The 2022 version has a faster processor, low power mode and sensors that can detect car crashes. The new Apple watch SE is now the cheapest watch in Apples lineup. It starts at 249, which is 30 dollars cheaper than the previous version, but its also fifty dollars more expensive than the series 3, which used to be the cheapest Apple watch. Overall, the new Apple watch, SE is a refreshed version of the original, its missing a lot of the bells and whistles found on the series, 8 and other Flagship Apple watches, like an always on display and sophisticated Health tracking features, but the Apple watch. Se is really for the person who just wants to track workouts receive notifications on their wrists and use Apple pay. It does those things well, but it still doesnt have everything on my wish list. First lets break down the differences between the SE and the series 8. compared to the series 8. The Apple watch SE is missing and always on display a larger screen: the ability to take an ECG blood oxygen, saturation, measurements, temperature, sensing and faster charging. There are also options to buy the series 8 in stainless steel compared to the SE, which only comes in aluminum. The Apple watch. Se looks a lot like the previous version. It comes in 40 and 44 millimeter sizes, making it slightly smaller than the series 8 and the series 7. its available in Midnight, Starlight and silver color options, the SE screen isnt as large as the series 8 or the series 7s.

But I didnt mind this too much, except I did miss using the QWERTY keyboard to quickly respond to text when I wasnt near my phone, but what I miss the most when switching to the SE after using the series 7 for the past year was the always On display the Apple watch, SE just turns into an idle black Square sitting on my wrist. Unless I activate the screen Ive gotten used to seeing the watch face on my Series 7. Every time I look down so its a little bit of a bummer not to have this on the cheaper model, its the only feature. I really wish the new SE inherited from Apples Flagship watches. The new SE generally looks and feels the same as the last one, but Apple did make one subtle change to its appearance. The underside of the watch now has a new finish that more closely matches the Apple watchs color, its a nice Touch compared to the last version. The only downside is that youre, probably the only person who will see this new finish since it isnt really visible when the watch is on your wrist. Among the biggest improvements in the new Apple watch, SE is its S8 processor. The same chip that powers the series 8. Apple says this – should make the new SE 20 faster than the previous version. Ive been switching between the series 8 and the SE during the course of this review, and they both feel equally Snappy so far were also reviewing the series 8 so be sure to subscribe, so that you dont miss that video too.

The real reason why its a big deal that the SE is getting the same new chip as the series 8 is because it means the watch should be future proof for a while. The SE should be able to support new features in future versions of watch OS. For years to come, which hopefully means you wont have to upgrade for a while, the new lineup of Apple watches are also the first to get car crash detection, meaning they can alert emergency services and contacts in the event of an accident. The new watches have upgraded accelerometers and gyroscopes compared to older Apple watches, enabling them to detect higher impacts Apple, also isnt, the first to do this Googles. Pixel phones also have a similar feature, but the addition of Crash detection is another sign that apple is really positioning. The Apple watch as a health and safety device – it comes after Apple added, fall detection back in 2018, starting with the Apple watch series. 4. apple is also hoping. Its new smart watches can prevent you from getting lost. The compass app is getting a new feature called backtrack, which can help you retrace your steps, just turn it on in the compass app and the watch will track your steps so that it can point you in the right direction when its time to turn back. I tried this when walking from my house to a nearby park and sure enough. The compass app displayed a straight line showing my previous path so that I could retrace my steps.

While this feature is new, its not exclusive to the SE and the series 8. itll. Also be coming to the Series 6 and later meaning the first generation. Se will get it too when it comes to battery life, theres, good news and bad news. First, the bad. The Apple watch. Se still has the same 18 hour battery life as previous Apple watches. Now the good the Apple watch is getting a new low power mode to prolong that battery life, low power mode, isnt exclusive to the new watches, either itll be launching for the series 4 and higher. So you might not have to upgrade to get this feature depending on which model you have. It extends battery life by cutting back on certain features like automatic workout detection and background heart rate measurements. This made a slight difference in the Apple watch, ses battery life. So far, but not too much without low power mode turned on. I had 71 of my Apple watch ses battery left after 12 hours of use, which included an hour of outdoor exercise tracking with low power mode turned on. I had 74 left after 12 hours of similar usage. The big question is whether its worth buying the 250 Apple watch SE over the 400 series. 8.. The Answer depends on what you want in a smart watch. The Apple watch, SE has all of the same exercise tracking features as the series 8, along with Apple pay, support plenty of watch faces to choose from, and the ability to show notifications from your iPhone on your wrist.

It also has the same safety features as Apples. More expensive watches, including emergency SOS car crash detection, fall detection and high and low heart rate notifications, if youre a casual user that just wants to track workouts and get iPhone notifications. The Apple watch, SE is a good choice, especially since its cheaper than the previous version, but the list of things youre missing out on by choosing the SE over Apples Flagship watch is also bigger than it was back in 2020.. The Apple watch SE lacks the series. 8S new temperature sensor, which might be a big deal for people who are interested in fertility planning or seeing if their nighttime risk temperature is off course, which could signal that youre under the weather. My biggest complaint is that Apple didnt add an always on display. This time around, I dont think its worth paying an extra 150 dollars for the series 8 just to get the always on display, but Id be lying. If I said I didnt miss it its also worth noting that some of the Apple watch ses new features like backtrack and low power mode, arent exclusive to the new Apple watch. That makes the case for upgrading difficult if you own a series 4 or later the bottom line. If you care about monitoring in depth, Health metrics youll want to go for the series 8.. If you care more about just tracking workouts, the SE will do just fine. Since you can get some features on older watches too, the Apple watch, SE is ideal if youre buying an Apple Watch for the first time or, if youre, upgrading from the series 3 or earlier.