant Software enhancements that Samsung have applied in the past few weeks, so, in the end of the day, Im a bit disappointed that for non samsung, smartphone users. This watch cannot provide ECG and blood pressure monitoring and I find it kind of unfair that Samsung tried to lock. You in their own ecosystem, especially when they try to battle with apple, but also with all other Android and Smartwatch makers, and what do you think about that? Do you think its fair? Do you think that the Galaxy watch 5 is finally a great and well usable? True smartwatch and anything else that you have to share and is on your mind, you can add in the comment section down below the video as usual, link to the product, more information. How to support the channel is placing the video description area, and I really hope that everything with cup weve covered so far makes good sense.