7 comes with a significant upgrade over the last year. Series 6, including a major redesign. There is a 1.7 mm thin borders to maximize display area, while barely changing the dimensions of the watch itself. In addition, the new design also enables apple watch series 7 to deliver the largest display ever that comes in 45 millimeter size variant, and the watch also comes in a smaller 41 millimeter option and this time apple claims that using the new design, the apple was series 7 offers 20 more screen area than that of apple was series 6 and 50 compared to the entry level series three models, so hey guys welcome back to my channel. My name is nitish and today, in this video im, going to tell you about the all new apple watch, series, seven and ill be focusing on the apple watch series. Seven features so make sure you stick until the end of the video to know more about the all new apple wall series 7 and do subscribe and like this video, if you want apple watch series 7 for free so now without wasting any time, lets just dive Into the video Music, so starting with the price of apple watch series 7, the gps variant of apple watch is priced at ‘9 dollar in us and 29 400 in indian rupees, whereas the apple was series 7, gps, plus cellular option. Variant starts at 499, which is 36 800 in indian rupees. The apple was series, 7 will be available in 5 band new aluminum case colors, including midnight starlight green and a new blue and a product red color as an upgrade to apple or series 6.

That comes in 40 mm and 44 mm sizes. The apple was series 7, now comes in 41 mm and 45 mm case options. The apple has retained its always on retina display on the new apple watch that was available in the earlier models. However, the new improvement on the display are claimed to deliver up to 70 percent brighter results. Indoor than the apple was series. 6. apple has also redesigned. The display of apple was series 7 with 20, more screen area and thinner borders at just 1.7 mm. Now the key usp of apple watch, product lineup, is its health and fitness features, while apple hasnt proved any significant additions on the front, so you will be getting most of the commonly available features to track your health and wellness. While on the go, the apple watch series 7 offers blood oxygen, saturation, spo2 tracking, using built in blood oxygen sensor. It is also capable of tracking heart rate using electrical heart rate sensor that was first introduced in apple boss series 4 and is also available on the last generation models. Apple has provided watch os 8 on apple watch series 7 out of the box. The new operating system, which was unveiled at wwdc 2021 in june, comes preloaded with an upgraded breathe app that is called mindfulness to help enhance your wellness, both physically and mentally. The new apple was series, 7 is also capable of providing enhanced sleep tracking with features including sleep respiration and sleep trends.

Further, the new apple watch has two unique watch faces: contour and modular duo that animate on your wrist race. Now, with the larger display, the apple wars, series 7 offers additional larger font size and a new qwerty keyboard that can be tapped or swiped with a quick path to let users slide a finger to type apple. Also claims that apple was series. 7 can. Last for up to 18 hours on single charge, it is identical to last year model, but apple says that the new apple watch provides 33 faster charging. The new apple watch series sevens comes with a ipx6 certified built in that is meant for dust resistance. There is also a wr50 rating for water resistance. The new apple watch is bundled with a magnetic fast charger and support all apple watch, wristband that are designed in earlier models Music. All in all, i feel that the new apple boss series 7 is a great smart watch with a bigger display and many other features that other smartwatch doesnt have. And if i compare the apple boss series 7 with apple watch series 6, then the apple watch series 7 is a great option to buy and the new apple was series. 7 is cheaper and also this watch is an upgraded version of apple watch series. 6.. So i would definitely go with apple watch series 7 and you guys also. Let me know in the comment section below that which smart watch will you go for apple watch, series 6 or apple watch series 7.

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