I dont know if i should say this outrightly, but this is the best smartwatch on the planet right now alongside the samsungs flagship watch 4, but it does lack the maturity that apple watch has. I will explain that later in the galaxy watch 4 review subscribe to the channel for that video by the way huge fan of samsungs round smart watches, but this video is all about the apple watch, so lets get started. First of all, let me get this out of your mind that if you have a series, 5 or 6, then definitely you shouldnt get this one. You should be interested in it. If you have older, watches lets talk about the design, so the design here is very ergonomic. They have reduced the bezels very much in the same manner. Samsung and other android phone manufacturers do on their phones by bending the screen over the edges. Well here this move was great because it gives more of screen than the similar size chassis. They have increased the screen by almost 20 percent, which is really commendable as its a watch. The screen just bleeds over the edges and, as you know, apple is the king. When it comes to marketing their little features, so here just to show off that blended screen, they made this very prominent watch face which you get only with the series. 7. theres another one, only specific to the bot 7, but im not denying the fact that the screen here is bright and beautiful and it has the narrowest bezels on any smart watch.

Right now and yes, it looks cool with all those new watch faces, which is the main objective of owning such an expensive watch yeah. I know the utilities that come with it too. The second watch face exclusive to it has very dense package of information, which is great because its utilizing that h2h display, also because of the larger display we get a little bit bigger, touch buttons that previous models didnt have thats with the pros of it. Now lets get to the cons, it has the same problem as other companies have had on their phones with curved displays. There is some reflection going on over these edges, which is distracting, especially with that exclusive watch face, but its great approach to maximize the screen size on a watch. The next con, which is a major one, is as the screen and glass are protruding outwards curved almost over the frame, its very prone to cracking. If you wear a watch, you must have had those moments when your watch got hit by a door or something thats. A scary scenario, as apple takes about 299 dollars for a screen replacement. So basically you are one random hit away from wrecking your four to five hundred dollar watch lets talk about the features that it offers. This has almost all the features that are available on a smartwatch period. Ecg support it can navigate without any problems. Spotify works great helps in quantifying your workouts texting, calling you name it it has that feature.

The speakers are loud and clear. So if you have to take a call you can it has a small qwerty keyboard as an option which came with the c7, but its so small for obvious reasons that its very clumsy to use youre better with speech typing than this, but its good that its Here options are always welcome, but still texting on a watch is really bad and in my view, you shouldnt even do that. I think its just made for quick replies which can be easily done by any method lets look at the performance, and software apple is right. Now leading in chip designing specifically for its products, but this year apples using the same s7 chip as in last years, watch, which is a bit of a surprise. But at the moment its ok for the tasks that we can do with this watch. But it takes quite some time to switch on the watch or even come out of the power reserve mode. The ui is slick most of the time the watch runs smooth without hiccups, but i dont like the thing that to go home every time you have to press the home button which is hard to press because youre wearing it on your wrist. There should be a gesture that helps with this. The software itself has matured enough with so many iterations that it works great. The user experience has marginally improved because of the larger elements to tap on, as the screen is now bigger.

Slowly but surely apples watch apps are also increasing. Google needs to step up its watchos game fast lets see what we get from googles, wearable site. I mean look at the watch faces how clean and cohesive they are. So it has great sleep tracking too, but i never wear a watch when i sleep, especially when its so bulky, it becomes very uncomfortable for me personally, but i had to sleep with this thing for 5 days, just to see how this feature works and it works Great now lets talk about the fitness tracking a bit because many use it for that, although the fitness tracking part of the watch is good, but my galaxy watch 4 was, in my opinion, better at detecting exercises i mean after the apple watch has detected the exercise. Its great and quite accurate at quantifying but galaxy watch detects better automatically other than that its a great matured watch os and probably better than any other out there with the most years of support and updates lets talk about the battery life, so the watch 7 has At max decent battery life and its not that it has worse battery life than other smart watches, but the point is that these watches have such small batteries and so many features that its bound to happen, no matter how good the power efficiency apple applies. The screen is bright has always on display. Gps is almost always tracking, but with normal usage, without restricting myself, i could use it for a full day, but have to charge in the morning.

If you are sleep tracking too – and i am talking about the bluetooth model – not the lte one – to supplement the mediocrity of battery backup this time they have increased the charging speed, which is one of the best things that happened here now it takes about one hour To fully charge the watch in my case now, i dont even charge the watch overnight, but when i wake up put it on the charger and while i take a bath and have my coffee, the watch is ready to go, which is really great for me and Look if you are an iphone user, its a no brainer for you. There are so many things like unlocking your mac or iphone with it and all the ecosystem things get into the play. So if you have a watch 5 or 6, then undoubtedly you dont need this watch, but if you have older watches or want a more feature, rich watch then only buy this one. Of course, if youre a classic watch person like me, then you are good.