Oh, my god, is that a matte black color okay, you know what actually i might uh. I might consider that one and i think that we might see something similar with the app watch series. Seven functionally is the series seven gon na have much going for it. Aside from the six, no not really but its going to do, a great job showcasing how futuristic and how modern a new apple watch can look and that instantly will make the series 6 look dated. But until that time comes series 6 is an iconic, wonderful design. In my opinion – and i think that apple has completely refined it and kind of perfected what they could with this footprint that we originally got with the series 4 in 2018., when i first bought that i had a very hard time figuring out, what apple was going To introduce in the future and most of the major selling points that the series 6 has going for it ive kind of struggled to find much use case in the blood oxygen level. Checking is interesting and its kind of fun facts to share with people. If youre like hey, look what my watch can do, but even on hikes and even on mountain bike rides and stuff, i have not really found much use in it for one thats, not a super accurate place to measure your blood oxygen levels in the first place And for two its, not you know, fda certified.

It is not considered official medical equipment. So if thats the case its kind of interesting information but youre not supposed to really look at that and take it as like. A very accurate reading and youre supposed to have different. You know more medical grade equipment to know the official measurements, even if theyre somewhat accurate. You cant fully rely on it as well as you can as dedicated hardware. So i never found that feature. Super useful ive heard success stories with the ecg, although that was not exclusive to the series. Six that has been able to catch peoples, heart rate, beating irregularly and people, go to doctors and find out that their hearts having issues and they get it worked on. So, im happy that that exists and im glad that theres an apple watch that still has that feature and im sure apple, wants to keep it around for the long haul, but im just not getting much use out of it. With my series, 6 ive had a surprisingly sinus rhythm with all of my ecg checks. I would expect, with all my junk food and laziness, to have some kind of heart problem by now, but well see in the future, but by far the main reason i have never spent a single day without my apple watch on is for one contactless payments is Amazing being able to check who is texting me very easily and have a fairly expansive display and honestly being able to just simply scroll through long text messages.

People send me with the digital crown, its probably the best thing. The apple watch has over all of its competitors, whether its a rotating bezel or trying to cover up the display and scroll down like you do on a phone, even though the screens pretty small, that always makes it harder to read the information on the display. So i think that the digital crown is the most elegant approach to scrolling on a watch, and the silent alarms for waking up in the morning is fantastic. If you dont want to wake up the person next to you, and you just want a more gentle way of starting the day, just getting that little vibration motor on your wrist, you just look at it. Hit stop and move on that has always been far better than having a phone that makes some annoying noise when im ready to wake up or the nap is over so thats just a daily feature. Im using on the regular and ive been pretty on and off about the always on display now ive actually owned. A watch thats had this feature for an entire year and there have been a handful of circumstances where it was kind of nice where i was like. Hey, i didnt have to flick my wrist to check the time, but for the most part i keep it off and ive noticed a substantially better battery life with the always on display, not always on. I personally kind of dig the look of just the off display, where its just showing the glass and especially, if im, in a circumstance where i know im not going to be able to charge every single night.

And, of course, if i want to wake up to the alarm in the morning thats when i have to wear the watch to bed in those cases, the apple watch series 6 still lasts me over 2 days on a charge, and my battery health has dropped 5, Which is around what you should expect after a year of owning a watch, sometimes more sometimes less, but thats normal im glad they found a way to charge the apple watch series 6 faster than before, but because the only time i do charge it its typically, when Im going to sleep and its going to be on the charger for quite some time, i havent really noticed or appreciated it much. I also think the app watch series 6 has a fairly overkill amount of storage, its funny to me that iphones that are being sold. You know today for 800 or more still come with 64 gigs of storage, but the apple watch series 6, which is also you know, a watch without a camera without videos or movies, or really much storage other than maybe some songs and pictures. They give this thing. 32 gigs on my wrist yeah thats, where they want to put all that storage says a lot about how cheap the chips are overall, but i love the red. Aesthetic ive always wanted more product red stuff in my life, so i was very, very happy that apple. Finally, made a solid red apple watch.

In fact, that was the driving motivating factor for me to get this if they had a product red apple watch. Se i probably would have bought that just because i dont see myself using always on display much. I dont use the ecg very regularly or the blood oxygen level checkers, so those were all supplemental features, thats kind of cool nice to have but end of the day. I still really wish we could have that sapphire infused glass from the stainless steel options come down to the cheaper options my glasses held up fairly well, but under certain lighting i can just barely notice a little bit of those micro scratches, but it is fairly hard To notice you have to be, you know, looking for it intentionally and its amazing, how much health tech and what great battery life they can stuff into such a small and light device that just sits on my wrist and im. Glad that im still able to use the watch band that came with my original apple watch from 2015 still compatible with the series six and you dont really notice any kind of like uh, unsymmetrical meshing or anything like that. It still works impressive for apple to support. A standard this long that isnt lightning, of course, can we get rid of that and, of course, the apple watch was a complete godsend when apple finally rolled out the update, that meant, if youre wearing an apple watch with a passcode and its unlocked and youre wearing A face mask and youre using an iphone with face id itll unlock anyway, which ive discovered the iphone unlocking, even when im not wearing a mask sometimes, and it just gets a bad reading, but simply because i can hit the lock button so easily.

On my watch. I dont really care. I like the fact that the iphone will unlock, even when i dont mean it to because im in a secure environment in my home, i dont really care if its just magically unlocked. Sometimes the other thing i use my watch for every single day is, of course, unlocking my mac, and this is why i wish the apple watch could be the key to the entire ecosystem if im paying for something on the web or installing certain software. On my mac, i can just double tap my watch and thats just a great benefit of the whole ecosystem. No ive never been in a situation where i wish my apple watch had a camera. Sorry, i dont think theyre gon na do that, but the biggest issue. I take with the series: 6 is really a non issue, its not a major one. I really just noticed that its still rocking this curved chassis design and pretty much everything else is moving towards squared off. My phone is squared off. My ipad is squared off sounds like these upcoming macbook pros are going to be squared off as well, so im kind of ready for the apple watch. To take that approach as well. I wish that the apple watch could support magsafe charging, but because of magsafe duo, its not really the end of the world im still undecided on whether or not im definitely upgrading to the series 7, but it might depend on if i can sell this for a Decent amount, but, unlike iphones apple watches, lose a lot of the resale value fairly quickly.

So heres hoping we dont get a price hike on tuesday. But how have you guys been holding up with your older apple watches? What are you rocking series? Fours series? Threes, my god is there, anyone still rocking an apple watch sport out there or has that battery been shot to heck yet feel free to.