Now, of course, what you have right now is young apple watch series 7 in starlight now caller, which is and young size nathan guys is in 41 millimeter youd shout out pala guys to be on the box, all the new iphones and, of course, the new apple Watch and even the ipad mini is now available on their stores and even on their official last mall anyway ill be putting along all their links below confining that i tweeted something about the series. Seven during the apple launch and sabika done, i dont think i need the new apple watch series. Seven, the hell not the onsen upgrades mashadong kalakihan – has compared duans apple watch series 5 to the apple watch series 6., since a lot of you guys are requesting apple watch. So yeah without further ado lets now proceed with our very quick unboxing Music. As you can see, i think packaging is in all white and meenakhambo apple logo and, of course, the word watch it doesnt come with a plastic. Now kato led my iphone 13 smartphones official price again for the 41 millimeter in starlight. It retails for twenty. Three thousand. Nine hundred ninety pesos take note that i encounter anti level, which is the aluminum case. Speaking of the colors young apple watch, cd7 guys we have green blue red. We also have the new midnight color and, of course, the starlight anyway. Opening the box of the apple watch, cd7, guys left and right, flap, yeah and, of course, charger here we have the new charger guys back at bago has a usb type c, and of course, so why is it new actually guys? According to apple, it is charging wire for the apple watch series, seven.

So yes, series six like me, of course magnetic and then, of course, sport band and by the way young color paladin sport band. That, then, is in chalk. As usual, we have two sizes for the sport band depending on Music. If this is your first time to actually buy an apple watch, all you need to do is follow the on screen instructions and, of course, place your iphone near your apple watch after that mother. Detect watch series 7.. After that you just need to wait for a couple of minutes. Stop awesome setup, naga junior apple watch, series, 7., Music, so lets talk about the design. Could i get expert guy in a major redesigned? Apple watch series – seven. I guess you can say in the medium redesign and diamond rumors about the new apple watch series: seven Music iphone 7. Instead, we got an almost identical design to the apple watch series 6.. Music. The biggest change is, of course, young canyon. Display is actually twenty percent. Larger compared some on the previous apple watch, actually, you know larger screen. Apple watch, including previous apple watch series six overall, based on my experience, guys the past few days of brand new young, larger display night and right now its nice and looks so much better justifying the upgrade. But what i really like is yuma bagon watch faces netting. Another design change details about the apple watch series. Seven guys is durability. According to apollo front, crystal thousand models is thicker and stronger against cracking and yep.

They also added ip6x dust resistance first time to guys, because before it used to be water resistant up to 50 meters stance, if you guys, are looking for something new when it comes to health, sensors will attain bago. It still tracks heart rate blood, oxygen levels and ekg Music. Now i did mention kaniaki setting unboxing that the new apple watch cd7 can now be charged faster than young included a charging dock 33 percent faster technically, but i did really notice the mass mobilizing charging speed net. In this time we were able to give 22 percent of battery juice in just 10 minutes now i know battery and pinaka actually major, but based on my experience for the apple watch series 7, it was able to give me 18 hours of battery life enough to Get me through the day pero. I still am looking forward to that day, guys 18 hours, the battery life, the apple watch i answered through my apple watch series 7 and if im working out, sometimes Music, it puts numbers out on the edges of the screen and, of course, young larger screen. Renating ion allows us to have a miniature keyboard. Yes, guys spending the time with type multipanel, full size, quality, keyboard, Applause, application, it lets you send photos directly from the watch and, lastly, apple watch now lets you set multiple timers. A timer application. Madeline is to answer the question if you need to buy or upgrade the apple watch cd.

Seven, if you have the previous apple watch series five and series six 6, i dont see any reason talaga guys for you to upgrade to the new apple watch series. 7.. All the new features guys makenda naman dont, get me wrong, but again these features because they are not that necessary. But of course, if you want to experience the always on display a qwerty keyboard on a watch and, of course, a larger display, then maybe you should buy one in nina young pricing and the series 7 overall. Guys is not really that bad at all.