Some companies have taken offering specially designed jewelry to obscure medical alert system, neck pendants, true purpose. The medical guardian has a new medical alert system, thats unobtrusive, fashionable functional and im wearing it right now: Music, hi, im jeff hoyt editor in chief of In order to help seniors age with ease, we review medical alert device systems to see if they live up to the hype. Do they do an excellent job of protecting you or your loved ones by contacting first responders in case of an emergency, so medical guardian offers a complete line of medical alert systems. We reviewed their in home systems, their on the go systems and even an earlier smartwatch system, the freedom guardian and like the freedom guardian. The new mg move is a medical alert system that also functions as a watch with the mg move. Youre protected by a medical alert system, but no one needs to know that youre wearing one in this video ill, unbox and test the mg move, smartwatch and list its features, pros cons and latest prices ill explain who can benefit from this new life saving device, such As active seniors, looking for a multi functional alternative to traditional medical alert systems, Music between apple watches, fitbits and other devices, millions of people are wearing digital, smart watches that send data to their phone or computer medical alert device. Smart watches can do that as well, but, more importantly, they allow the wearer to talk to an urgent care team for help at any time of day, with a touch of a button.

Thats right, youll be talking and listening right through the watch. Unlike traditional home base systems, the mg move will protect wearers when theyre out and about as well as at home. So who needs an on the go system like the mg move. Smart watch mobile seniors, who leave the house often who are still driving or taking public transportation, biking, walking, shopping, exercising visiting friends, volunteering just out enjoying lifes activities and then those of us who have a condition that could require immediate medical attention, whether theyre, home or theyre. Out and people are prone to falling now many seniors say they carry a cell phone, but during stressful times, being able to call for help with a simple touch of a button can be a lifesaver unlike 911. The call center youre connected with has your information, so they know whos calling in your medical situation. They can even reach out to a close friend or family member. If you need non emergency help, and let me show you how the state of the art equipment can protect you or a loved one during an emergency Music, so heres the box for the mg move of our watch, lets see what it comes with so heres. The watch and the box has docking cradle and power supply and the cable lets pull this out so heres. The watch itself slip that on and then here ive got a cable, a usb cable heres, the power supply, so that just goes right into there and this will go into the docking cradle.

Like so little magnets that i can hook up to the watch. That just goes into the back, and so this is what you get the watch docking cradle, a core in the power supply and then theres, some paperwork here for medical guardian and a book of instructions Music, even though its small enough to wear around your wrists and It weighs just two ounces: the mg move. Smartwatch is big on features im a big fan of this metal clasp. That makes it easy to fit your wrist well without being too tight, many smart watches, like my fitbit. Well, they simply provide a plastic band. This device is self contained, it works independently. You dont need a smartphone or another medical alert device to use it or even have your own cell service, or maybe theres wi fi. Now, in an emergency, every second counts, so you need to be found as quickly as possible. The watch includes a global positioning system as well as wi fi. Locating so first responders can find you, even if you dont know where you are you cant even talk. The watch is water resistant, so you can wear it out in the rain without fear of damage the battery should last about a day depending on settings and connectivity. I recommend charging it every night in its cradle next to your bed, so it can protect you. While you sleep and the high tech device includes a step counter to help, keep you on the move, the ability to set medicine and appointment reminders and a weather report to let you know when you should exercise indoors and thats very handy for seniors who dont have A cell phone – the watch also includes a speaker microphone and, of course, an emergency call.

Button lets see how it works, Music, so magnets. On the back of the watch on the charger, they help guide you, the proper alignment and when its time to charge the device and a voice lets. You know that its docked correctly, your device is now charging. So when the light on the charger turns green, that means the system is fully charged im, not going to wait that long. If its fully charged itll tell you that, but if its not fully charged, it says, watch not fully charged. So another helpful feature is the cell signal indicator? The watch uses 18 t you see that yellow dot there. That means the att cell signal is, is okay, its good if it were green, that would mean its really good. Its very strong and yellow indicates a little bit of a weaker strength and for a red that means youre in an area with poor cell reception without sell signal. Well, the emergency call wont go through and it comes with a couple different watch faces, but that cell signal indicator is always displayed and, along with the medical guardian logo and one interesting bit of software, they built in as a test button that you use to test The system using an automated voice, see this is sos, like the button over there well get to that later, but this just says test, so you can test the system just by pressing this button, you have reached your medical alert provider to complete your test.

Please your test is now complete Music, so thats a nice feature that you can test it using an automated response. But for me the only real test is to speak to a live operator through the watch so to call for help at home or away. You simply hold that sos button down on here for five seconds, so theres really only two buttons, its pretty simple, this one doesnt say sos and its black, this one does say sos and its red and if you press the black one by mistake, youll know because The screen will shut off and you wont see a countdown to the call when you press the sos button, itll say hold for five seconds and itll count it down, so youll know its responding and it gives you a chance to cancel if you hit that button By mistake, if you dont, cancel youll be connected through a sell signal with their accredited us based call center, which is open around the clock, there trained professionals will contact first responders, such as emts, police or firefighters. Whatever you request lets try a real test, see how long it takes im. Just gon na hold it for a few seconds. Youll see it count down hold for five seconds to call for help see i take my finger off and that cancels it. But if i do hold it for five seconds guardians, do this need help. No just testing the system. Thank you, youre welcome.

I just have to confirm. You are testing. Is that right? That is correct, its just a test. Nobody needs emergency help here now, if you press the button and you cant talk well theyll call the designated phone number to confirm your well being and if youre still unresponsive, theyll, send emergency medical services to your location or contact your caregiver, whichever youve chosen for situations That dont require emergency services. The operator will alert your family friends or neighbors to get the assistance that you need. Would you feel better knowing your parent had one of these when theyre out and about how much is that peace of mind worth to Music you to get the mj move, smart watch for you or a loved one? You need to make an initial outlay of 200. Then pay about 40 a month for the service. Many other medical alert systems require no initial outlet, but the watch is yours to keep eat. If you stop service and you can save some by paying for a year up front for an extra three dollars a month. Multiple caregivers and family members can receive real time text and email notifications when your loved one has an emergency. Otherwise you just get a phone call which you might miss or ignore so five dollars a month grants access to messaging and reminders the messages app lets. You use your smart watch to chat and text with your loved ones. The scene, you can talk on the watch and their words will appear as a text to you and the watch can receive incoming texts and read them out loud.

Thats really helpful for people with poor vision, the reminders app well, it can help you track tasks. Events, medication, reminders, appointments a whole lot, you can add reminders yourself or your loved one can add them for you using the medical guardian web portal or app. Finally, seven dollars a month gets you a protection plan that covers the equipment as well as provides extra support Music. So i recommend the mg move. Smart watch for active people looking for protection wherever they go, especially those who have medical conditions and those who dont want to be seen wearing a medical alert device, because its so less bulky and noticeable and other portable medical alert systems. Users are more likely to wear them everywhere, so theyll be protected more often when it comes to medical alert devices, its not just the equipment that matters, but the company it lands on an emergency strikes. Medical guardian offers translation services for non native english speakers. The us based customer call centers are five diamond certified by the central station alarm association and thats the highest ranking if youre worried about spending so much and not liking the system or its not working properly, where you live, medical guardian offers a 14 day trial. So if youre not happy with the service, youll return the watch within 14 days, you get your money back except for 50 and the prorated service time so make sure you test the watch at home when you first get it in your usual haunts and make sure Itll protect you where you need it speaking of fees, they wont dig you for activation fees like some of their competitors and you dont need to sign a long term contract that makes you keep paying when you want to stop now.

One downside to the system is the lack of fall protection. Medical guardian does offer fall protection in some of the other systems and since the device is water resistant but not waterproof, it shouldnt be worn regularly in the shower or bath where many accidents occur. Other medical alert devices can be worn while bathing or washing dishes and the battery needs to be recharged at least daily. Other systems offer a multi day battery. The watch will warn you when its down to 20 of its charge and unless you pay extra for the protection plan, the mg move only comes with a three month warranty, but i believe medical guardian will stand behind their device for more products to help you age With these visit seniorliving.