So, in one words we can say it’s awesome to use it’s feel very nice when you have your apple watch in your hand, and it looks fantastic. So let’s start i’ll, not waste your time. So here you can see. This is the apple watch. I have in my hand, so the first thing it’s the watch faces. So you can see this is the watch face. I have selected so when you want to i’ll just tell you how you can instantly change the watch face, so you can add, also watch faces. So this is the apple watch, so you can see. This is the face you if you just swipe it left or right, it will change. The watch face see like this like this, you can see and if you want to add apple watch face here, you just uh hold it here. Then you can see edit. You can edit the particular watch face. Also you have to just click edit. Then it will show you the dial, like whatever options are available for this. If you just rotate this crown style also, you can rotate change classic all these things are there. Then you can symbols. Also, you can change like this. You can change once it’s. Once you decide okay, this one, i want, you just have to click on this account and it’s done. So this is how you can modify the face now, if you want to add a new face, you just swipe it here.

You can see new tap here. Then you can see all the available faces. It will show you you have to just want and it’s done so you can see the new watch face. Is there let’s go another option? What we can do here? So if you want to see the notification you have to just slide from up down right now i don’t have any notification. It will not show here. Then again, you can just drag it up. So all the notification will go off. So if you want to change some settings you can see here if you want to connect to any wi fi, you have to just hold it here. It will open all the wi fi wi fi’s and then, if you enter the password, it will connect to wi fi. The next setting is when you want to find your iphone you’re, not able to locate you have to just you just tap here till it start ringing your iphone. You can see so in this only you have two options: if let’s assume, if you have lost your mobile in dark and you are not able to find out, you have to just hold it for some time, then you can see this the flash start blinking. So this way you can find your iphone and all other settings you can see it shows a battery and you can make it silent by click on this, and this is for cinema mode.

This is for walkie. Talkie kind of this is for a night mode. This is sleep mode. This is torch. You can see. The torch is getting open here. Three options are there and one more intelligence it has like. If you are seeing the flash this, it will be low, but if you turn it to the other side, it will blow more since of the watch. It next is a flight mode. This is for water. If you want to remove – and here also you can add and remove the options you have to just plus or minus so it will remove at all whatever you want. You can customize this okay. So this this is watch and about notification, and all now you, if you just press the crown it will take you to all the apps now, if you want to open any app, you can just go here and select. So you have many lot. Many apps here calendar map activity, heart rates and loud noise, app store apple home gallery stock options. This compass, whichever app you want, you just click on that your alarms, okay, these are the apps are available, and – and this is the most usable uh app activity app here also apple – has done very good job. It has given you lot many options: yoga functional swimming outdoor, walk of the run cycling like this, so many options are there, whichever workout you want, you can just select it.

Okay, let’s go to settings so in settings you can do you can see. These are the options whatever you want, you can edit it notifications you whatever. When you want notification, you can personalize it general settings in this. Software will update you can check and make this screen. You can set website mode. You can set hands off location screenshots. All these settings are there do not disturb. Is there again airplane made wi fi bluetooth display? All these are basic functionalities. Whatever is needed it’s there you can see. There are many settings this. I will not go through with all the settings it’s in the individual’s choice. What they want to set turn on okay, so if you, if you click again on the ground, it will take you the watch so now, if you want to see how the apps, which are already open, you have to just click on this button. So here you can see all the open apps it will show like in iphone. If you just click the button, it will show you right: whichever apps are open, you can directly click on that. It will take you there now. If you want to instantly jump on the app which per last open, you have to just double click. This crown see i was at work out. It will took me to work out again. If you do, it will take you, my home. This was the last app i would using so like this.

You can do. These are the mostly your basic functionalities, which we use in apple watch, and you can directly monitor your camera. Also from here, you can just change the camera front, rear and flash on off all the fun settings are there. If you just click on this it will, it will take a bus rod, cut it heart rates and what else? And this easy – and this is ecg – you have to just hold your finger on the ground. You can make your own memory, you can make your own emoji, also using this plus and select all these items.