But how does it stack up long term lets find out ive been wearing the series 7, since it was released so going on seven months now, and i genuinely feel that it is more than the sum of its parts like a larger screen or faster charging. You can jump straight ahead to any particular section you like using the chapters linked in the description, but were going to get straight into it. The immediate thing that im drawn to talk about first is, of course, that display and the larger screen size compared to older generation apple watches for reference. The model that im wearing is the 41 millimeter, aluminium or aluminum casing. Now i think its really easy for tech. Reviewers people like myself to get really caught up in comparing year on year and, of course it does look like an iterative update. If you are looking at something like the series six, but the reality is most people are definitely not looking at upgrading their watch every year. So if youre, coming from something like the series, 3, the series 4 or even as some people have told me, theyve, come from the series 2 to this series, 7, the largest screen size, is a significant upgrade. That said, the biggest screen on the series 7 is much more of a bigger deal than i was expecting upgrading from the series 6 40 millimeters versus 41 millimeters thats, the smaller casing size and how apples move to increasing it by a millimeter.

You might think a millimeter doesnt make any difference lexi. What are you talking about in practice? It really does ive become a complications gal now i used to use complications on the apple watch, but not as frequently as i do on this series. Seven specifically because now i can make use of all of those four slots around the edge of the watch face if im using a watch face. That puts them around the edges, and i can actually see the detail on each of them without needing to tap. In specifically, to see you know, im looking at my watch face right now, i dont need to tap in to see that ive got a lot of unread messages. I need to deal with those. The additional text sizes supported by the series 7 also really help, and i greatly appreciate that, especially after testing a myriad of other wearables that really have tiny screens and do not have selectable text sizes so for accessibility. I love this. The full size keyboard is also more helpful than i was expecting, even though im not writing the next great american novel. On this thing, i definitely find it is good enough for sending quick messages, although i have found that say making corrections or you know going back and navigating to try and change. A word that i might have typoed accidentally is not as easy as i would like. So hopefully, the next update of watch os 9 will help address a couple of these things.

Some third party, apps still dont, have full support for this qwerty keyboard and they instead push you to say, enter text on your phone. So i hope in future updates well see a system wide support for the keyboard, rather than pushing you to use another form of input. The series 7 has a tougher and more durable design with a crack resistant front and, of course, dust resistance. Fortunately, i havent had any kind of major incidents while wearing the watch to test this out with, but i havent exactly been gentle with it. I am, you know, a klutz lets put it nicely um and this watch still looks. You know brand new, even six. Seven months later, now, of course, your mileage will vary. This is, of course, just the standard finish its not the sapphire glass, its found on the stainless steel models, but im still impressed all right lets get into the health and fitness features on the series. Seven now theres really not too many surprises here. As you probably already know, you know things like ecg or the electrocardiogram app that weve had ever since the series four weve also got blood oxygen. We first saw that on the series six, but more than that is of course, the actual fitness tracking features and a lot of those are actually supported through watch os 8.. Now, yes, the series 7 is not the only watch that supports a lot of these things that im talking about.

But again, there are a couple of reasons why the actual hardware configuration makes this a lot nicer to use, of course, with the update to watch os 8, we saw a couple of different ways to track bike and cycling activities, which honestly is the one feature that I have really decided that im wearing this watch for most of the time, if im getting on my bike im putting on the series 7 compared to any other wearable that i have and thats because of a couple of different features. Not only is there auto detection for cycling, there is also pause and resume automatically, as well as things like having your workout stats spoken to. You ive got a full deep dive on how all of these features work and long story short. I wrote up a couple of very, very steep hills to test this all out. So if youd like to go, watch that video and hopefully make my time worth it, please go and click that link its in the description for you below. I do also have a little bit of extra peace of mind with all the safety features on board, specifically things like fall detection during workouts now, fortunately again, i havent had to use this fingers crossed. I never will, but i do feel reassured that its there. The ring based system, even though that is no different from earlier apple watches, is still a really good way to keep you motivated, although i do have some extra thoughts on how to make it even more helpful, specifically around what some other wearables that are doing, that Apple might want to take on board well get into that soon.

As youre probably aware, nothing in life is truly free and the same can be said about battery life on this series 7. as robust as this watch is, and as much as its considered the gold standard amongst other smartwatches in lots of different ways. Battery life is not one of those things now the maximum youre going to get out of the series. Seven is one and a half days thats with the always on display active. I leave it on the counter overnight or even turn it off, and then i can get to maybe 12 p.m. The next day, if i dont charge it overnight, the series 7, of course supports faster charging than earlier apple watches, and this is greatly appreciated, especially if you want to just top up throughout the day or specifically, just before you jump into bed. If you do want to use sleep tracking with it, you can just pop it on its charger for a couple of minutes and youll be able to get a full eight hours with it. The faster charging puck is provided in the box, which is great, but a lot of people have told me that this guy, that youll also need to take advantage of those faster charging speeds on the series. Seven, alongside the usb c puck is not included, and this has come as a little bit of a shock to some people, especially if they dont have say, like an 18 watt or faster charger for their iphone going out to have to get a supported charger.

To get those faster speeds, you know theres a trade off. I like the environmental side of not including a charger in the box, to not duplicate it, but then, if its your first apple watch, you might not know that youre going to need an extra charger to support those faster speeds. So theres two sides to every story: Music, so thats a look at everything the series 7 can do now, but with a new update to watch os 9, which were assuming were going to get hints of at wwdc, with presumably a release later sometime in fall 2022. There are a few things that i think will really boost the experience on the series 7 and, of course, older apple watches, because apple has traditionally been really good at providing software support for older models. The first is an improved handoff between phone and watch. A couple of examples include when i get a message coming through on imessage or even an sms ill, see it on my phone ill respond and then say, like 10 20 minutes later ill. Get that same message pop up again on my watch. I also really hope that we see a way to flag either say having a sick day or a rest day, so were no longer prompted to close our rings on days where we just dont feel like it. On that note, id also really love to see some sleep tracking improvements beyond those offerings about like getting you into a good habit that the apple watch currently kind of gives you.

Of course, you have the option of third party apps that give you much more granular and detailed information, but to see that in a first party option i think, would really help me want to wear this overnight. But the main reason i dont wear this for sleep tracking is really battery life and ive spoken a little bit about this already. But if we could somehow move beyond that one one and a half days of battery life, i think thats really going to encourage a lot of people to wear their apple watch as much as possible. 24. 7, because, if you think about all the data thats needed to get be gathered to get more insights into your health and well being its really coming from wearing this watch all the time and wearing the watch, all the time is only able to be done. If you have good battery life, you see where im going with this overall, i really think the series 7 is going to hold its own for the next couple of years, especially with continued software updates coming down the line and for now the hardware on the series. 7, even though it looks iterative, its a refinement and its really making the bar set really high for lots of other wearables, except when it comes to battery life, but ill get off my high horse, maybe one day about the battery life thing i really enjoyed using The series 7 for all the reasons that ive mentioned, but, of course wed love to hear your thoughts about the series 7.

Maybe your other apple watches and other software updates youd love to hear thanks for watching and ill catch.