6 watch versus the ht99 smart watch, but just before i get started, make sure you follow me on one of these social medias. As i always post sneak peeks on what to expect on all souls and as always, make sure you subscribe and also hit the bell notifications, so when i upload any video you’ll actually be notified. So today we have got the apple watch series six. As you know, i’ve done lots of reviews under real versus fakes with this watch. If you want to check that out, you can check that out on my fake watches or check out my previous video, i will leave the unboxing review of this watch in the description box below then we have the ht99 series, 6 clone smartwatch. Now this is the latest uh smartwatch. It has everything similar to the original from the box and some of the operating system, which i’ll show you later in the video today so that’s. What we’re going to do today, real vs fake. As you would know here, we have the real apple watch series. Six, and here we have the ht99 smartwatch the boxes. Look pretty much identical, except you’ve got a black sticker here. Just indicate that this is the black color let’s, take a look at the boxes. First, as you can tell um pretty much identical, except on the apple watch with apple logo and the watch is embedded a bit more uh deeper than the ht99.

It is embedded but it’s just cheaply done it’s just a little stamp, as you can tell uh. That is it for the front. Taking a look at the back. Of course, you’ve got with the apple once you’ve got your information, it is similar. You have got the pull tabs to open up the box uh with the original. Of course, you got series 6 space, gray, aluminium case black spoken 44 millimeter. Also, you see real numbers as well, and also what includes inside of the box. Take a look at the ht99 uh pretty similar. You have got that um, which is similar and also it just it tells you what’s included inside the box a few trademarks made in china, as is everything else, but this one is assembled in china. As you know, this is original because there’s no spelling mistakes compared to the identical fake, which we have of this clone, which you can check out the previous video real versus fake on that one. So that is it uh. Opening these up same pull tabs as you can see, pull tabs right here. Let’S show you the uh ht99 uh inside the ht99. You can you get two boxes like i said. If i didn’t mention earlier, you can see both of these unboxing reviews in the pre. In the description box below i’ll leave the link for the ht99 and also the um apple watch series six i’m, not going to go into depth on what these are like.

You can check out the videos so taking uh, taking the boxes out. As you can see, inside of the box of the hd 99 you’ve got pictures of different smart watches with different watch bands, that is the ht99 uh. Taking a look at the apple watch, it is similar taking these boxes out of the way. Look at that you’ve got pictures of different smartwatches, different colors and different watch bands, but it’s a bit more. A thicker cardboard on this apple watch compared to the cheap version of the ht 9 you’ve got you’ve got no grooves on the bottom, as you can see a bit more cardboard around here, just to give it that premium feel as well. So you can definitely tell this is premium cardboard and they can just cheap cardboard anyways if you didn’t have that if you didn’t. Have that original hand, you won’t even know the difference, because these are actually similar. Look at that you’ve got a pink watch band on the hd 99 at the top left same again. This is the original. By the way, this is 18.99 so yeah they have definitely copied um yeah that’s the bottom. They have definitely copied the design and the watch buttons and everything like that on the original with the hd99, so that is the box. Let’S put these aside, bringing in the original apple watch series 6 boxes and bringing in the ht99 boxes. So what we’ll do? First is we’ll uh, take a look at the button box put in the apple watch.

There point the hd 99 there. So this is the second box, and this contains the watch button. So the bottom is the apple watch on the top. Is the hd 99 make sure you remember that i’m not going to say it again, so you would know so taking a look at the box it’s pretty much identical, uh take a look at the back, it just says: watch sportband and in different languages. Taking a look at the apple watch, your apple logo spotband in different languages – and it just tells you it’s, designed for apple watch, sc series. Six and it’s got apple address at the bottom, and that is pretty similar to be honest, but uh definitely an identical copy. Well, not identical, definitely a copy so opening this one up the original here we have this supposed to have the watch button. I’M, pretty sure i’ve used it. So that is the watch button. Pouch that you get as you can see. I don’t use it because i’ve got different other watch buttons, so that is what you get inside of the apple watch. Taking a look at the ht99, you don’t get no pouch in it. You just get to watch one, which is the silly nylon, strap and also the silicone rubber one which we have right here – silicon white band, so that is what you get inside of the watch bands on both of these so let’s bring the watches back in so Opening up the ht99 and then all remove that across opening up the apple watch just want to show you what both of these are like make sure i don’t get mixed up.

So, as you can see here with the ht99 you’ve got a manual stating that it’s ht99 and below that you’ve got a wireless charging pad, because this actually is a wireless charging. Smart watch with the apple one, of course, you’ve got a little booklet here. That inside will give you the manuals and also a little pouch here that contains the wireless charging part which i use so it’s plugged in and yeah let’s take these out here. We have a closer look of both of the watches. Now they both come in these pouches right here they are paper ones. This is the apple watch series, six, so sliding this one out, that’s the watch – and it says 44 millimeter at the back. Definitely it’ll rip it’s just paper same again with this one, but this one is a really nice like a cocky feel and it does actually stay. That is fully formulated me at the back, but you can’t actually see it properly. So that is the pouches that you get, and here we have the watches. Look at that. First of all, if you looked at the distance, you wouldn’t actually tell the difference, but um doing it around, as you can see there’s a big bezel at the bottom. So you never know in the future, they might actually get these uh identical when it comes to the screen wise. So take a look at the body at the side. Uh, all the fake actually comes with these red buttons circular buttons on the crown uh.

With this one, this is just a uh gps, it’s, not cellular it doesn’t come with a red ring around the crown um take a look at the mic is placed differently, while it’s placed similar but it’s a bit more bigger compared to the hd 99 and you’ve. Also got the power button which we have right here, take a look at the back, as you can see, bend in mind that left one is the apple watch. The right one is the hd99. The sensors are a little bit spaced out on the hd 99, but definitely much more spaced in on the original you’ve got text all the way around. Now you have got button placements for the watch buttons as you can see on both of them, but they do work on the original because it’s an original, but with this hd99, if you didn’t see the unboxing review, you can i’ve told you that these are fake. It’S, just a uh cutout was outlined what they’ve done to mimic the original but it’s, definitely a fake, and, as you can tell with the speakers, the both are well, the top ones are original and the bottom one, the ht99. So one is fake. On the hd 991 is real and the both are real on the original color wise space gray on the original is pure pitch black on the ht99 they’ve not got the color coordinated, properly right there, but overall it’s all right, so switching the original one.

Of course, you would know: it’s got an apple logo um switching the ht99 on it has a little bit of a delay, but you do have a startup logo and a tone of ht99. If you know what that tone is, let me know in the comment section below it goes to show that you have you’re still watching it at this time, so it just boot up really quick. Now we have to wait about a minute to a minute or two for the apple uh series. Six watch to boot up and i’ll show you what they have tried to mimic from the from the apple watch onto the ht99, and here we have them check that out. The ht99 just looks a little bit bigger. They both supposedly have 1.75 inch display, but of course, with the original you’ve got a retina hd display with the um ht99 it’s just a normal resolution. They say it’s hd, but definitely i don’t think so, but i’ll, let your uh comment below. If you think it’s a hd screen not compared to the original, so swiping it down on both of them uh to do with the hd 99, you need to connect it to your phone, but with the original it’s, the notification swiping it up and they have mimicked That exactly the same so on the top left mine is connected to wi fi, but that actually shows, if it’s connected to the phone or not, but they have mimicked the shortcuts.

Look at that so swiping it down. As you can see, it’s the same as the ht99 check that out look at that. This is the first time i’ve seen this um feature on any of the of the smart watches of the clone smartwatches. They have definitely done this, as this is the first, where, with the previous clone smart watches, they always just got one page of showcase. This one you can actually scroll down and change different uh well and use different shortcuts. You can check out the full features on my previous video, so going back to the main screen, swapping it to the left on the original. You can change. Your watch. Bands or watch faces swiping again same again. You can, with the hd99, you can change. Your watch faces swiping it to the left, it’s your shortcuts again swapping to the left on the original. It doesn’t do anything, but here you can actually change your weather and everything like that. So and also your heart rate, you can check your heart rate. Full features on that are on the uh, also um, previous videos. So let me just change the theme, because, with this original, you can change the theme now with the menu options, as you can see on the original you’ve got a list view same again with the ht99 you’ve got a list view, as you can see right there With the original you have to go into settings then app view, and you can change it to list view or grid view, so there’s only two menu interfaces which we have right.

There that’s the smart view as you want to call it a grid view or the list view which is like that now coming to the um ht99 it’s a little bit different, as you can tell that is the list view uh. You can change it on your shortcuts, which is really good. You’Ve got five different ones, so they call it the smart style which you’ve just seen on the original right there and you’ve got three other ones, so you’ve seen the smart style list. This is the sixth grade, and we have a few this if you want to see the full on that check out, the unboxing review and i’ll actually show you more of that. Another thing i wanted to show you that they have copied uh coming to the original. When you go down into sport, let’s just find it right here or work out as it’s called. As you can see here, you can choose the workout when it comes to the ht99 it’s called sport on here, so pushing the um crown in going to sport and, as you can see, they have definitely copied that one right there so it’s, not just that. There’S, a few other things you can check out the full unboxing and review, but look at that. They are getting close when it comes to the features and operating system. With these fake smart watches, they have done everything similar uh to the original watch. But overall, this ht99 is good.

I don’t want to show you too much. You can check out the unboxing and review. I just wanted to show you a quick insight on what both of these watches are like full unboxing reviews are on my previous video or in the description box below you can check out the link. If you want to see any other videos do.