It is the nike apple watch edition, and for those of you that dont know i am the biggest nike fanboy to kind of exist. I am decked out in nike clothes every single day, especially since the pandemic im rocking athletic wear almost every single day. You can see series 7 apple watch and you know its the nike edition because, of course, its got the nike logo, but this is also a box that is in black every other apple watch. You get will come in the standard white box, and this is one of the only two not limited editions, but special edition apple watches that you can get so, of course, its the nike and the hermes version. And although this is technically special, there arent really any differences that you get other than the special box you get. These special watch faces and, of course, the nike app pre installed, but other than that, its identical. I know everyone asks me, but lets take a look inside first and see what we get so its the same. Black pull tabs weve got the black design on the inside and you can kind of see the hint of the nike editions. This is one of the unique watch faces that youll get and, of course, the unique nike sport band. So initially, when you grab the first nike apple watch, you could only get the bands when you purchased that specific watch theyve now changed that if you already own an apple watch, you can always grab a nike sport band.

I think they have the rubber ones. Theyve got the new velcro ones that look kind of cool as extra add ons theyre around 25 30 bucks. But this is the watch that you want to see well quickly. Take a look at this. This is the only time where i cannot say design by california. In apple because its designed for athletes by apple and nike, so i guess that is kind of unique. You also get the new special charger which you can see on the back its via usbc compared to usb a and you kind of know that, because it has the silver ring around the little puck, so theres, two things that have changed for the charging for series. Seven, its 33 faster than previously thats in part due to this little charger and the second piece it has to do with the actual charging mechanism in the back, so you can technically still use an older charger. Unfortunately, if you have this with say a series 6 or an sc or a previous gen apple watch, you wont get those fast charging capabilities. You have to have series 7 with the new charging puck to get that 33 quicker charging, and you can see here that ive grabbed the 45 mil just like every series. 7. This comes in the two size options so either 45 or 41 mils. That is one millimeter larger than the siri six and all previous gens kind of before that the nike edition does come in two different color options, so the starlight, which, according to apple, is a mix between silver and gold id say its a warm silver.

In my opinion, as well as the midnight – and you can see quickly taking this out on the case, back design, youll see that little unique nike logo and, of course, series watch seven and before we pair this, we will take a look at the little nike sport Band and these have changed from last year, not really in the design, but the colorways are slightly different. This is kind of the signature nike one with the perforated rubber band, which helps, i guess, wick, sweat away. So you can see this one is two tones, so the light gray with the black on the insides of the little perforations and the best part about all apple watches. You can simply slide in through the rail system and swap out any band you want that connects in place and the best part about all kind of apple products in general. The pairing process is super simple, so ill grab my iphone ill kind of bring that near, and you can already see this comes up. I will pair my apple watch and just like that. My apple watch is paired and ill set this up as a brand new watch and as that apple watch sets up. This is actually a perfect time to talk about todays, video sponsor, which is athletic greens and, as most of you guys know, i am fairly active. I work at around five to six days a week i try to close my rings kind of on the daily ive been trying out the new ag 1 daily supplement, so this helps support your energy levels.

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Youll get a free one year, supply of the immune, supporting vitamin d and five free travel packs with that first purchase heres to staying healthy. So back to the apple watch, which is kind of perfect timing. As its set up now, you can see one of the telltale signs. This is, in fact the nike edition you have the unique nike watch faces, which i think is a reason in its own to grab this im. Always a fan of the bold nike watch faces. The first thing that i always do is change mine to orange and ill actually swipe through all of the different nike watch faces, or at least the unique ones that you get. So you get all of the unique series – seven ones, so you get contour you get modular duo and the unique one for this nike watch is nike bounce, and with that you can change the background color to pretty much every color option that you can get, and This is actually cool. This year is the first time that ive seen some gradient ones. So theyve got this really cool rainbow gradient. If you want and the only other unique thing about the nike apple watch is it comes pre installed with the nike run app? This is mostly suited for running and if you want to do the traditional workouts, if you just tap on over to the little activity button, its got all of the same workouts that every single other apple watch has so in the end, is the nike apple watch Kind of worth it – and this is a tough question, because i think, if youre getting the nike edition, youre mostly getting this for the workout features and if thats the case series 6 is the same series.

5 is the same. The apple watch se has the exact same sensors for tracking your regular fitness levels. It still tracks your heart rate, still tracks your steps, still kind of tracks, your overall fitness the same. But if you do want the blood oxygen sensor that only comes in series 6 and series 7. – i personally never use it. I think thats a very unique metric to track, but uh yeah. Let me know your guys thoughts about the 7th gen nike apple watch. I will say this unique watch face, especially with the larger border. We, of course have that enlarged screen on series 7.. It goes all the way to the edge you get more orange. In the background, i love it. Let me know if any of you are picking this up and i will leave my apple id below and if you want to add me, we can do a workout challenge. I can try to crush all of you and uh yeah thats. The nice thing about apple watch is you can kind of motivate each other motivate your friends if you are slacking a bit youll, always see when theyre completing your workouts or closing the rings, and when youre slacking eating pizza, nothing wrong with that, though, anyways well catch.