So you can purchase this watch for around about 45 to 50 us dollars um and the platform where you can purchase. This watch is called banggood and i will make sure that i leave the link down below underneath this video. So you can actually follow the link and purchase yourself. A decent watch so without further ado lets unbox it and see what you get for the price so sure enough. You will get the watch itself inside of the box. There will be a manual that has all of those languages for you to use theres. Also, a very, very handy, little machine that allows you to very simply change the length of the bracelet. So you can, you can actually take the extra links out or maybe put the extra links in depending on how wide your wrist is – and this is a very handy machine because it allows you to do it very smoothly and very carefully without actually damaging your hands And also there is a magnetic charger with a full pin system, meaning that there is a data transfer allowed onto this watch. So, as i mentioned, this watch costs about 45 to 50 us dollars, depending on when youre gon na buy it and what sort of coupons youre gon na use. You can bring this price right down and you will be in for a good, buy so um. The first thing about this watch is inside of the watch. There is a battery which is 300 milliamp battery, which will last for a whopping 7 to 10 working days with a good use.

The screen size is 1.3 inches across with a resolution of 240 by 240 pixels, and this is an ips matrix. This watch has bluetooth 4.0, which is a good bluetooth and actually stays connected all the time without any dropouts. The app that this watch uses is called age band and we will take a look at it later on. The watch comes with an ip rating ip67 um. So there is no swimming pool mode in this forge, so i wouldnt recommend to take it into any deep water, but ive tested it in the shower and when you wash your hands and everything else will be just fine. So you know, if you find yourself in the rain and things like that, this watch will be absolutely fun. There is a number of different color options from the shop that im going to link down below. So you dont have to go for the golden color. You can go for black and silver, there are many different options and you can also choose different straps. If you cant find the strap that you like from this seller, you can always buy yourself a different strap on aliexpress, so the width of the strap is only 22 millimeters, so thats what youre going to be looking for and to top it off. This watch comes with 120 mega megabytes, um internal storage, so you can actually store music onto the watch. You dont have to connect it to your phone in order to listen to the music.

Now lets take a closer look at the um, the actual build quality, its a very well built watch, its all made out of metal its a nice color youve got hardened glass screen, so its not going to be scratching anytime soon whatsoever. The bezel is also made out of metal on the right side. Youve got two physical buttons. The top button is your power button. The bottom button actually takes you into your main menu theres, a cutout for your microphone on the right side, and the speaker is very cleverly placed right underneath the strap in in the position and in the area where youll never be able to actually mute it. With your hands, so the speaker always stays loud, regardless of whether you know where youre, watching or very tightly on your wrist or loose on your wrist doesnt really matter, and the back of the watch is all made out of plastic but its a very high quality Plastic, this is where your sensors are, and your little platform for your charging cable right so now lets take a look at the menu of the watch. The usual thing, if you scroll from top to bottom, there is like a quick access to certain settings. For instance, if you lost your phone, you can find it. You can set your alarms straight from the watch very, very handy, so you can turn it on and off. Um theres also an icon that allows you to see whether the bluetooth is connected or not, and you can disconnect it if youre not planning to call anyone anytime soon.

So you know, youll save the battery that way. Theres also um do not disturb mode which will deactivate uh vibration and the speaker so youre not going to get disturbed uh, and it also shows you the date and the time and all those good things so that thats all cool. Now, if you scroll from left to right or from right to left, really doesnt matter but youre gon na be in either going to go in the same menus, so first thing will be your blood pressure um reading, then youve got your heart rate reading. If you want, we can take a quick reading right now, so ill pop it over to my wrist. You also have a chance to see how the watch actually looks on the wrist. My wrist is not huge, its not small, its like a regular sized wrist there. We go. The reading has been taken, its not the quickest, its, not the quickest sensor, but it does the job it works. So then youve got your sleep. Tracking and youve got your general information about your like footsteps. How many steps youve done? How many you know miles or kilometers youve traveled and how many calories youve burned per day, and you back to your main screen now, if you scroll from bottom to top, that gives you access to your music player, so a very handy but very simple, music player. So play pause: you can skip your tracks. You can also change the volume level from the screen and also this is the very, very important bit those three little dots on the right bottom corner.

If you click on that, youve got a choice from playing playing your music in three different sort of ways. So currently ive got a watch chosen, so the music will be. Music will be played through the watches speaker. But then, if i press on on phone hang on, if i press on phone now, that means that the music will be played on the phone and the watch becomes as a remote controller. But then, if i go back to watch and if i press on the earphone, for instance – and if i have a spare ef earbuds on me that are not connected to the phone, what i can do is i can find the new device. I can connect those earbuds directly to the watch and i can use those earbuds to listen to the music from the watch through the earbuds, which is very handy. So if you want to go for a run, for instance, and you dont want to take your phone with you, you know you can you can just take your watch and your earbuds and youre good to go um. The only thing is because its only a small amount of memory, so 120 megabytes um ive managed to fit 15 tracks. However, those are the tracks of a good quality, but what you could do is you can you can compress them down and im sure you can fit more than 15 tracks and you can take them for a run, for you know like a good hour run and Youll be good to go now in order to access uh the main menu.

All you have to do. Is you press that button button there where it says mode and it takes you into your main menu? So it starts with a supposed sports activities so, for instance, youve got outdoor riding outdoor, walking, indoor running indoor, walking and hiking um cycling and all those good things. No swimming pools, so i wouldnt advise to take this watch into a deep water so probably best to avoid youve got your step. Count. Youve got your sleep track. Youve got your heart rate. Reading youve got blood pressure. Reading now, youve got a call option. So this is where you can dial your own phone number in case. If you remember to buy hard and also youve got contacts, all you have to do for the contacts you have to go into the app which we will take a look uh later on and in the app all you have to do is just um sort of Copy the contacts from your phone and then youll be able to access them through this watch so before i actually show you how this this microphone and the speaker sounds um. I have to say that its actually very good quality, its very handy and its very useful and its actually usable, so you can use this watch to actually have a decent conversation with people for the first time ever, basically from the sort of chinese manufacturers. You know there is a decent microphone in this watch and i will demonstrate it to you later on now for the notifications, your you can see three notifications.

At the same time, there is nothing you can do about that. You can just read the message and you can delete the message and once you will get new messages coming through, all the messages will delete automatically. So its just three messages at a time and thats about it. You can set your alarm clock. So what i like about the stopwatch and the countdown in this watch is that there is like a multi functioning going on. So if i go into the stopwatch and i press play, i can just exit this screen and do whatever i need to do with the watch or you know, leave it there for for for the time, and you can always come back and you can pause it There so thats very handy, especially for the countdown so, for instance, if youre cooking something and you need to set an alarm, all you have to do is just set it up. Exit the screen and the watch will start vibrating and making noises, and once the countdown is being done very useful, rarely seen in the chinese watches uh you can find a phone. There is a female option of basically like like a period um calendar and things like that um you can use this watch as a remote control to take pictures from your phone now, if you jump into settings first thing youll see is the brightness. Personally, i keep it at the maximum brightness, but thats a very comfortable brightness.

So if youre outdoors, you know youre walking around and theres a sunny day, the screen actually is bright enough to read the information comfortably. Then youve got your auto lock, which you can set to 30 seconds. Basically, your screen will stay on for 30 seconds. Personally, i prefer to choose 15 because its like its like a golden middle, where it saves the battery, but it gives you enough time to read all the information necessary theres a switch option where you can turn things on and off. So, for instance, like a pulse rating monitoring like its going to be continuously monitoring your heart rate and all those things and hard, like heart rate alarms, for instance, if your heart rate is too too big. You know the watch will actually alarm you uh and well. Let you know about that um about the disconnection. So, for instance, you can set this uh notification and if your watch gets disconnected from your phone, it will notify you all for that um and all those little other things. There is a qr code to download the app which we will take a look in a second. There is a dial settings which we will take a look at the settings as well message settings. You can turn these things on and off. So, for instance, if you dont want to receive phone calls or text messages, you can toggle them on and off right here and then youve got those social medias available.

All the way down here, main social medias that everyone is using and if you dont see the social media of your choice. You can always click others down at the bottom and that should allow for all the information to come through onto your watch. Um information about the device – and you can clear the data – basically just reset the watch so now ill show you several um watch faces available on the watch itself, theres only five of them so theres another watch face just there another one that looks like that. Another one that looks like that: Music and the final watch that looks like this. There is many more watch faces available in the app and we will be taking a look at it in a minute. So what well do now is well jump into the app ill show you what the app looks like and what sort of settings you can. You can sort of do within the app all right guys so its time for us to take a look at the age band. App lets jump into it. Our first page is very, very common uh. This is where you see how many steps youve done, like basic information about all the activities that youve done, that watch managed to manage to sort of grab and then, if you jump into the second page, this is where you can track your activity. So, for instance, if youre about to go for a run, this is where, like uh well use.

Actually gps from your phone, uh well sort of get an information from the watch as well, and all those things and you can. You can really track your activities here and then, if we jump onto the last page, which is called mine uh, this is where youll see uh all the configurations that you can set your uh watch for so, for instance, you go, you got your units, you got Your um, you can change the color of the actual app and you can read about this app and all these things and we click on the bwhl4. This is where we can see, for instance, things like message, notifications, uh, you can do it in the watch itself. Youve seen it before, but you can also do it within the app uh. You can set your alarms to whatever you wish and you can add as many alarms as you you want, you can toggle some of the options here uh. This is where you youre gon na pair your device uh. You can set a warning for low power mode in case if thats, something that rocks your boat for the frequent contacts. This is where you jump into the frequent contacts and you press plus button, and then you choose the contacts from your list and you can add them to your watch to use later on. And then we take a look at if well take a look at the dial settings, so you jump in theres, dial, 1 l, 2, 3 and photo watch face, which means you can add your own photograph to the watch, face and use it like that.

But i personally prefer to go to more dials. So now, if i scroll down you, can you can see all of the watch faces available? One good thing about all that is that the watch faces have been updating, since i had this watch, so the library has been expanding and thats very, very nice, very handy. There are lots of very informative watch faces uh and you im sure that everyone will find a watch face. You know for their taste. I do apologize about loading time. Unfortunately, i dont have um. I dont have internet at home im having to use data, but you you get an idea. You know this. This is a large, its a large library and, like i said its, been expanding on like a weekly basis. You get um a good watch face now and then so you know and then theyre all free, so thats thats a handy thing, and this is it about the app uh. So what ill do now is ill quickly demonstrate to you how the microphone and the speaker sounds. So you youll get a good idea of you know what to expect when youre gon na have a conversation with someone, whether its good enough for you and not all right guys still watching about up. I started, i say, probably um foods away from my face, maybe like centimeters um, and this is what you generally will be doing when youre gon na have a conversation without someone on the street, so youre not going to keep your weight by your weight.

Um and personally, when i listen to the recordings also that the quality of the microphone was really good, so um, obviously its absolutely fine, whether thats getting good to you or not, im currently in science, where theres a medium noise background. So you know theres cars going by and theres people chatting and theres like you know, doorbot and all this thing um so um several things you can do while having a conversation on the watch uh. First of all, you can use the microphone if you dont want someone to hear you. You know theres also like an icon for the speaker, where you can change the um loudness of the speakers, so, for instance, if youre outdoors, you can crank it all the way up and if youre in those and you dont want. You know people to hear too much of your conversation. You can bring it slightly down, so uh yeah its absolutely inside, but i paid for it so now to summarize todays video with my own sort of experience and my own clothes um. Personally, i think that 45 to 50 us dollars is the right price for this watch, because this is probably the first watch from chinese manufacturers that has a very decent microphone and a speaker. So you can actually use this watch for conversations outdoors. So if you dont, if you dont, want to pull out your phone, you can actually use this watch for conversation, so its a its a huge step forward.

Um, the only minus the only downside about this watch is the resolution you, as as soon as you bring this watch closer to your eyes. You can really see those pixels and its its not looking as crisp. As you know, maybe some of the some of the rivals uh, but as long as you keep it away like a normal watch, for instance like you would with normal voice, you know the screen actually is decent enough um. I like the battery because the battery lasts more than a week easily um and the bluetooth stays connected well throughout the time, and i actually like the look of the watch and i like the build quality of the watch is um to me. That looks a slightly more upper class watch than, for instance, i dont know like some of the products from xiaomi that you see on the market um and its a very good quality when you, when you see it in person, you really appreciate how well this watch Is actually made and, like i said there are many many different colors to choose from so you know you dont have to go for the golden one. You can choose for something different, so yeah. I hope this video been helpful, especially if youve been looking to buy this particular model and youve been struggling to understand whether you want it or not, um, and if you still got any questions, dont hesitate, comment down below and ill do my best to answer your Questions as soon as i possibly can, and thank you very much for watching.