Welcome to another honest review video today i have this fipo smartwatch. This one is fy16 plus this one is the newest from this brand. Actually i have a long story behind this video. But okay, let me tell you quickly: a few days ago, one of my friends came to me and told me that he want to buy a smartwatch, so he wanted me to find him an affordable, smartwatch. Okay. I went ahead and found the 33 us dollars smartwatch for him. He was so very happy. He bought two of those smart watches and started bragging like okay. My friend has helped me to buy a cheap, smartwatch and affordable smartwatch, which performs very good and looks like a very expensive smartwatch, yeah being a youtuber, a tech reviewer, its very difficult, many other friends came to me. Almost eight other friends came to me and told me: we want better smart watches, we want something better than him and we dont want to spend more than him. It felt like im a marketing agent. I have replied them. If you want something better, then you have to spend more, and i dont have time for this, but one of those friends he told me that he can spend up to 50 us dollars, but he wanted something better. I said its actually not always about the money. Its very difficult to find something that performs good have more features than others, because in budget or affordable, smartwatch segment, its a very difficult to find something unique anyway, you can see, i have found something here is fipo smartwatch.

This one is fy16 plus, and this one comes with quite a lot of features. Bluetooth call 1.69 inch full screen, heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, multi sports mode message notification. Actually this is the smart watch that im wearing now. This is fipo, fy16 plus and personally yeah. I think ive done a good job to find this one. It was a difficult task because i had to buy seven different, smart watches and then select this one as the winner for my friend. Well, at the beginning, let me tell you something: i thought that this smartwatch cost 60 us dollars because it was listed as 60 us dollars, but i have noticed that there is a discount going on it. Only costs 24 us dollars. Can you imagine a smartwatch that costs 24 us dollars comes with all these features? Ah, yeah, im surprised and im happy because ive been using this one for a few days now and yeah performs quite good. I have already mentioned the price: its 24 us dollars. Right now, if you want to buy, then i will leave a link in the description box below i dont have any affiliation, this isnt a sponsored video. So if you want to buy you buy, you dont have to buy from my link. You can buy from anywhere else it doesnt matter lets start from appearance. It looks very good. It looks like a very expensive smartwatch, but if youre worried about this chin, i dont think this scene looks ugly because almost all the other smart watches within this price segment will have a tin and most of those have a bigger, tin and worse display panel than This one, this one comes with the lcd tft display panel, a bigger one, bigger than many other 1.

69 inch is really a big one, because mostly those other affordable, smart watches, which i have tested comes with 1.33 or 1.50 inch. Lcd panel display resolution is a very good. Its 280 by 240, very bright vivid, actually dark is pretty dark and white is very bright. Colors are vivid and vibrant. I dont think there is anything that i could complain about, because within this price range, its a very difficult to find anything better. We have already talked about appearance. It looks cool now lets talk about build quality. Look at this! This is metal frame, this isnt plastic. When ive read the specifications like this comes with a metal frame, i was like. Ah, it cannot be true, but after i have used it yeah its a metal frame, and you get this one only for 24 us dollars yeah its surprising, very good appearance, a very good build quality. What about battery it takes around 115 minutes to get fully charged and when its fully charged, you can put it on standby mode for 10 days, if you are a power user like me, like you use a lot of features a lot of functions, then it will Go more than two days, usually i get two and a half days. They say that it should go up to three days but its okay. If you dont use most of the features, then it will go up to seven or eight days. I think thats. Okay, we cannot complain about this battery life because we are spending only 25 us dollars.

Yeah. Sorry, 24. Us dollars less than 25 us dollars yeah. If you go to their website and check this fipo fy16 plus, you may notice that on the website it says you can continuously use this one for 21 days. I dont know. Maybe they have mentioned about the standby mode, but when i have tried to use it, it doesnt go beyond 8 days. I mean when i use some features and im a bit active with the smartwatch it doesnt offer beyond eight days of battery life, appearance, build quality battery now its time for display panel. I have already talked about the display panel, but one thing i need to mention this. One goes very bright, i have checked and this one goes beyond 650 nits when its in full brightness. There is a brightness slider in the settings menu and you can slide it down to pretty dim and when you go to that full brightness, it goes beyond 650 nits. Before i show you how to connect this smartwatch to a smartphone. Let me show you a few features that i like. I have never seen something like this in any other, affordable, smart watches. You slide from left edges to the right side and there is a panel and when you slide it from right to left yeah, you can add any of the components you want. For example, you can add a lot of things. Actually, the first one is breathing exercise. You can select how many minutes you want to exercise well, the second one is steps.

How many steps you took, how many kilocalories you have burned, how many kilometers you have covered everything? Is there then its heart rate, its pretty fast, 74 bpm, 75, bpm, 76. 77. Well, this heart rate monitor is working fine, it continuously keep measuring. So if you continuously do this battery will get drained faster lets skip to the next component or the next card. This one is a blood pressure monitoring. Sometimes i feel like some of the big brands. Theyre not even offering blood pressure monitoring and those smart watches costs more than 500 us dollars, but some affordable brands with an affordable price tag offers a lot of features. It works nice. At this moment. My blood pressure is 111 by 72 wow its acceptable. The next component or the slide is music control. You know what to do. If you are listening to music on your smartphone, then you can control that there is sleep monitoring and yeah thats. All if you dont want these components or slides, you can delete one by one. If you slide from bottom to top, you will see the notifications or the messages. If you slide from top to bottom, then yeah. There are a lot of options again: bluetooth call battery percentage, find your phone settings brightness and your personal voice assistant. If this smart watch is connected to a smartphone, i mean, if its connected to a iphone, then you can activate siri by pressing this button. Also, you can select these options.

Look at this. You can edit. There are a lot of options. Wow, im, truly surprised by all of these features and options. I dont know how come they can offer this smart watch only for 24 us dollars theyre, actually giving away a lot of things only for these 24 us dollars. Another thing i havent mentioned yet thats pretty interesting. This smartwatch comes with ip67 rating ip67, not not like ipx or something ip67 rating means a lot. You can actually go to swim with. This smartwatch lets bind this smartwatch to my google pixel 6 and let me show you how to do the process, whether its easy or not, and what other features we can get through that application. But before that, if you are interested to know yeah, this is the box and inside the box you will get this user manual inside the user manual. You will get all the information in details. Every details is given with some illustrations, so there is no way you are going to do any mistake. This one also comes with a very good quality charging, cable. Okay, we are going to download this v fit application on my smart watch and then we will bind our fipo fy16 plus smartwatch with my smartphone, its a very easy. The application is actually available on both the google play, store and apple app store. After you download the application, you have to select equipment and then add watch the application actually found my smartwatch within a second fy16 plus okay.

After you pair your smartwatch, you can go to dial market to change your watch face. There are one two three four five and then you can select more dial. There are a lot of dials a lot of dials yeah. Let me find something with a lot of colors downloading watch face after it has downloaded. The watch face is directly available on your smartwatch click on it and you are good to go. Let me show you some other features, app notification, reminder bracelet, alarm, clock sedentary reminder. Reminder of compliance, music control, drink water, reminder, emergency contact, address book, wallet, business card time, format, yeah. There are a lot of features and i think if you dont need to check your heart rate frequently, then you dont have to enable this automatic heart rate detection, because this one actually drains battery faster. And if you use this one with many other features, then this smartwatch will go up to three days. But if you wan na use this for eight or ten days, then i wont recommend you to enable automatic, hard freight detection. Okay, you can see all the applications. All the features are there and you can actually select how you wan na see the applications. It has list view cellular view, grid view and others i dont know what does others mean, but let me try you just swipe and it keep changing the applications. There is grid view cellular view list view yeah its nice.

There are a lot of exercise options. You can even make a phone call, there is dial pad and all the options are there. Oh, i forgot to mention this. One also offers blood oxygen monitoring here. It is its now measuring 98. I think ive been talking a lot about this smartwatch, because im totally surprised that for 24 us dollars, i have managed to get this smart watch and even if this one costs more than 40 us dollars, i think this one offers a very good value for money. Well, if you have liked this video, then please dont forget to click on the like button. If you have loved this video, then please subscribe to this channel and share the love yeah like and subscription. Both the buttons are over there. Please click on those because those are for free on youtube. You dont need to spend any money for that, but to my friends, please dont come to me and dont say that find me a smart watch. I dont have time, maybe one more, but not everyone, never brave, always fight, never quit.